How an email oversight cost NASA $327 million

Email is god’s gift to communication but it can be a righteous pain in the neck the third time you get “e-hugs” from someone who just wants to let you know how special you are, and by the way, please send this to 20 other people including me, or else you’ll have years of bad luck equivalent to your age. I think that the world would be a better place if the originators of those emails were struck by lightning, and their ashes buried in a deep dark vault that never saw the light of day.

Inboxes are black holes for information. Every little titbit that every person you know happens to find interesting, ends up in your inbox. We simply don’t have time to read every one of them, which is why out of a thousand emails, three hundred are unread. We do our best to scan for the important ones, and so pretend that we’re on top of the situation, but really we’re drowning in information overload.

The problem is further compounded by the fact that when we do get around to checking our mail, we usually do it quickly, so that we can get back to business. Our minds aren’t really on our inboxes. We let even pressing emails wash over our heads, forgetting what we’ve read about 5 minutes after we’ve done so.

That doesn’t stop us from compulsively checking for new messages though, especially if we have a system that lets us know every time a new item arrives. This means that our minds aren’t really on the task at hand either. We spend half our days in two minds and that adversely affects the quality of our work.

How do we address the problem of overflowing inboxes and prioritising information so that we can focus properly on one task at a time?

Dan Markovitz, founder and president of TimeBack Management, says that we need to realise that processing email is a task all by itself. We need to set aside some time; however long we feel we need, or can afford, to concentrate solely on our email. During this time we can file, reply and delete to our hearts’ content, so long as our hearts are actually in it. Markovitz says that you shouldn’t even think of going near your inbox if you don’t have time to deal with it properly. That means that you can’t devote the two minutes before an important meeting to the task anymore. Nor can you have a quick squizz while waiting for the photocopier to be free.

Obviously there will be occasions when it’ll be necessary to dip in and pull out a high priority message, but they should be few and far between, and not the norm.

If you really want to spend less time in your inbox, Markovitz provides a list of questions that you should ask yourself. They will help you understand what information you receive, and why you receive it. The questions aren’t particularly difficult, but they have the potential to make you unpopular with some colleagues, they include:

1) What percentage of your email do you consider to be worthless?

2) From which departments or people do you get most of your worthless email?

3) What topics crop up the most in worthless emails?

4) How long does mail stay in your inbox?

5) Why does mail stay in your inbox for a long time?

Your answers will help you to understand the root causes of your flooded inbox, and allow you to come up with appropriate measures to address the problem.

It’s entirely possible that the root of your problem lies with you, and your natural disposition towards chaos. If this is the case, try a little self-organisation before you go about alienating colleagues by declaring that all their communication is worthless and that you’re placing them at the bottom of your list of priorities.

To highlight the importance of email processing, Markovitz uses the example of NASA’s 1999 Mars Climate Orbiter that burned up in the Martian atmosphere. The mishap occurred because the two teams that were worked on the project used different units of measurement. One worked in English units while the other worked in metric units.

This in itself was not an insurmountable problem. The real oversight occurred when the email informing the flight director of the problem lay buried in her inbox for 10 months. She may have seen it and simply not deemed it important at the time, and then forgot about it until it was spectacularly too late. Or it may have been lumped with all the unread emails from concerned friends and family telling her about the dangers of contraceptive injections.

Whatever the reason, we can be reasonably sure that at $327 million, it’s been the most expensive email sent to date. Kind of makes you feel like taking 20 minutes to see what’s hiding in your inbox, doesn’t it?

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E-Mail Marketing- How To Use E-Mail Marketing To Grow Your On-line Business

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Doing business on-line is a little bit different than doing it off-line. To run a profitable business online, you have to have a database of e-mail addresses if you want to sustain long term profits and actually make a real income.

If you already have an e-mail list, then you are on the right track. However, just having a list DOES NOT guarantee that you will make profits. Many people have built up a sizable list only to find that they just are not able to make the amount of money they thought they would make.

Some people have unreal expectations, while others are just stumped at how to market to their list without looking like a spammer. Your expectations should be realistic. (Don’t expect to make $ 10,000 a month off of a list of 1,000 subscribers.)

You also have to learn how to market to your list so that you DO produce an income. This means that you will have to build a relationship with the people that are on your list. You have to know what it is that they want, what you can provide for them, and how they will respond to your offers that you make.

To be blunt, without a list, you are dead in the water. You have to look at the internet as you would any other business and realize that you are not going to be able to just put up a website and make any REAL money until you learn how to use e-mail marketing the right way.

Would you like to learn more?

Go to:

Profit From Your List and learn how to make REAL money from your e-mail list. You have to know this stuff in order to produce a steady stream of income on-line.

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How To Profit From Your List


Internet marketing is the infrastructure that supports every facet of your online business.

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I was reimagining my bathroom yesterday. This daydreaming began with the belief that this project couldn’t be that expensive. I tallied the price for a new bathtub, vanity, granite top, faucet, flooring, towel racks, lighting and associated hardware.
With each click of the calculator my demeanor took on a rather noxious shade of green. You see I had also envisioned new walls, tub surround and flooring.
Home remodeling is not for the weak of heart and thin of wallet. It should also not be entertained by weekend warriors with only rudimentary tools and skills.
It’s always interesting to me to watch as people move forward into projects that they never really plan out very well. Remodeling projects are left undone because the individual ran out of time, for more details visit to http://www.the-forum-list.com patience or money to complete the project. Landscaping projects sit in various stages of disrepair, and business sites feature the façade without a proper structure underneath.
In some cases it would seem an ecommerce site is simply tossed together, made to look nice and left to topple at will.
No one wants their business to topple, but there are far too many that build on proverbial shifting sand. The role of the business leaves the few site visitors that find it to wonder how the site can succeed.
You wouldn’t be considered a professional carpenter if you used a table knife for a screw driver, yet many online businesses want to be taken seriously when they haven’t taken the time to learn how to prepare their business for serious success.
Part of that success comes when a business owner picked up the tools of marketing to create a foundation for the business to grow on.
Proper marketing is a close cousin to advertising. Businesses advertise because they want those who encounter their ad to experience the products of their business and make regular purchases. for more details visit to http://www.sell-using-the-web.comThe same is true for marketing. Individual business owners must learn to use effective online marketing techniques in order to give their business the best opportunity to succeed.
You cannot simply make a nice looking site and expect it to succeed. Proper marketing is the plumbing, heating and electrical part of your marketing house. The customer doesn’t necessarily see it, but they see all kinds of evidence of its existence.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should always be first on the list for best results in online marketing. Your ability to rank well with search engines can take you much further than virtually any other form of online marketing.
You will also find success in things such as list building, email marketing and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Internet marketing is the infrastructure that supports every facet of your online business.
It is true that customers may be able to find you without your willingness to use marketing, but chances are the visitor will chalk it up to dumb luck.
Is your business a weekend warrior project or have you collected all the tools needed to get the job done right and then to maintain the site long-term?

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TIME WASTER. Do you find yourself constantly checking
your mail? Are you sick and tired of responding to
the same old requests? Or do you simply get to the end
of the day and wonder where all your time has gone? By
working a little smarter, you can gain at least an hour
a day — or 15.2 days every single year!

TOP TOOL. Any good email program will allow you to
organize and filter your mail, and create standard
letter templates. Eudora Pro (http://www.eudora.com/),
in particular, makes light work of managing your mail
at a very affordable price.

BOX CLEVER. Create a simple filing system by organising
your incoming mail into folders — this saves you
valuable searching time. Examples of folders include
Work, Personal, Ezines, Articles, and To Do. You can
also use your email program like a Filofax storing
draft messages and reminders in your Monday through
Sunday or To Do folders.

DIRECT MAIL. Filters can redirect your incoming emails
into specific folders. Your ezine subscriptions, for
instance, can be sent straight to your Ezines folder.
Automatic filtering makes it easy for you to stash,
trash, or act on your mail with a minimum of fuss and

FILTER CLEAN. Professional email clients have a whole
range of filtering options. You can command Eudora to
play a “warning” sound when invoices arrive, transfer
all your ezines to your “To Read” folder, or label
emails from your friends and family with your favourite
colour. The choices are vast.

PUT IT ALL ON AUTO. Some filters can act like
autoresponders by replying with a pre-written message
or template whenever you process your mail. Eudora Pro
will set up an unlimited number of these. So, if you’ve
asked people to place “info” in the subject bar, just
set up your filter to reply with the “info” stationery.
Think how much time this neat little feature will save

WRITE RIGHT. Stationery files are templates for
outgoing messages. If you find yourself repeatedly
writing the same thing, just save the message as a
stationery file — ready to send when needed. This way
you don’t have to start all over when you get a similar
request or query. And you can always personalise and
edit the stationery as necessary.

YOU’VE GOT MAIL! Get into the habit of only checking
your mail twice a day. There’s nothing to be gained
from checking it more often — you’re simply wasting
time and lessening your productivity.

STASH OR TRASH? Act immediately on all your incoming
emails. By scanning the subject bar you’ll find some
that can be trashed at once. Don’t even bother opening
emails like this:

¤ Earn $??? the Easy Way!

¤ Make $??? on every Sale!

¤ Earn $??? while You Sleep!

¤ 1000% Profits Selling ?

These are SPAM should be trashed at once. If you’re
plagued with spam, you can set up filters to
automatically delete messages with certain keywords.

Open the rest of your emails. Some may simply require
filing into particular folders while others may need a
response. Simple responses should always be dealt with
straight away, while more complex replies can be filed
into your To Do folder.

FANCY A BREAK? If you start working email like a pro,
you’ll easily save enough time for a two week holiday.
I’ve already planned mine — have you?

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Marie Williams
An absolute monthly must for ezine publishers. Want an
easy step-by-step through advanced marketing methods? A
free ezine template: mailto:freetemplate@writead.com ?
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Affiliate Marketing Strategy to Present Your Product Or Service to Prospective Buyers!

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Autopilot Profits is a series of videos and an e-book which shows you how to make money in affiliate marketing by automated online delivery of products and services. Autopilot profits also offers a free exploration software download which can give you a turnkey plug-and-play style business which lets you begin making money immediately. The videos and book show you how to make money from the hundreds of thousands of people who look to the internet for products and information.

When you look at affiliate marketing and business, there are four areas that you need to conquer in order to be successful:

- Finding a focused niche market.

- a product or service in that niche that people are looking to buy.

- a marketing strategy to present your product or service to prospective buyers.

- a way to automate the development and sales process as much as possible.

1) Autopilot Profits presents a step by step system to make money in the shortest possible time. For more details go to: The system gives you only the important information that you need to start making money right away and eliminates the filler seen in so many other programs.

If you’ve read other Internet marketing guides that have given you a plethora of strategies and vague promises, Autopilot Profits will bring it all into focus and deliver information that is concrete and ready to use. It will jump over all of the mistakes that most new business make on the Internet and leave you with just those essential facts that make successful businesses on the web.

2) It’s easier than you may think to put the four steps listed above into action. You need to find and focus on a niche where there is an unmet demand. For can visit toThis video series and e-book will show you how to do exactly that. Picking the right niche market is essential to internet marketing success.

When you do manage to find a niche market, you will need to find out what you can sell there based on market surveys. If you can’t find an appropriate product, then you won’t be able to make profits and sell services or products. If you are going to be putting in a lot of effort and expecting large returns out of it, you need to have a solid product, which everyone wants to buy, so do your market research accordingly.



Autopilot Profits gives you the marketing techniques to present this product or service to your target market in a way that will make them want to visit your website, ready to buy.

Finally, Autopilot Profits will teach you how to automate most of these tasks, letting you have a business which essentially runs itself. You can do this with minimal startup costs (usually less than $100) and start making money right away, with little intervention needed on your part. Autopilot Profits can benefit everyone, from affiliate marketing newcomers to seasoned internet marketing veterans. This is a program that really works – try out this e-book and video series today.

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How to Build an Opt-in Email List-The Easy Way

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Are you struggling to build an email list so you can promote your products online?

Do you have products you would like to sell on the internet, but don’t have an email list to forward your marketing materials to?

Would you like to explode your list with red-hot buyers?

Would you like to be certain that your subscribers really open and read your email and actually look at your promotion?

If the answer to all of the above questions is yes, here is a list building secret weapon for you to check out–”Big List Bucks”. You will learn proven tactics that will unlock killer cash from your list.

“Big List Bucks” provides 7 step-by-step videos which will show you how to:

• Set up an auto-responder

• Find starving crowds

• Build your list fast

• Create emails that people will open

• Drive massive traffic to your squeeze page

• Encourage people to buy with the emails you will create

These easy to follow videos will show you the right way to build a profitable list and the fastest way to do it. If you learn quicker by reading text, a PDF format is available. And an mp3 format is also available for listening while you travel. How does it get any better than that?

You will also learn how to create a relationship with your subscribers by offering some great advice and free tips they can use. By providing valuable information to your market, they will jump at the chance to receive it in exchange for their email address. Then at a later time you can email them about the benefits of your product.

Go ahead and check out “Big List Bucks” and increase your profits today! Find out more details at http://www.biglistbuckshq.com. You’ll be glad you did.

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The Four Most Important Resources That You Can Depend Upon To Create Your Mailing Lists

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There are many marketing resources that a business can depend upon, so that they can attract client attention and build website traffic. One of the greatest options which are offered is with the help of the usage of direct marketing, which will enable you to avail on the spot access to your new and repeat consumer base. The supreme resources a organization can depend upon, when utilizing direct marketing, is noticed through investing into creating mailing lists. To be able to achieve this objective for your business, the following facilitates find four major resources you can depend upon to create these lists.

Resource One: Your Primary Website
The first resource a firm can rely upon, when looking to accomplish the objectives of creating the money making email lists, can be noticed in your primary website. By developing resources such as blogs or newsletters, you can encourage customers to sign up for this up-to-date information on your firm and the products you offer. This is the very first measure any firm can reap the benefits of, when creating these mailing lists.

Resource Two: Promotional Websites
The second resource that you could depend upon; when expanding your potential for creating mailing lists, can be found with a promotional website you develop. Many organizations build up websites beyond their primary website, so as to support client attraction and develop brand name recognition. By utilizing resources that will persuade clients to once again enter their name and e-mail addresses, you could increase your lists ability of gaining more attracted clients.

Resource Three: Social Networking
Social networking has rapidly developed to be among the list of key resources that individuals use to communicate with each other, on a daily basis. When you would be able to develop a presence within this environment, you can avail information on people, as they try to turn into your friends through these resources. This will generally offer you with the greatest opportunity, when it comes to increasing your companies capability and creating mailing lists.

Resource Four: Paid Lists
The final resource that some companies have preferred to take good thing about, can be noted with the expenditure into paid lists, provided by a third-party. While these lists may not always offer you with entry to customers who are instantly interested in your goods or services, they will lend a hand in further developing your existing list, so you can make out some individuals who may be attracted in your specific company.

Each of these resources can provide a organization with the unique opportunity which is available with creating money making email lists. This will lend a hand to enhance your marketing solutions, as your business depends upon all these resources to attain your primary consumer base.

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What is the Difference Between Internet Marketing and Blogging:

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Sometimes I need to refresh myself on the difference between blogging and internet marketing. When you write an article for a blog about internet marketing, is it still considered blogging?
I think most people consider blogging to be a form of expression that is directly related to their personal life. Wikipedia defines internet marketing or online marketing, for more details visit to http://www.sell-using-the-web.com as the marketing of products or services over the World Wide Web.
For the most part, the distinction between a blogger and an internet marketer is a bit fuzzy. The most obvious realization is that the average blogger probably doesn’t make that much money online whereas the business savvy internet marketing might make a fortune selling advertising and affiliate products.
Generally bloggers write about their experiences, their opinions, current events, and things that interest them. Internet marketers tend to focus on subjects like search engine optimization, affiliate reviews, and marketing techniques. They are focused on making money plain and simple.
The typical internet marketer spends half their time in the field writing and the other half researching, optimizing and obtaining inbound links. Bloggers generally spend half their time writing and the other half of their time trying to get their peers to read their blogs.
To make a long story short just because you have a blog doesn’t necessarily mean you are marketing it correctly. If you are serious about your blog either way you will most likely need to acquire internet traffic to leverage your blog. Regardless of whether or not you want to earn money online with your blog, learning the basic principals of internet marketing will most likely prove to be very useful in the acquisition of internet traffic.

There are many things that are important to being a successful Internet marketer. But three things in particular, in my honest opinion, are critical to success. In fact, you really could say that these three things pretty much cover the essence of Internet marketing. I’m talking about training, product and promotion. In this article, for more details visit to http://www.mrx-interview.com I’m going to explain why these three things are so important.
Let’s start with training. How many people in this world do you know who are successful at something who don’t know what they’re doing? I certainly wasn’t one of them. When I first started as an Internet marketer, over six years ago, I was so clueless that I made all of $28 in my first five months. Why? Simple…I didn’t have the training I needed. Once I started to get that training, I began to make a steady income online.
Now, you can pay for that training or you can go about getting it in bits and pieces by going the free route such as by digging through forums and the like. The downside to the free route is that it can be very time consuming. By paying for training, you can cut months off the learning curve. Of course the downside is that it’s not free. If you’re tight on funds, the free route may be your only option.
What about product? Well, you have to have something to sell to people. Nobody is going to send you money because of your good looks. Now, you can create your own product, which is going to give you the most control and the most income, or you can sell an existing product as an affiliate. The downside of the latter is that you are competing with many other people. However, there is almost no cost involved and the process is a lot quicker than having to create something from scratch. Either way, you have to have something to sell or you’re not going to have a successful business. And…it has to be something that people actually want. Not need, want. Big difference.
Finally, we have promotion. I’ve said this a thousand times and I’m sure I’ll say it a thousands times more. I don’t care how great a product or site you have. If nobody sees it, you’re not going to make any sales. You have to promote. Again, you can go the free route, of which there are some excellent options like article marketing, or you can pay for traffic, such as you would do by using pay per click advertising. But whatever you do, you have to promote. The traffic won’t just come to you.
If you concentrate on these three things, you’ll find that your marketing efforts are more focused and your results will be a whole lot better.

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Why Autoresponders Are Key To Successful Internet Business

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Autoresponders make it very simple for marketers to expand their online businesses.Autoresponders are an automatic way to send emails that can speed up the email part of your business. This article will give you some ideas about how to use autoresponders so that you get the most gain achievable from them.

Autoresponders are one of the fundamental tools in automating internet marketing. They allow marketers to decrease the amount of time they need to spend on emails. This allows them to take more time to focus on money-making tasks.

A lot of internet marketers use autoresponders when their customers sign up in their opt-in boxes. The autoresponder will send them a response when it receives a submission. In this response message, you might give them a link to a free incentive that got them to sign up, or more directions based on your promotion or website.

Autoresponders can also be very helpful in replying to frequently asked questions. You can use an autoresponder to help customers immediately by giving them FAQ answers. You can still offer them the option to contact you directly if this does not answer their question.

Autoresponders are perfect for distributing information to your contact list. You can distribute newsletters, articles or news or special promotions without much work on your end. If you send out articles, encourage recipients to redistribute them, provided they do not change your articles. This will drive more traffic to your website.

While autoresponders can be very helpful and allow you to use your time more efficiently, you should not use them in place of customer service. If customers have questions or concerns, make sure you address them personally in order to retain their business.

Read on to learn more ways to use viral marketing to explode your internet business, plus learn the secrets to creating instant viral marketing profits! Click here for ways to use Autoresponders. Set up your free membership today: http://www.ViralEbookExplosion.com

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Sending Secure Emails Is Easy and Free

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In today’s world, email has become a necessity because it is a convenient, fast and efficient way to communicate with others. Email is also commonly used in business settings to quickly and efficiently communicate and share critical information. Although email has many benefits, there are some things you should consider especially when it comes to email security and protecting your data. If you’re just sending pictures of your latest vacation then sending secure emails may not be a concern. However, people often use email in business and personal settings to send passwords, financial data, and other sensitive information without understanding all the risks.

In general, email messages are transmitted in plain text over the internet without any form of encryption. Every message passes through a number of servers before it reaches you, and all along the way its content is exposed. The email protocol, while capable of supporting encryption, doesn’t have any reliable way to guarantee or enforce end-to-end encryption. Even services like Gmail that support encryption between your computer and their service can’t guarantee your message will be transmitted securely between their mail server and your recipient’s mail server. This is because if the recipient’s mail server doesn’t support encryption (which it often doesn’t) Gmail is forced to fallback to transmitting your message in plain text. The same goes for essentially all personal and corporate mail environments. In addition, copies of your messages are typically stored unencrypted on your computer, your company’s or host’s mail server, each recipient’s mail server and computer; and your messages can be stored for years. This provides multiple opportunities for unauthorized access to your emails and raises privacy concerns.

This is where email encryption plays a critical role in securing your emails. The idea is to convert words into a code that cannot be understood until it is decrypted. A good email encryption solution will use powerful cryptography techniques to ensure your messages are both stored and transmitted securely, and that only you and your recipients have the capability to decrypt your message data. Send. 2.0, a free service provided by Send Technology Inc., safeguards your sensitive email using high-powered encryption. The Send service lets you send messages and attachments in encrypted form and it’s free for you and for message recipients. Once you and the people you exchange email with have all set up your Send accounts, your encrypted correspondence is secure. There’s no risk of hackers intercepting your email messages.

Getting started is simple. There is no software to purchase, download, and install. There are no keys to generate, publish, and maintain. And anyone can use Send.™ to transmit and receive secure messages for free. The Send Technology home page features a Web form to enter your email address, recipients, subject, attachments, and message text. If you don’t already have a free Send account you’ll need to create one upon entering your email address. The account-creation process requires an activation code that’s delivered via email. This prevents others from setting up a Send account in your name.

Your email messages and attachments are not delivered directly to the recipient’s Inbox. Instead, a notification with a link is sent informing that a secure message is available. The link to view the secure message has the decryption key for your particular message embedded in it. For security, the company doesn’t retain that key anywhere; they can’t decrypt the stored message.

If you’re an Outlook user, sending encrypted mail is also free and is as easy as clicking the Send Secure toolbar button rather than Outlook’s regular Send button. Just enter your Send password once per session, but after that it’s all automatic. Any encrypted messages you receive will be decrypted automatically and displayed within Outlook.

Send 2.0 lets you send email and attachments in encrypted form in a matter of seconds. You may not need to use it for every message, but when the content is sensitive, use Send 2.0 for sending encrypted emails – it’s free.

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Than Nguyen is an Internet consultant specializing in Internet Technology and helping businesses implement strategies and tools to increase productivity and profitability.