8 Quick, Hot Reasons You Should Offer an E-mail Course Today!

1. E-mail courses are generally quick and easy to create.
Contents for your e-mail courses are everywhere — old
articles, interviews, information from doing research. You
only need to know how to organize them and make the content
easy to understand and follow.

2. You can append your sales letters at the end of your
e-mail courses. People who take your e-mail courses can
learn something valuable from you first, and when they’re
done, they will be more receptive to your follow-up letters.

3. E-mail courses can help you attract visitors to your Web
site. You can’t put everything in an e-mail course so you
can actually place links within your e-mail course messages.
These links can point to more information found on your site.
You can promote your Web site’s URL in each message.

4. E-mail courses can help you gain more subscribers for
your e-zine. Make people aware that subscribers of your
e-zine are always the ones to get first dibs on your e-mail

5. You can run your e-mail courses hands-free. You just need
to create and arrange your e-mail messages in the order you
want them to be delivered to your participants, then put
them in a sequential autoresponder. Your e-mail courses then
become your 24/7 promoter!

6. E-mail courses can help you get leads and you can promote
your products or services to these people. And by making your
e-mail courses 100% opt-in, the risk of being accused of
sending unsolicited e-mails is significantly reduced.

7. People won’t ever need to download any special software
before they can take your e-mail courses. All they need is
an e-mail address. They can read your e-mail course lessons
straight from their e-mail clients (Eudora, Pegasus, Outlook
Express) or on the Web (Hotmail, Yahoo!Mail or any Web-based

8. You can tailor your e-mail courses to promote specific
products or services you are selling on your Web site.
If your e-mail course consists of 10 lessons delivered in
10 e-mail messages, then people who take your e-mail course
are exposed to your product or service 10 consecutive
times. This definitely increases your chances of getting
your product or service bought.

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Shery helps you create profitable e-mail workshops, eCourses
and tutorials. Her e-book provides a blueprint on how you
can set up e-mail courses and increase your subscribers from
0 to 200+ in 48 hours! Visit http://EmailWorkshopsHowTo.com


Do you know how Internet Marketing Works?

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Today, it is not a surprise to see and hear people talking about their need to learning more about Internet marketing. This is perhaps one of the many reasons why we see a lot of instructional videos and guides, along with e-books that discuss more about the secrets of online marketing.

Kyle and Carson- Who are they?

Kyle and Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, started their online business five years ago with no online marketing experience and very little money to get started. Years later, for more details visit to http://www.website-conversion-mastery.com they became successful in making it big online last 2003. And two years later, they launched Wealthy Affiliate so they could teach online marketing enthusiasts how to do it.

The pair emphasized though that Internet marketing is not an overnight success. Otherwise, they both would have earned billions while relaxing at home. They pointed out that Internet marketing needs a lot of time and effort to learn all there is to learn about this business. Otherwise, it is useless to start an online business if you do not have the proper techniques anyway.

Generally, Wealthy Affiliate is for people who have the drive to learn more and succeed in the world of internet marketing. This is not for those who prefer overnight success without working hard for it. At present, for more details visit to http://www.dropshipping-made-easy.com. Wealthy Affiliate has continuously produced successful online marketers, thanks to their useful online marketing techniques that are truly helpful.

Obviously, internet marketing has been doing pretty well over the past years. People think this is a bit complicated but surprisingly, this money making business is practically very simple. There are basically three steps to follow when you become an Internet marketer. The first one is that you should be aware that you are responsible in sending people to websites of various companies. Secondly, the moment clients purchase something from the companies you have introduced to them, you will be immediately paid for that. Most companies are willing to spend up to 90% of their sale price as long as you keep them sending possible clients. Last, what is great about internet marketing is that you will immediately be paid from the companies you are endorsing. That is either via check, Paypal, or wiring directly to your bank account. Nothing comes as convenient as these sounds!

Benefiting from Wealthy Affiliate

When you consider Wealthy Affiliate, you will have the chance to fully grasp the idea of making it successful online. This does not mater if you’re still a novice, or a professional at Internet marketing. As long as you feel there is a great need for improvement, Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for you.

http:// http://www.secretly-spy-your-internet-competition.com

The past few years have no doubt made people successful in their online marketing ventures, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. This program not only thinks about how you generate profits, but they also care about your personal success. Members can earn as much a million dollars a year, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. And for the beginners, a thousand dollars is a day is a good way to start, isn’t it?

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Email Selling Best Practices to Improve Delivery

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With the increase of social media, there have been various rumors circulating that email marketing is dead. Many entrepreneurs I’ve consulted with recently are reluctant to get started with email selling, thinking it was an excessive amount of work for too little reward. But nothing may be any from the reality, particularly if you utilize a few email marketing best practices.

Though the statistics look daunting, claiming that up to fifty% of all email marketing goes straight to the spam box; this simply is not a laborious and quick rule. Successful email deliverability is not a game of chance. For many reputable marketers the proportion rate of emails that do not get through is typically abundant under 50%, and a few marketers claim loss percentages as low as five%. Here are some of the e-mail marketing best practices that have helped skilled marketers get maximum email deliverability.

Get Certified

Getting your email program certified helps to greatly improve your email marketing reputation. Having certification through nearly any vendor will help with email deliverability. Once your email is certified, it makes your promoting messages seem reputable to the ISP and deserve being delivered on to the inbox. It can not fix all reputation problems with all ISPs but it will go a protracted means toward doing so. It can greatly cut back the number of times your message is blocked or filtered out.

Perceive that Delivered Does Not Always Mean Delivered

Several marketers falsely believe that the amount of "delivered" emails that their broadcast system reports accounts for the amount of emails that get to recipient inboxes. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true. Many times these numbers only replicate what wasn’t sent back as undeliverable. It does not mean that your email really reached the inbox. It’s important to any email selling strategy that marketers find out exactly how several of their emails are bypassing the spam box and hitting the inbox. You might want to place a lot of tracking and logging into place in order to induce a a lot of correct plan of what your actual delivery statistics are.

The Importance of Seeding a Campaign

Seeding your campaigns is vital to understanding your overall email promoting program. Seeding basically means sending your email messages to "take a look at" accounts. As a result of each ISP, every email software package, every operating system – and each totally different combination of the 3 – delivers and displays email messages differently, it is vital that you’re ready to read your email messages on all these numerous platforms. An email marketing best apply is to send your message to your seed list before sending it to your general mailing list. This allows you to spot and fix any problems or issues before everyone on your mailing list sees them.

Getting a Sensible Reputation Goes Along Method

The key to obtaining in the inbox is to stay things clean and simple. When your emails receive few complaints among a given ISP and are exhibiting a decent open rate, your rate of delivery to the inbox can be astronomical. Some marketers have gotten therefore smart at sending solely highly relevant messages to highly interested subscribers that they consistently keep a 100% approval rate with most ISPs. This may not be easy to try to to however it is possible. It’s all about keeping name high and potential customers satisfied.

Pay Attention to Subscribers

Web marketers usually forget who they’re trying to plug to. Maintaining with opens, click throughs, unsubscribes, and new subscribers is one in all the foremost necessary email marketing best practices. If a bound email list section or prospect demographic contains a high level of spam complaints, then you’re better off removing the complete segment from your list. Target the audience that’s most fascinated by what you have got to say, the ones you can help the most, the segment that’s going to learn your company the most.

Keeping customers interested, creating your email messages worth reading, and keeping things fresh – essentially, paying attention to what your subscribers need – is the most effective method to ensure higher delivery rates and respectable open rates.

ISPs don’t seem to be the only ones that marketers have to urge through to so as to achieve success at promoting email deliverability. Subscribers are important too. ISPs are literally operating aspect by side with subscribers to raised separate reputable marketing from spam (as evidenced by those very little "spam" "not spam" buttons that you may have seen in your own ISP’s mail program). With so a lot of input from customers, name is changing into additional and a lot of important. The number one best practice of email promoting is to stay reputation high and information relevant.

About the Author

Terry Henry has been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in Email Marketing ,you can also check out his latest website about:
All Glass Aquariums Which reviews and lists the best
Glass Aquariums


Autoresponders: The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!

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Working an internet business means competing with
countless other opportunities. It’s a “mind blitz” out
there in cyberspace!

Enticing ideas about online businesses bombard people
like confetti at a wedding.

So..The big question is…How do you keep someone’s
attention after the first click?

It’s a fact. Follow up is the lifeblood of your
business! And it can be done easily and effectively.

If well planned, autoresponders can turbo charge any
business plan. When you first start advertising, you
can use a different autoresponder for each ad. This
provides an easy tracking system that any newbie can

Develop your use of autoresponders as both an art and
a science. Invest some time and energy. And don’t be
timid about stretching your creative imagination.

Statistics prove that less than 5% of closed sales
occur on the first contact. 85% of sign-ups require
up to 7 or more followups. Don’t ignore this fact!

However… who has the time for this much followup
when working hundreds or thousands of leads a month?

One of the best ways to manage your lead flow is
through the use of autoresponders. They can take
your prospects by the hand and lead them straight
into your organization. Try it! It works for me!

I have take this proven plan a step further, and it is
paying off handsomely.

I love my primary business. Although it is the most
lucrative business I’ve tried, prospects worry about
having the time to build a business.

Autoresponders can come to your rescue. Once the
autoresponders have done the recruiting for me, the
next objective is to get the training done quickly and

I have written a concise set of autoresponders
designed to train new people, and they love it!
They’re a bit quirky, and fun, and they really are
getting the job done. My people are making money fast!

Step by step, I provide the insights gained through my
own blood, sweat, and tears. I tell recruits exactly
what works… and what doesn’t. This dramatically
reduces the learning curve for new people and puts
them into profit much more quickly.

By harnessing the power of autoresponders, I attained
director positions in 2 well respected network
marketing companies in a matter of months, so I can
vouch for the power of these “silent sales agents.”

I encourage you to “experience” the power of the
autoresponders that I use at one of my sites.

Simply fill out the request form, and the
autoresponder will tell you everything you need to
know about my business. And.. hopefully, it will get
your creative juices flowing and give you ideas for
turbo charging your business as well!

About the Author

Marilynn Sheehan


IS Permission Email Marketing In Trouble… And Is RSS The Answer?

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Copyright 2005 The IWE, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

“Permission Email Marketing”, the only way to market your business via Email without getting yourself into trouble and giving you the ability to stay in touch and build a ongoing relationship with your customers and/or subscribers.

The only question is… is email still a reliable vehicle to deliver your marketing messages to your potential customers and/or subscribers?

With the rising concerns of SPAM, Blacklisting, Email Filters, and CAN-SPAM laws, it’s getting Harder and Harder for legitimate “Permission Email Marketers” to reach there Target audiences with there Product or Service offers.

The end result is… “Time Wasted” and “Loss of Profits”.

Is your online business suffering from this?

Only you can answer that.

Email used to be the MOST effective form of direct marketing online at one time before everybody started abusing it and there guidelines.

Don’t get me wrong, email still is effective, the question is… how effective?

The benefit to marketing with email was that you were able to get your marketing message infront of your Target audiences within a matter of minutes with a single click of your mouse, which at one time made MANY marketers “Buckets-Of-Money” literally over night.

Email WAS the answer at that time, but, what’s the solution for the future of “Permission Email Marketing”?

Is there an answer to this rising problem with Email?

I’ll give you three letters… RSS!

Yes, there is a solution for “Permission Email Marketers” and/or for any online business owner who uses email to stay in touch with there customers and/or subscribers and that is RSS(Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication).

RSS is the NEW technology on the block(though its been around for quite some time) and is transforming the Internet and how businesses communicate with there customers and/or subscribers as we speak.

The BIGGEST benefit you’ll receive by incorporating RSS into your online business is… your customers and/or subscribers will receive 100% of your Product and/or Service offers.

I’m going to say that again, “your customers and/or subscribers will receive 100% of your Product and/or Service offers”.

No other online technology offers this benefit.

Just imagine the increased response to your offers, which in turn will convert into more Sales and Profits for you and your online business.

Rest assured, you could sleep at night knowing that your messages are reaching 100% of your Target audience without the worry of SPAM filters mistakenly marking your email as “SPAM” and that all that time you spent putting your offer together didn’t go to waste.

Would you then consider RSS?

I think you would. But, that is just my opinion.

There are many others benefits to using RSS which you can read about in a earlier article I wrote by clicking on this link — http://www.internetwondersezine.com/article_15.html — since there are too many to list within this article.

Things are changing online, so we must change with it and adapt any new technologies we can in order to get the most out of our time and online businesses.

So, with that said, if your a “Permission Email Marketer” and your not happy with the results your currently getting from using “Email”, then you might want to consider switching to “RSS”.

100% delivery rate is unheard of with Email, but, is GUARANTEED with RSS(Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication).

About the Author

Want to get MORE ‘Insider’ marketing Secrets on How-To
drive Traffic to your website? Subscribe to Cory
Threlfall’s ezine called… The Internet Wonders eZine at
http://www.internetwondersezine.com — Or, go shop his
popular CBmall with over 10,000 Ready-To-Download products.
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Why You Need To Hire Social Media Consultant

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The prospect of online business does not surprise people as it did a few years back. In fact, more and more business owners are coming up with their online business. With the rapidly growing popularity of the internet among common men, the possibilities of the online business are increasing as well. However, along with the popularity, the competition in the online market has increased too. Naturally, the website owners will have to explore new areas to expand their business and marketing.

The social media seems to be the ideal platform for that. Of late, the social networking sites have made inroad among the netizens. So, the ideal will be able to use this opportunity to promote your business. In fact, it can offer a number of benefits in terms of business marketing. For example, it is easier here to communicate with the clients and consumers. What’s more, the very nature of the networking makes it easier for the professionals to identify the niche audience for your services and products.
Now, one may argue that the medium being a popular and common platform does not need any specialist for marketing. However, thinking a bit deeper you will see that you will need experts and professionals to ensure that you are making the most of the opportunity.
The skill:

No matter how less inclined you are to hire professionals; you will agree that . is not an easy task. There are several technicalities that need to be followed to ensure success. In fact, the learning curve can be quite steep here and you may not be able to cope up with the rapidly changing dynamics in this field. The skills of the ideal services will make it easier for you.
Specialized attention:

When you thrust the responsibility of networking marketing on yourself or on your employees, you are adding more pressure on their already busy schedule. This will adversely affect their performance. On the hand, hiring a professional service can help you get rid of all the hassles.
Experience and professionalism

An organization dedicated to the social network marketing will have experience in dealing with the relevant issues. This will greatly benefit the final outcome. At the same time, you can expect some real professionalism from them so that you can achieve exactly what you are looking for.

About the Author

For more insights and further information about debt negotiation visit our site http://www.practicaldebtrelief.com/debt_negotiation.html


How to Prevent Virus thro’ Email

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Recently my Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) detected a virus coming through
email. This happened as my preview pane was open in the Inbox and it
opened the virus email automatically as soon as it was downloaded.
The NAV could not repair the file so I had to delete the infected
file. I found to my utter horror that deleting the file disabled my
browser. It also disabled my CD writer. I had to save my data using
Iomega 250MB zip drive which fortunately worked but only in the slow
SAFE mode of Windows! Ultimately I had to Quick Restore my Compaq
computer. It took me 2 days to reload various programs and data! This
could have been avoided if I had taken a few simple precautions. I
have written out these precautions as tips on how to configure the
email program so that you can prevent a disaster like mine.

Tips for configuring both Outlook Express (OE) and Microsoft Outlook
(MSO) particularly to block viruses hitting your computer
automatically. These precautions will save you a lot of trouble.

1.Switch off the preview panel in the INBOX. This prevents any virus
getting into your system by automatic opening in the preview pane.
2.Switch off the “include this account when receiving mail or
synchronizing” for every account you have. You can do this by
disabling (no tick mark) on this feature, which you will find by menu
chain: Tools, Accounts, account-name, properties, General. This will
ensure that the mail is not flowing-in automatically.
3.Before downloading mail, access the mail on the net. Most of these
webmail sites show the size of the files, which unfortunately is not
a feature with either OE or MSO. Any mail over 100KB is suspect
should be deleted. Also delete any junk mail. Only download and
receive mail that you want to save on your computer.
4.To download and receive mail, don’t click on Send/Receive on the
mail Tool Bar, but go into Tools, and move the curser on
“Send/Receive” and move right to get a sub-menu where you select the
precise account, with which you want to send or receive.
5.Send by clicking on the small arrow next to “Send”, and selecting
the precise account by which to send. The mail will wait in the
Outbox till you send through the Tools, Send/Receive menu as given in
3 above.

About the Author

Dilip Dahanukar is an experienced author. His all-new eBook “How to
Write Pop-Up Emails” is a simple step-by-step tutorial. A Template
makes it even easier! http://www.netbizzquick.com/WhatPop.htm
Check it out! Contact the author at mailto:dilipsd@vsnl.in


Making your company more eco-friendly

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Many companies are striving to become more eco-friendly, hoping that by taking a more ‘green’ approach, they can reduce the impact their business has on the environment.

One way businesses can ‘go green’ is to invest in email marketing services to both advertise their business and keep in touch with their customer base. According to one eco-expert, Randall Davidson, this can be a great kick-start to making a company more environmentally-friendly.

“Not only will you save money by switching to an email marketing service, but you’ll also do far less damage to the environment,” Davidson told GreenBiz.com. “Even better from a business standpoint is that email marketing provides huge insights into how your marketing efforts are being received that printed flyers cannot. For instance, email marketing services can generally tell you what percentage of your emails were opened, how long they were open and which links were clicked.”

There are also a range of other ways in which companies can reduce their carbon footprint, such as replacing face-to-face meetings (or as many as is feasible) with remote meetings facilitated by video conferencing services. These reduce emissions (as people are not forced to travel, either by car, rail or air) and can vastly reduce paper consumption – as you will not have to use reams and reams of paper by preparing presentation packs or comprehensive agendas.

Additionally, it may be an idea to invest in promotional products that encourage recipients to be more green in their overall approach to life – for example, buying branded reusable coffee mugs or water bottles. This is a great way to both promote your business, and promote your eco-friendly message.

Lastly, why not consider having a boycott on all traditional mail, and instead insist on sending/receiving all communication, invoices, letters of inquiry etc. via email – thus helping saving a few trees, money on postage, and make things more efficient around the office.

About the Author

Joseph Barwick is a freelance author who has vast knowledge in email marketing services. For more information on email marketing, please visit: http://www.signup-onlinemarketing.co.uk/


Email MARKETING: 5 Steps to Success in Email Marketing

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I bet you’ll be shocked to find out there are 5 key steps to success in email marketing? Have you been desperately searching for your way in to email marketing? Are you tired of hearing all these success stories? Well that was the way it was for me before I really got going and making money at email marketing. Let’s face it, when you start out at anything new and you’re not sure if you have the right solution or if you’re being scammed or if you’re not sure you have what it takes, its really hard to make any progress at all. This is an all or nothing game – you get zero back for being say 95% through the process. Its only when you are 100% through that you can collect.

If you’re already feeling frustrated – the bad news is…. that will continue unless you follow these 5 steps to success!

Step 1: Finish 1 cycle of the process without changing direction

What do I mean by that? Well I can recall so many times where I would start down a particular road and would hit the “hyper space” button – I would lose faith in what I was doing or would get stuck and would (unknowingly) jump on to something else. That meant that I was starting projects but was not seeing any through and in this game of email marketing, you don’t collect the $$$ for anything less than 100% completion. When you complete a whole cycle of the process you can learn loads – if you stop short what do you learn? That’s right, you learn to quit.

Step 2: Produce a road Map for your self

When you complete a whole cycle, you can then write out the sequence or map you plan to take for the next project (journey). Now you have a reference map (or plan or schedule – what ever you want to call it) and one that means that at any point in time you can zoom out and see where you are at. First time through the process is scary because you don’t really have a road map – at least not one you are familiar enough with.

Step 3: Get familiar with the key tools

Any email marketing project will involve some basic knowledge of software/concepts/ tools such as autoresponders, squeeze pages, landing pages, blogs etc. It is great if you can have the patience to take these 1 at a time and spend a few hours really getting to understand what they are about. When you are simply following explicit instructions line by line, you can be very uneasy when you don’t really understand why you are doing it. You probably also have an uneasiness there too because deep down you know that it will be hard to replicate the process. When you are going through the gears you will greatly appreciate the relief you’ll feel if you have a reasonable knowledge.

Step 4: Set tasks and times

Once you have a road map (which will change) its great to spend some time to break down the whole process into stages, tasks and times (task duration). You should keep it very simple and easy to use – you could just write a list of tasks in 1 column, add the target times in the 2nd column and have a 3rd column for recording actual times for each task. The feeling of control you will have will be enormous and you will become really focused in the process. Try to set yourself up for success by allowing fair to generous times for the first few cycles and you can always push the pace once you are making progress and feeling good about your self.

Step 5: Stick with the road ahead In a word this is about persistence.

Sometimes to others it may appear that you are going backwards but if you are “facing north” at all times you will feel confident and will not be deterred from your goal. This is where the road map will keep you going – you will only have to figure your way back to the known road to get going again. Otherwise you’re just pulling over to the side of the road and giving up. If you follow these steps you are on the surest road to making money from email marketing. If you follow these steps you will have success and you feel enormous satisfaction. When you follow these steps you will have your success, you will feel enormous satisfaction and you will be even more energized for more success – and success breeds success! These steps will guide you and will make sure you succeed in making money from email marketing. Although the experience is never quite the same for any 2 people along the same path, If you resolve to sticking with these steps you will get to your destination.

You can do it – is there anything here that you cannot handle? If there is, focus on that and be clear about it before even starting the journey. If you can handle these steps can you see a successful outcome for yourself?

No website?, No List?, No Product? With this 10 step program that’s No Problem!

Ready to get started?

Click here to watch an exciting powerful video that will leave you excited and energised. http://www.sendemailsmakemoney.com/DikeChidiebele

About the Author

Dike Chidiebele is a successful internet business man with numerous successful projects in progress.


Tips on Building Your Own Mailing List

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If you are looking for tips and helpful suggestions that you can use so that you can build an effective mailing list for your advertising business/internet marketing initiative, then you have found an excellent article. In the succeeding paragraphs of this short yet very informative article, we have listed down and tackled three tips and pointers which can help you establish a credible in-house contact list that can in turn guarantee the success of your direct marketing and advertising campaign.

Three Tips on How to Build Your Own Mailing List

1. Seek professional help. If you do not have any experience in handling advertising business/internet marketing programs, then you should seriously consider employing the services of professional advertisers and online marketers. But where can you find such professionals?

To find legitimate direct marketing and advertising service providers, you can visit the local office of the Small Business Development Center, also known as the SBDC. This government-sponsored agency provides expert advice on a variety of small business issues, especially in relation to promotional and marketing activities. The SBDC can also offer assistance on how business owners, like you, can come up with credible mailing lists that they can use so that they can effectively advertise the products and services they sell out.

Business owners and entrepreneurs can also hire freelance internet advertising experts. By setting up an appointment with one of these professionals, you can surely receive practical advice on how you can establish an in-house contact list of your prospective customers.

2. Expand your social network. To build a credible mailing list, you also need to expand your social network. This involves listing down the contact information of the individuals you meet either personally or through popular social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other related websites. As you keep in touch with your friends and acquaintances, you can easily evaluate whether or not they fit the profile of your target market. And with the use of their contact details, you can successfully build an extensive database that you can use to support the direct marketing and advertising programs of your business. And that’s not all. You can even allow other companies and firms to rent the in-house contact list that you have built on your own.

3. Use free online directories. You can also use the information and directories available in the domain of the World Wide Web. You can use the features and functionalities offered in different websites to gain access to reliable and at times free information.

But, a gentle reminder: You have to check the credibility of the online directories you intend to use. After all, the information that you can access through the internet is prone to obsolescence. Thus, you need to make sure that the details that you get from an online source or directory is reliable. Examine when the information on a particular web page or site has been updated. This way, the effort, time and finances that you will invest in building your own business mailing list will not go to waste.

About the Author

Lisa Olsen is a junior marketing consultant and writer for Easy Postcard Marketing and has been providing consumers information on advertising business internet marketing, direct marketing advertising and postcard advertising.