The benefits of email marketing

Every business needs good marketing in order to promote products and increase client portfolio. With the ever changing strategies companies use to keep ahead of the competition, putting your products on yellow pages and print ads are not good enough anymore. Utilising the Internet is the key to reach more prospective clients and get into the international arena.

A good way of promoting your products and connecting with your clients is launching an email marketing campaign.

Below are the top 5 reasons why you should launch one:

Increase Sales Conversion

No matter how good your products or services are, most visitors that go to your site do not automatically purchase goods on their first visit. As a matter of fact, studies show that an average shopper doesn’t purchase goods until their ninth visit. Therefore, an effective sales process requires an element of repetition.

It’s like those times that you buy a certain product in the supermarket after seeing it over and over again on TV or when you finally tried that restaurant you regularly see on your way to work.

That is repetition at its best. But unlike brick and mortar businesses where they have the opportunity to convince doubtful clients, once visitors leave your web page, chances are, they’re gone forever.

Aside from this, there are countless distractions site visitors encounter while surfing the web which decrease your opportunity to sell your product to them. But when you’ve got their email address, you get to have a second shot of promoting your product by sending them your company’s monthly newsletter, or introducing new products and services.

In short, getting your web visitor’s email address gives you a safety net and enables you to contact them even if they have already left your website.

Generate Repeat Sales

Acquiring new customers is hard and expensive at same time. As a matter of fact, it is ten times more expensive to convince new customers than to sell to the existing ones. You have to take into consideration the cost of advertising, educating and the actual selling part.

Although we can’t deny the fact that acquiring new customers is good for the business, we can’t overstate the value of loyal clients. More often than not, companies tend to concentrate all their energy and resources in attracting new customers and not exert effort in keeping the old ones.

Regular communication via email to your customers enables you to generate repeat sales which could be four times more profitable than the initial purchase.

Up-sell and Cross-sell Products and Services

Would you like to upgrade your fries and drinks?

McDonalds makes billions of dollars each year just by up selling alone. The right kind of email marketing can help you up sell and cross sell your products and services.

For example, if you run a website that sells golf shoes, the customer might also need a new golf outfit or a set of golf balls and other golfing accessories. Some email marketing software can help you create series of email messages called Auto-Responders which will automatically follow up emails on golf balls, golf gloves and the likes to purchasers of golf shoes. This fundamental strategy can help you increase your profit by up to 30% and it is being utilised by almost all major online stores.

Get Valuable Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is an indispensable tool for any business because it helps the company to determine:

* How to improve their products and services

* The target market

* And the amount of money the market is willing to shell out

Unlike face-to-face interaction wherein your customers tend to be shy and conscious, email feedbacks allow your customers to give an honest and direct to the point comments and suggestions. This can greatly improve your business processes.

Encourage Web Users to make Offline Purchase

Unexpectedly, email marketing is often a vehicle for web users to make offline purchases. According to surveys, 59% of email users admitted on making offline purchases after receiving an email promotion. This happens because customers can’t wait for delivery or may be due to the fact that other items like clothes and shoes which people prefer to try on before purchasing.

Therefore, conventional stores can also use email marketing to increase traffic at their doorstep.

The advent of online communication made the world smaller and gave business the opportunity to widen its horizons and create more room for growth. Email is still the online communication tool of choice and has stood the test of time.

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Cheap SEO Services Getting The Best Deal

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Having a website that is optimized for the different search engines will make the difference between success and failure for the businesses behind the sites. More and more consumers are doing their shopping online every day and the competition amongst different online retailers has grown ever fiercer. This means that new businesses must try even harder to get a slice of the ever-expanding amount of money that is being spent online. Since small businesses and startups do not usually have the capital necessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars they may be interested in cheap SEO services. Cheap does not necessarily mean bad when it comes to search engine optimization since there are many SEO services providers doing great work at affordable rates.

The best way to find the best cheap SEO services is for a site owner to educate himself in exactly how search engine optimization works. This does not necessarily mean that a person needs a college education in web development or an intimate understanding of how the different search algorithms are devised. It will be necessary, however, to have at least a basic understanding of the principles behind search engine optimization in order to find the best SEO services providers on the web.

Fortunately for anyone unfamiliar with the different SEO services providers, there is a wealth of information available online which explains the basics of search engine optimization as well as the fundamental “do’s and don’ts.” Search engine optimization is so important that many experts are willing to share their knowledge to novices in order to help them to make the best decisions when it comes to finding cheap SEO services. Some of the basic search engine optimization services will include written content in the form of blogs or articles that provide useful information to visitors while also making careful use of particular keywords and phrases.

Cheap SEO services may even include what is known as inbound marketing. These services may include such things as social media management on popular sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Whether or not services like this are useful or worth the money will depend on what a business owner is expecting to get out of their website. Even websites that do not focus primarily on retail can make use of SEO services providers in order to boost traffic and income from ads. In the online world, a website that does not show up in a search query is a website that may as well not even exist.

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Tips For Selecting Right Type Of Internet Marketing.

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One of the most difficult things in Internet marketing is trying to figure out the best way to tell people about what you have. If you make the wrong decision, it can have disastrous results. So here are a few things to think about when you are looking for an Internet marketing plan. They will help you to take a look at what you are trying to do and who you are trying to reach, and make the right decision for you and for your business.
The first thing that you want to do to help you determine the type of Internet marketing that is going to work best for you is to analyze the skills that you have. Are you a social person? For more details: http://www.mrx-interview.com.Try looking into advertising at online communities. Are you a good writer? Use articles to market what you have to offer people. Use your strengths and skills to work for you and help you achieve your goals.
The next thing that you will want to do is to evaluate the skills that you have in the area of marketing that you have chosen and determine whether or not they are strong enough. If you think that your skills are strong, go ahead and start using them to promote your business. If not, do some research on the Internet so that you can strengthen the skills that you possess.
Something else that you should consider is the goals that you have. What kind of results do you want to achieve with your Internet marketing? Do you just want to get more visitors to your site so that you increase the earnings on your pay-per-click and referral earnings?.Or are you looking to get more email addresses so that you increase the amount of your business’s email marketing? Whatever your goal is will affect the type of marketing that you do.
Think about your targeted audience and do some research to find out where they can be found. This is going to affect the type of marketing that you are doing. For example, you aren’t going to use email marketing if it’s for a crowd that is younger. They are going to congregate more around the social bookmarking sites and message boards, so that is a great place to start. Think about the things that your target audience might enjoy and you will be able to find them easily.
When you take the things that are listed above into consideration, you are going to find that you are able to choose the type of Internet marketing that is just right for you.

Once you have found your niche, it’s easier to reach the people that you are looking to reach and to give them the information in a way that they are going to understand.contact us for details:www.internet-marketing-online-goldmine.com. Internet marketing is something that is very important in this day and age, so knowing how to do it successfully is just as important. With a little research and thought, you can make the right decisions.

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How to Make Easy Money in Affiliate Marketing?

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One of the most productive scientific revolution puts out the computer and software can be invented. Communication and a mode of transaction in the form of Internet access to the Internet start there after the beginning of a positive change in the environment and for more help visit to: http://www.affiliate-sale-booster-.com.people from across the counties was done.

The concept of a global village, all walks of life from this development a reality and people in their favor because of its search has begun. Popular business communities in the world who are known as affiliate marketing is born of the Internet and the ability to market a new form felt.

Different from the traditional markets of goods sold directly to customers in a shop in the Internet market, goods are displayed on a Web site, from where they are sold to customers. The main difference between these two markets is the initial investment involved in setting up the company. The two sides need a huge initial capital to establish and maintain a traditional store, because it is a very small number of Xiao Lain is a network marketing.

If you want to make money from the Internets first and most important step is to buy a website from any agency who are dealing with in this regard to pay fees in the name. These transactions are very systematic and fool proof, within 48 hours you will have to register a pride of a Web site. In order for your site’s popularity has a variety of tools and techniques available in the market through, you can attract visitors to your site.

Web site or blog popularity is most important to have regular visitor to your site. For successful affiliate marketing, site popularity is one of the criteria since for every trade bringing the potential customers to the market is very important. Only that site with a large number of visitors can get the attention of advertisers very easily.

You can make a search in the internet for affiliate programs which are suitable to your site and as per their guidelines you can display their advertisements which are in the form of banners or links. There may be number of home based business floating in the market but this is the most productive and easy one where you can treat it as a passive income for your family.

After more income opportunities for Internet market, and every few years a lot more in it has become popular in the period are increasing. For more detail go to: http://www.articles-page-machine.com. As a simple home-based business, where the investment fund of almost zero, and the time is there for the registration of new web sites have a large crowd. The number of websites run in the market is in the millions, according to available data.

Whatever their products to a minimum commission on every advertiser wants to be sold very programs which are affiliated with the way happy. According to them it’s a “both advertisers and Web site owners is a win situation for. Some of these programs through a popular Blogger this product by referring customers are earning thousands of dollars. It’s in any relevant market related program to search, display ads on your site is easy to make money more easily refer to these products to your viewers by.

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The importance of being aware and serious for protecting online brand image!

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Online reputation management teams across the world are making the use of social media networks to improve their clients’ online image. Internet reputation management services have now started being intense and active to help fix this modern day situation of online brand harassment done by other companies or individuals in pursuit of being ahead of others. But recently companies have emerged that cater to Internet reputation management. These services are fighting by generating positive content which they use to force the unwanted material being washed out. Consulting an internet reputation management service company may help you terminate the worries of brand protection.
In simpler words internet slander a common word in current marketing and online brand image management division of global internet business, is a form of defamation, which is the act of making a claim against another individual that are both harmful and incorrect, but presented as factual. Online promotion has the chances of getting noticed both positively and negatively.
With more people creating profiles on social networking site, and many also search for information about their friends, it has become so simple that, someone commenting on the status of your company on internet, whether positive or negative it reaches mass of people and can change the attitude of your potential customers and bring changes to the reputation of your company. Online reputation management helps online branding in a big way.
You should be able to make sure that brand protection is in your list of priorities, and an internet reputation management service can assist you in making sure that you are safe from these detrimental statements. With legal investigation now based on laws and government rules and forums like the InternetSlander.com, providing a platform to people to keep their issues towards the intellectual and likeminded brains, so that these kinds of acts done by anybody against a person or a company will be totally brought under control.
But this might still be a job of least interest for any one and on the other hand you can virtually deal with such activities against your brand or company by hiring a firm that typically offers improved internet marketing services and replace all the unnecessary remarks and comments or feedbacks with quality contents and positive publicity. A timely or say a regular operation can verify between the good and the bad and whatever comes up as a need to be appeared for or as on the pages about your company, these company takes care of exactly the same.

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What is an autoresponder? Why do I need an autoresponder? Which autoresponder should I use?

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1. What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an an email service which automatically follows up with
people who are interested in your product or service. You can follow them up
daily weekly or have a set amount of messages delivered over 6 months to a year
or even more! A tool which passively follows up with your prospects and gives
them enough information and gain trust – until they call you.

2. Why do I need an autoresponder?

Remember the ads on television which remind you to update your insurance? The
ads which inform you of a flashy new department store, or a new car? They are
there to remind you that perhaps you need them. They want you to act upon those
ads if it going to be to your benefit.

Autoresponders work the same way, but the message is delivered by email. The
follow up messages keep your message fresh in the minds of your interested subscribers
and put your message in the front of their minds.

There’s one thing that you should know and that is it normally takes 7 to
8 times before a person acts up the information
. Even thought they may be
interested. People are busy and they forget. Consistency in following up earns
trust. Your subscribers know they can always get a hold of you – AND you’re
keeping them informed. What’s more is that they’ve asked you to send them information!

3. Which autoresponder should I use?

There are only two that I would recommmend, and here’s why. Aweber and GetResponse.
Personally I use Aweber. I would not use an in-house or one attached to your
website or software that you can install on your website’s backend for only
one reason: deliverability. Professional autoresponder services work
with the major ISPs to ensure that your message gets delivered to your inbox,
not your spam box.
After 1000 emails, AOL bans you for sending messages,
even though those people have subscribed. That’s why you see your subscription
emails from aweber and getresponse emails in your inbox most of the time, not
your spambox.

Additionally, you have your emails delivered instantly, you don’t have to use your own ISP… ISPs have maximum send limits so that you don’t spam. Most allow around 20 emails every 10 minutes. If you’ve got an email list of 10000 and you need to get an urgent message out to your list for a timed offer, you need for all them to receive it now, not in 3 days’ time, when your own ISP has just finished sending your email batch.

If you cannot afford a paid service you need to ask your subscribers to whitelist
your address. What this means is that the person subscribing has to MANUALLY
add your email address that any of your emails are sent from. That includes
all prefixes not just to receive emails from the address from which you always
send your emails.

Find out how to whitelist here: http://GoSnorky.com/whitelist.html

Related Links: Aweber.com
and GetResponse.com

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Pat Miller is an internet/network marketer and webdesigner of 12 years. You can find out more great tips like this at http://GoSnorky.com


Email Administration And Network Management

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Email administration is a technical specialty, like server administration or network management. Knowing one area is no guarantee of talent in another area. You need to find a web hosting company with a reputation for not having chronic email difficulties and that quickly resolves problems as they occur.

When creating a website, one of the important considerations is providing a way for your visitors to get in touch with you. Email access is the most common way of doing so and is one of the most frequently seen add- ons to websites. Email can be used as a way of signing up visitors for your newsletter, give visitors an avenue of communication, for technical issues and a hundred other applications.

lot of progress has been made in the last decade on knocking down the frequency and severity of email based virus attacks. Of course, many viruses have historically been and are spread by email attachments. That’s why everyone tells you never to open an unknown attachment. In fact, security experts say to never open attachments which are unexpected period, even opening attachments from a person you know may be done with precaution because some viruses may be forwarded inadvertently by well meaning friends.

Today though, spam is the email public enemy number one. It has been estimated that as much of 97% of email sent is spam! While people may quibble about what is and isn’t spam, it can be loosely defined as unwanted commercial email sent by someone to a recipient who has not requested email from.

Spam clogs inboxes, making people sort through tons of junk to find their real messages and is very often offensive in nature. Unfortunately, spam isn’t going anywhere soon. Even though many laws have been put in place governing spam, countless spammers continue to risk legal penalties to make money from the very small number of people who open their email and respond not knowing what they are getting into.

Other email problems are even worse for website owners. Some web hosts will shut down a site if they receive complains of spam from relevant authorities. This can sometimes be dealt with by sending a message to an admin who can take your site off of the blacklist if you proof this to be an error or not authorized by the site owner.

For millions of webmasters and site users today, email is the method of choice for communications. When there are errors in the system, someone has to step up and put things right. This means, usually, relying on someone who has skills on how to manage email software’s.

So other than to make a few gripes in print, what’s the point of this article anyway? All of these problems are meant to illustrate how important this aspect of server management is – and why it’s important to consider when you are looking for a new web hosting company, or are considering a switch. Just like network and server administration, web hosting companies have varying capabilities for dealing with email problems. Some are very competent and responsive. Others are not, or are even worse – indifferent to the problem. Most are somewhere in between these two extremes.

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How To Build a List

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How to build a list?

If you have been looking for a way to make money online you probably know that one of the best ways to be successful on the long term is to build a list. Read what follows to learn how to build a list.

Why do internet marketers want to build a list?

They build a list because then they can promote to an existing customer again and again.

They are also able to convert prospects into customers by sending good information to them.

Think about it for a second. When someone visits a website, what can happen?

They buy or they leave.

If they leave they are probably lost forever.

If they buy you may be happy you made a sale but maybe you won’t see them again, ever.

That is why no matter what happens, you need to know how to build a list.

It will allow you to create databases of buyers and prospects.

You need to create a process that people will go through once they reach on your site.

If they want to buy (great!) make sure to send them to an opt in page after successful payment, instead of sending them to a download page directly. Explain them that you need their information to send them the product and future updates of that product. They just made a purchase and will not be reluctant to give their name and email address.

Set up your autoresponder to send them to the download page.
You know that every people in that list will be actual customers, who have spent money with you already!

That is extremely important because it will be your most responsive list for future campaigns! If they like what you sold them of course.

If people decide not to buy your product they will leave and won’t come back.

You know they are interested somehow in your market because they are here, but they are either not prepared to buy, or not convinced enough, or not in the right mood or whatever!

If they leave your website now they are lost forever!

So you want to get their email address to tell them more about your product, to give them some good info, to build a relationship with them. That way maybe they will decide to buy from you.

The fact is that there are lots of people who are looking for the freebies but never buy anything and you will get those people in this list. The result is that this second list, a list of prospect and not actual buyers, will be a lot less responsive that the first one.

It is important though to have such a list because with a right email campaign you will convert a part of them into buyers.

How to build a list with freebies?

One way is to create a single squeeze page where you give away a product (usually an eBook). You just put an opt in form with a picture of the ebook and write about how great the product is. Then you send traffic to the page and some people will want the free product, therefore they will give you their email address.

Next way is to set up an exit pop-up window on your sales page. When people decide not to buy and they want to leave your site, they are being shown your free offer. Make it look unique and exclusive.

If you don’t have any product to give away or to sell you can easily buy the rights to existing products for a few dollars. That’s a good way to get started.

To learn more on how to build a list, visit http://ebusinessexplained.com/category/listbuilding/

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How To Turn Freebie Seekers Into Rock Solid Buyers

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Opt-in Email marketing lists are a great way to generate sales and gain repeat customers. Opt-in lists allow you to target potential buyers instead of randomly spamming people and hoping you will find someone who is interested in what you are selling.

However, opt-in Email marketing lists often contain freebie seekers that will not generate sales and profit. Weeding out freebie seekers and turning the freebie seekers on your list into solid repeat buyers is a great way to increase your profit and make the most out of your opt-in list.

The first step is to create content that attracts interested buyers and not freebie seekers. You should write articles that stress the notion that you are offering a service or product for a fee, and not offering anything for free.

Even if you do have free offers and services, you do not want to stress them in the articles because it will attract people just looking for a hand out. If your article mentions concepts like money, purchasing, buying, and paying, it will attract more serious customers.

You also want to avoid topics that would attract beginners. Beginners tend to be the ones not willing to pay for products or services.

If your content covers more esoteric concepts and ideas it will attract people more seriously interested in your products and services rather than people that roam the Internet looking for freebies.

The size of a marketing list isn’t as important as the quality of the list. You can make more money from a small list of solid buyers than a huge list of mostly poor leads. It is all about targeting the right people.

Chances are your opt-in list already contains freebie seekers. It is almost impossible to avoid people who will not accept an offer unless it costs them nothing.

So you can generate more sales and repeat buyers by convincing the freebie seekers to open the wallet. You should try to find out what products they are interested in to help target their desires.

Let them know that your products can save them and make them more money in the long run than freebies will. Freebie seekers tend to assume that if something costs more, it means they will have less money.

You need to shift their paradigm to believe that they will have more money by spending a little money. This doesn’t mean you are lying to them, just opening their eyes.

It is very hard to sell someone on something they do not want, but it is easier to get them to pay more than they wanted to pay for something they want.

Some freebie seekers cannot be swayed, and those tend to be the ones not looking for anything in particular other than things that are free. However, the freebie seekers with more targeted desires can be convinced to spend money on your products if you can convince them that spending a little money can mean they get even more money in return.

And once they start spending, they usually do not need anymore convincing. Turning freebie seekers into solid repeat customers is the easiest way to increase the profitability of your opt-in lists and generate consistent sales that you can count on.

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Hotmail Security Tips To Prevent Phishing

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Hotmail Security Tips to Prevent Phishing

The technicians in Microsoft not too long ago did a discovery and realized that they were sharing a link with another third party. Thirty thousand of their subscribers’ information, including emails could be viewed by another party. The technicians would not trace this problem as a technical hitch from Microsoft. Neither was it an internal breach of security by some of its workers. There was only one conclusion. Microsoft concluded that the problem must have been a phishing scheme that was devised by a certain group of people. In the event that one reads this article, he or she is advised t change his password immediately. This helps a bit in making the schemers have a harder time in accessing one’s information. In addition, if one has found out that he cannot do a hotmail sign in automatically, and that there is a certain verification process that he is subjected to, he must bare with the situation since there are some protective measures that Microsoft is putting in place for someone’s own good.

Regardless of the email account that one has, it is advised that the password that one uses be changed. This is because there are some blogs that reveal that the same problem is occurring with Gmail, AOL, and Comcast and even with EarthLink.

How is it that someone can recognize the phishing scheme? The scheme is simply an email scam that will send the victim an email, requesting the user to enter his personal details on the spaces provided. At this state, the victim can pick up some of the viruses he is exposed to, and can even be an identity theft victim. One can simply realize the scams by noticing some panic signs that are indicated on the information provided. Such panic statements as “there has been a breach in your account details” or the ones that show “You have won a price” are very juicy statements that will drive someone to render some form of private information if entertained. If the message contains some grammatical errors, be careful to question the source of the information. These schemers are usually not so careful with grammar.

One of the best ways to avoid phishing schemes is to install anti-virus software. It does detect some of the viruses that are carried by some of these scams. Microsoft has also invented filters like the phishing filter, found in the Internet Explorer 7 and 8. When one has logged in one can visits the login helper and find out more about the filters. Another way to avoid these scams is by changing passwords every 90 days. This brings some level of security on the email address. In addition, one should avoid unsolicited emails and those links that one is not sure about. Links, even from friends may contain these scams and will more often than not be a threat to someone’s emails.

Just in case one is a victim, he should update his anti virus, and should also immediately change his password. After doing so, he should also take the liberty of reporting this to some federal institutes. One of these is found through spam@uce.gov.  

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