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Want to know the secret of the big money marketers for real?

Well, guess what… there is no secret at all… sure they probably don’t want you knowing about this, because they’d prefer you to remain their loyal customer (paying customer that is) for eternity.

The fact is that the fastest way to make a sizable income online is to sell your own products — plain and simple.

But there is a disconcerting truth behind this truth… and that is if you’re only selling one product at a time then your success will be short lived at best.

Sure you might make some fast cash, but it’s not going to last too long after affiliate commissions and the tax man gets his share. Yes — this is a model doomed to fail in the long term.

So what model can you follow that’s not just successful in the short-term but can bring you incredible ongoing income for life? Easy… Membership sites!

Membership sites where you sell monthly membership subscriptions can help you generate a staggering recurring income day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Most people’s morning routine involves coffee and a mad dash off to the office during bumper to bumper traffic… now imagine a morning routine where you casually pop out of bed when you feel like it…

You leisurely stroll over to your home office, a mere 30 feet away, and you pop on your computer to discover that your inbox is jammed with subscription payments, sent to you like clockwork, whether you are at work, at play, or asleep!

And, we’re not just talking a couple bucks here… no, we’re talking hundreds every single day..Now, the reality is that if you have been trying to make money online, or learning how to market online for any length of time, you HAVE heard that there is money to be made with memberships.

In fact, chances are you are a subscriber to at least one membership site yourself. But isn’t this just another one of those things where someone trying to sell you an information product tell’s you it’s all easy, and then it turns out it really isn’t?

Well, unfortunately there are 3 hurdles you have to overcome if you want to generate a fortune with membership sites. Fortunately I’m going to show you how to explode through those barriers right here and right now.

Barrier #1 – What To Sell: If you have thought about membership sites before… perhaps you have run up against a brick wall with just what to sell? Well, guess what… finding out what to sell for membership sites CAN be easy, because people will pay, and pay gladly for information on a wide range of topics.

Let me show you…

So, I picked something I love just out of the blue… corvettes! Then I hopped into Nichebot the keyword tool, to see what the monthly searches were like.

And look at that. 2797 people are searching for corvettes every single day — almost 84,000 per month.

You think you could get 300, 400, or more to sign up for something like $15-$20 a month for some kind of online corvette club?

Given as how there are nearly 30,000 searches per month for corvette forum, I’d say you could.

And content — well, you can outsource articles very inexpensively and keep these guys up to their ears in content for as long as you want!

What you sell, really can be this easy… but here… let’s try something else randomly that would be a smaller niche…

My son is getting into Skateboarding so let’s grab a look at something like skateboarding tricks. I would think that skateboarders would be looking for a way to beef up their “bag of tricks” so to speak, so let’s have a look at that and see…

Memberlife Membership

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When thinking of a subject to write about for your e-Book!

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In the past to achieve success online with internet marketing, then rest assured that help is finally at hand. I certainly wish I had access to such knowledge when I started out three years ago, and perhaps I wouldn’t have been so overwhelmed with the practicalities of website design, using auto responders, joining affiliate plans, writing sales letters, and how to get traffic to my site. I know better at this time, but more of this in a moment….

The simple fact of the matter is, that to enter the world of internet marketing, you need something to promote and sell (well you want to make money at it don’t you?), whether a physical item, or – information. The very nature of the internet – where knowledge can be shared and exchanged at the click of a button – lends itself perfectly to… the e-Book!

The advantages of the e-Book over selling physical items is that there is no need to buy or store stock, no time and effort incurred in packing anything up and shipping it off in the post – and your customer can pay their money for your product and get immediate access to it from a download page. In an age where demand is for instant gratification or more detail an e-Book is ideal – simple and valuable! And once written, you can sell unlimited copies of it without having to produce each item – so it’s both time and cost-effective too.

When thinking of a subject to write about for your e-Book, the secret to greater success, and finding your ‘niche market’, is very easy. Like they tell all first-time budding authors – write about what you know. Whether it’s a few chapters on ‘How to stop smoking’ (if you’ve been successful at this), on the mechanics of owning a motorcycle, how to earn money online, or even ‘Tips on Flower Arranging’, you can bet that someone out there in ‘cyberspace’ wants to know about it. If you’ve got passion for your subject, you’re going to convey that enthusiasm in what you write, and make that e-Book even more interesting and helpful.

However, in writing your e-Book, don’t forget to give your customer value – and they could become customers for your future e-Books too! Make the content and quality of your e-Book meaningful – whatever its length, it has to be good, or you’ll leave your customers feeling disenchanted. Give always few free bonuses – an extra report perhaps, or more detail some free training that they would have to pay for elsewhere. Aim for customer satisfaction!

If you don’t know how to go about creating an e-Book (you could always write an e-Book explaining how to do it!), then it brings me to the ‘more of this in a moment…’ that I mentioned above – the launch of a FREE course in all aspects of internet marketing, including creating e-Books. Visit the website below for what you need to get started online. Good luck

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Affordable search engine optimization Services for Your Website

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Presently affordable seo services are widely popular as it can bring new life to your website. The main aspect of using these services are that can bring targeted visitor traffic to your website. There are other strategies which undergoes within affordable search engines optimization services such as planning’s to deliver qualitative market plus increment of traffic to their clients, and much more. Three main forms of search engines optimizations are smm (social media marketing), sem (search engines marketing), and seo optimizations. All these three counted as the major tool to influence the ranking as well as traffic of owner’s website. Several agencies are there who’re indulge in aiming to bring their client’s website on top ten organic listings on the major search enginess for agreed keyword phrases.Search engines optimization analysts consider that these services will definitely attract additional visitors and potential new customers to your website.

Focusing more on seo optimisation topic further, Susan Moskwa of Google, has conveyed in one of his presentation about the tips of optimization of crawling and indexing. As per her view URLs are bridge between a website and a search engines crawler, and one should not make the process complicated. If you want that your crawlers should be able to search and crawl the URLs, then must organize them in such a manner that crawlers can recognize the contents of your website. This will led your crawlers to save time and instead of searching again and again on same web-contents with different URLs, your crawling will be done in a meaningful way. In this way seo optimisation of URLs enable the crawlers in saving time as well as accessing the impectual contents of your website.

If you want to succeed in online marketing then should immediately opt affordable search enginse optimization services that can improve your on-line presence, and also will increase organic traffic of your website.Moreover can deliver 100 percent assurity in the reduction of your PPC budget and will ultimately enhance your traffic.All these beneficial aspects of search engines optimization services show the usages and importance in seo industry when it comes to ranking and traffic of a website.

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Blurbpoint is a professional Search Agency offering organic search engine optimization and link building services at competitive prices.If you are serious about your sites For social bookmarking, And manual directory submission service. Then Please Contact us on www.blurbpoint.com


cheap hermes bag sale,Hermes Birkin handBag it is used to be reproduced on the product of an enterprise.

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cheap hermes bag sale,Hermes Birkin handBag An array of electrical products is available in the market in various designs and features for different needs. While the ultimate cost of outsourced technology consulting solution is also of importance, it certainly should not be the only player in the game because keeping costs lower often results in a compromise on the quality of the solution or service. A graphic symbol printed on these materials can distinguish a company from its competitors.Solution FlexibilityIf your business solution is not flexible, it may not be suitable for you.. By working closely with our customers, our expert team offers their exp 缩略图:new: Modern era of mobile communication and broadband connectivity has certainly paved way for services like virtual office setups and off-shoring different business services and solutions. Therefore, it is used to be reproduced on the product of an enterprise. Ultimate Electrical Products at Electrical PlanetElectrical Planet is becoming a leading supplier of all types of electrical components for the largest industries down to the smallest household convenience.ExperienceIf a company isnt experienced enough, it wont be able to help you get what you want especially if you are looking for high-end solutions.Weatherproof Switches and SocketsElectrical Planet offers a series of weatherproof Switches and Sockets in different designs and colors. For more information about our technology consulting services, you can visit You can emphatically depict the personality of an organization. An important factor in reliability will be that the technology consulting company will give you a solid plan of action and a complete proposal fulfilling your requirements with timelines and deliveries. We provide you an ample collection of Starbreaker Plastic Range which gives a stylish, contemporary look to a house. Their statements will be a good indicator that has the potential to steer clear of losses and unnecessary wastes. These reports or information will enable them to take informed and wise decisions. Energetic, hard working, motivated employees is the goal and you should make that clear to all your personnel. This factor is the reliability of an outsourced company.the company. One will get to know if some particular business activity has resulted in a loss, and how well the various parts of the business have performed during the relevant time period. So today it has become our crucial need and so are the electrical products. The borrowers matching this profile will be able to use the money. Why did you open your restaurant? What would you like to accomplish by having it? What can you do now to get you closer to your goal? Not only will having a goal keep you moving in the right direction, it will save you the money and time of tangents and rabbit trails.缩略图:new: All these electrical items are so familiar that they are used in home, office and factories.

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They have a flat design that allows you to hang a lot of items in one hermes bag place without the fear of them being misshapen or tangled together.Motor vehicle expenses hermes bag sale another little known fact for home-based business owners is in relation to what can hermes bag be claimed as motor vehicle expenses. hermes handbags This means it doesnt take up as much space either. Toshiba makes all three types of LCD televisions!


Email Marketing – What Pushes the Unsubscribe Button

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Building and maintaining ever growing email list is probably the most valid sign for web marketing mastership. A lot of marketers are talking about five and six figure income, but very few are mentioning their email list numbers correctly. And it is easy understandable – just nothing to be proud with.

The Nightmare of the Email Marketing Manager

Doubtless, it’s the unsubscription from the mailing list – someone has clicked the unsubscribe link (again). I received an email from a marketer, talking about this subject and he said something like this:

‘I provide valuable information and if you don’t like it, get off my list!’ Few seconds later I clicked on the unsubscribe link.

His ‘valuable information’ is writing countless, worthless and useless 200 words articles under FIVE (maybe more) different author’s names, guess why – because he is repeating like a parrot: ‘articles this, articles that’ while article marketing is not ‘heal-all’ strategy at all. Beware of such ‘Experts’, they are easily noticeable.

Seven Reasons that Make Me Unsubscribe

  1. Getting too many emails – you are not the only one marketer I’m receiving emails from (actually I’m on more than 100 lists) and I don’t want to be mailed daily. Click.
  2. Hard selling – excuse me, I don’t need every product on the net. I opted in to learn something valuable, because you said so, not to be sold to only. Click.
  3. Duplicity, hypocrisy – I know you are affiliated with some Gurus (so am I) and I know we are just an email and affiliate ID in the Guru’s database. Don’t say: My good friend ‘Guru’s Name’, when he doesn’t know you even exist and you have relationship only with his autoresponder. Click.
  4. Squeeze pages – I specially hate when a free download is offered, to be taken to a squeeze page to leave my email. If I have to exchange my email, your offer is not free anymore. So I subscribe, download and immediately unsubscribe. Click.
  5. Formality, jargon – Especially the young marketers are demonstrating some strange sort of coolness and freedom, talking and writing in R’n’B style. Dear youngsters, respect others if you want to be respected yourself. I can be you father. Click.
  6. Lack of valuable information – I came for meat, not for milk. I came to learn from your successful practice, not to receive ‘featured articles’. Click.
  7. One and only theme – you are an expert, you know your stuff, but after six months hearing to the same old song, I think I know it all. Sorry. Click.


Building and maintaining a mailing list of ANY size, does not rely upon knowing some super secret ‘killer’ strategy or having the next ‘killer’ software.

Just respect your list members, give more than you expect to receive, first practice than preach, and they will flock around you like sheeps around the Sheppard.

Check your mailing style for this unsubscribe triggers, and your unsubscribe rate will melt down like a water in the desert.

By the way, NEVER send an email without unsubscribe link. It offends deeply. Please.

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Check the
email marketing
section of my new site Smart Web Marketing for valuable marketing tools, services, freebies and more…

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My name is Ivan Piskov and I’m marketing online already four years. I have wide range of marketing skills and I can help you with advice on writing, SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing, web development and more.


Aweber Popularity – Is It Deserved?

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It’s possible you’ve already seen someone writing about all the great aspects of Aweber. Go into any online marketing forum, do a search for them, and you’ll find lots of people talking about them and recommending them to others. You’ve probably seen more than one product comparison that lists the service at the top.

Online marketers are constantly on the look-out for methods to save time, money, and still allow them to make more of the latter. Aweber is consistently one of the top ranking tools even though it has been around since practically the advent of e-mail marketing. Here is our review of Aweber.

Of course you can always make product offerings to your list, but for building one you can use your blog as your newsletter content. But implementing that on a regular blog isn’t so easy. Aweber offers users a way to translate their RSS feeds into newsletters that get e-mailed out to a list of subscribers. And this is not seen in too many other places. The other services who do this make it little bit more difficult than Aweber.

Aweber has always been very affordable, and it has not changed that policy since the inception. Unless you already have a large list, you’re looking at only nineteen dollars a month to get started. After you’ve built your list up, you’re looking at paying forty-nine dollars every month. Users also have an option of paying for a yearly plan which, at the time of this writing, costs one hundred and ninety four dollars per anum. There are other fees as your subscriber list starts to increase. As you get more subscribers, you’ll notice the cost in terms of time and money will also increase. The first level increase occurs when you have more than 500 subscribers, and then the second level is from five hundred to twenty five hundred for an added ten dollars a month.

It often takes more than one e-mail to sell a customer on a product or service; it’s best if you send out several e-mails about each item. This is what an autoresponder series does: you set it up so several e-mails are sent at regular intervals. This is a very effective way to keep in touch with all of your subscribers. You can also use it to really sell the products and services that you are offering to the people who opt in to your list. When you use Aweber, you’ll be able to set up as many autoresponder series as you need.

It also has tools to help you flawlessly execute that series. The better your auto-responder series the more likely you will be to see profits coming in from your e-mail sales.

Aweber is a tool that can help you with many aspects of internet marketing. This is a tried, true and tested service that has remained standing for more than a decade. None of Aweber’s competitors can claim to have such a loyal following. There must be some reason why it’s been so widely used since 1998.

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Any business who needs to manage email lists can benefit from using Aweber, from diversity training companies keeping tack of their students, to lawnmower review sites who want to email offers to their subscribers.


Where To Search For Cheap Laptops

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Your main aim to find cheap laptops for many individuals and businesses, as laptops tend to be expensive. The cost of laptop depends on the laptop functions and mode and base on your need, which you want. The prices of a good laptop is 1, 000 dollars or more. A person can enter phrases including the word laptop along with cheap and all of cheap’s synonyms into one of the search engines. The end result will be a listing of sites that have laptops at discounted prices available. Providentially, there are many arenas where reasonably priced laptops can be discovered, and these include: the Internet, online auction sites, factory outlet stores, the Sunday classifieds, and word of mouth.

As laptops tend to be expensive, find cheap a laptop computer is a goal of many individuals and businesses. The price of a good laptop can cost about 1, 000 dollars or more. The cost will depend on the functions and model of the laptop. Fortunately, there are many areas where low-cost laptops can be discovered, and these include: Internet, online auction sites, factory outlet stores, the Sunday classifieds and word of mouth. For starters, a good place to find cheap laptop computers is the Internet. A person can enter phrases such as laptop along word synonym flights and all flights in one search engine. The end result is a list of sites that have laptops at discounted prices available.

Items for sale are listed in print and online editions of newspapers, and the Sunday section tends to contain more advertising overall. Word of mouth recommendations from family members or friends are also great ways to find out if any cheap laptops are available. It is thus worth the effort to see if any laptops are listed for sale in the Sunday paper. There is no harm in a buyer’s mentioning to others that he or she is looking to buy a laptop; it is possible that by doing so, a hot lead to an inexpensive laptop can be the end result. Relatives and friends may either be able to tell a probable buyer what stores are good to buy cheap laptops at, or they may even know someone in a straight line who offers not expensive computers. The Sunday classifieds then to be another prime area to locate laptops that are offered at discounted rates.

You can easily find a cheap laptop on the Internet. These include: the Internet, online auction sites, factory outlet stores, the Sunday classifieds, and word of mouth that is a good for search a cheap laptop. In spite of laptops being expensive in general, there are venues where inexpensive laptops luckily can be to be found. On online auction sites, a person can find listings from sellers who wish to sell their laptops. As sellers are likely to want to perform better than other sellers on the auction websites, they will sell their laptops for the lowest price possible. A person can enter phrases including the word laptop along with cheap and all of cheap’s synonyms into one of the search engines.

The Sunday classifieds then to be another prime area to locate laptops that are offered at discounted rates. Items for sale are listed in print and online editions of newspapers, and the Sunday section tends to contain more advertising overall. It is thus worth the effort to see if any laptops are listed for sale in the Sunday paper. Factory outlet stores offer items at prices that are much less than those at retail chains where inexpensive laptops can be purchased easily. Items that tend to be more expensive like computers and other electronic devices tend to be hot items at these outlets. All a customer needs to do is type the word laptop into the look for box on an auction site, and a list of all the sellers who are selling laptops will come into view. It can very well be the case that a buyer will have several options to choose from in this instance, which is excellent.

Despite being expensive laptops in general, there are places where cheap laptops, fortunately, can be found. These include: Internet, online auction sites, factory outlet stores, the Sunday classifieds and word of mouth. Word of mouth recommendations from family or friends are also great ways to find out if these cheap laptops are available. Relatives and friends may be able to tell a potential buyer of what stores are good to buy cheap laptops, or even meet someone who can directly offer discounted computers. There is nothing wrong with a buyer to mention others that he or she is looking to buy a laptop; it is possible that by doing so, a warm place to a low-cost laptop could be the end result.

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We Are So Gullible

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We Are So Gullible

by Marilyn Mackenzie

Imagine this. I ran around my neighborhood, grabbing my neighbors by the hand. First, I grabbed my son, then the neighbors next door, then the neighbors across the street. I tried to push them all into my car, but when that wouldn’t work, I asked the neighbors across the street if we could use their van. Once we were all buckled in, I said, “To the mall. And step on it.”

As we rushed to the mall, I explained my enthusiasm. I had learned that if I took five friends with me to the mall, where we had to walk around and around the mall about a dozen times, that we would all be truly blessed. The mall merchants would take note of the group of us and they would bestow great riches upon us. We would get a gift card, a computer, and a car!

We all know that I tried pulling this stunt, my neighbors would think that I was insane. They would, at the very least, contact my husband at work and tell him that I needed to see a doctor. They might even call for emergency assistance, because grabbing them by the hand and forcing them into a vehicle to rush to the mall to receive untold riches just isn’t a sane thing to do.

But those same people and thousands and thousands of others gladly responded to crazy emails. They forwarded an email to dozens of friends, just because the email said to do so. And because the email promised that by forwarding it, some large company would know they were doing so and would reward them greatly. Or some huge conglomerate will know they forwarded said email and will donate thousands of dollars to helping a child with medical expenses.

I think we need to fear our computers. For some unknown reason, whether we are students, parents, or company executives, we lose our common sense as we sit facing a screen and our email inboxes.

Like robots, we automatically forward emails to everyone in our address books just because the words on the page in front of us request that we do so. If the message also says that something magical will occur when we comply with the request that we forward the email within 60 seconds to dozens of people – and someone has added a note that says, “This really works!” – then we are even more apt to follow the crazy instructions.

Have you ever wondered why people who can be bright and intelligent individuals in the “real world” suddenly become so gullible when it comes to email chain letters and forwards?

I think there is someone behind every computer screen who hypnotizes each one of us. I think the government is behind the whole thing.

Now excuse me while I finish reading this really great email. It says that if I forward it to all of my friends in the next few minutes, everyone in the world will be healed, a new car will be delivered to my door, and I will win seven international lotteries.

It also says that if I do not comply that I will have to drink buttermilk seven times a day for the rest of my life. I happen to like buttermilk, but not that much. I better get those emails forwarded right away.

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Marilyn Mackenzie has been writing about home, family, faith and nature for over 40 years. She is an author on http://www.Writing.Com which is a site for Creative Writers. Her portfolio can be found at http://kenzie.writing.com.



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You might have come across the term ‘email marketing’ lately and wondered what that is supposed to mean and whether it is something you should seriously look into. So let’s go ahead and start demystifying this term and see what the whole concept of email marketing entails.

Email marketing is simply a form of direct marketing that takes advantage of the Internet and email services to allow businesses and other entities to send information directly to potential customers and clients.
It differs from other marketing mediums due to its high degree of measurability. Indeed today’s leading email marketing software enables you to see exactly who opened your emails and moreover whether your recipients were interested enough and took the extra step of clicking the links in your newsletter.

This degree of measurability usually either frightens marketers or else gets them very excited about the potential of such a system. In essence, with email marketing, you get the naked truth about whether your marketing campaign is working or not, down to each individual to whom your marketing message is being directed to.

SMEs: Is it worth the effort?
Many small businesses are still wary of investing time and money into online marketing, an unfortunate situation that has been improving in recent years thanks to greater awareness and initiatives aimed at helping businesses set up their online presence. A website is a step in the right direction as it enables people to find you online, however with email marketing you are going a step further and actually reaching out to your clients and prospects yourself.

Big Companies: How does it fit within our marketing strategy?
Given that Malta has a thriving tourism sector which invests a lot of money in marketing, we can take a typical hotel operator as an example of how email marketing can benefit bigger companies. In our scenario, the hotel has already invested in a good website which is getting a fair share of traffic from search engines and online advertisements.

The first step would be to include a ‘newsletter sign up’ section on the website, in which people can enter their name and email address. These details would go directly into the hotel’s mailing list. Email addresses can be also collected when tourists check in or out of the hotel. At this point it is also easier to gather other useful details such as the date of birth or anniversary date.
Once the system is in place the hotel’s marketing department can actually start formulating their email newsletters. An ideal start would be sending out monthly emails promoting that month’s best deals and providing information about important events taking place in Malta, thus enticing people to visit. Hotel upgrades such as a recent refurbishment or visits by famous personalities can also be included in this newsletter.

It is also important to take into consideration that, with the right email marketing software, a portion many tasks can be automated, thus for example the hotel can prepare a special weekend break deal for people having their birthday or who will be celebrating an anniversary. These emails can be automatically personalized and sent by using special triggers that are activated, for example, two weeks before a person’s birthday.

I’m Convinced, how do I get going?
There are several options for getting started with email marketing. A quick Google search will give you a list of established players in this field. Email marketing software suppliers tend to offer online systems which enable you to upload your contacts, then edit and send your newsletter through the online system. Most services also give you detailed statistics about email campaigns. Pricing plans tend to consist of either a fixed fee per month or a fee per number of emails sent, although other variations also exist. If you are new to email marketing it is also a good idea to hire a local consultant or company who can help you get started and point you in the right direction. Although foreign service providers offer technical support it is always better to have someone you can talk to locally who will offer you advice on email content and help to design and deploy your newsletters.

Conclusion on email marketing
Email marketing is definitely one of the best marketing methods as regards to Return on Investment. Compare the low cost per email to the huge budgets needed to run TV or print advertising campaigns, plus the fact that you get full statistics on whether your efforts were effective or not, and you can quickly start seeing the advantages of having an email marketing system in place.

Whatever the size of your business, email marketing should definitely occupy an important place in your marketing toolbox. When used properly email marketing will improve the relationship between a business and its customers, bringing old customers back and keeping new customers coming in

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Anthony Kario is an online marketer and entrepreneur. He offers resourceful. fresh and best practice online marketing info and tips to help you get more leads and increased sales. Visit http://www.netmarketingtrends.co.cc/ to get started today.


Zimbra Renders Integrated Email Solutions for Corporates

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Nowadays, email is one of the integral parts of any business concern and an efficient email solution can help the company achieve tremendous success. Among the commonly used corporate emailing services available in the market today, the Zimbra Collaboration Suite is considered the best. This software combines a variety of features, thereby making the day to day business operations more efficient and effective. This software allows you to streamline all the business operations and saves considerable amount of time.

This Yahoo! owned email solution operates on open technology and consists of some of the most sought after features. A few of the features available in the Zimbra Collaboration Suite are POP / SMTP, Ajax based webmail, calendaring, document management, task management, anti spam / anti virus and total security. Such high end features make it one of the best email servers of our times. Other noteworthy elements include instant messaging (IMAP) and an admin panel through which user accounts, storage availability and password authentication can be managed efficiently.

Due to these excellent features being integrated into the system and delivering exceptional performance, Zimbra Collaboration Suite has become the leader in this field. Some of the competitors it has left behind include the Google and Microsoft Exchange emailing services. The popularity of this software is growing day by day and numerous reputed organizations are adopting this all-integrating email solution into their daily operations. It can easily operate on all types of web hosting servers, without compromising the quality of service or any aspects thereof.

Owing to the fact that Zimbra Collaborative Suite is an open software, it operates equally well on Linux, Mac OS and Microsoft based hosting servers. Also, it is based on AJAX, so it can be operated on third party as well as in house servers. Furthermore, this email server has the unique ability of incorporating a variety of applications within itself. So, a user can easily integrate Facebook, Twitter, Saleforce and WebEx as well as other apps using the open APIs present in this email solution.

Now, there are many companies thinking about switching from their traditional emailing server to new software, but do not want to lose the data stored in the existing system. This poses a challenge, as most email solutions are unable to embed the database of a software used prior to its own installation. But, the synchronization feature of Zimbra Collaborative Suite allows the user to transfer the data from systems like Microsoft Exchange to itself, thereby making it the perfect backend email service provider.

Some of the organizations that are using or have begun replacing their previously used emailing servers with the Zimbra Collaborative suite include Stanford University, UCLA, Live Prism, indiatimes, Digium, Mozilla and Skype. Apart from these, O’ Reilly Media, Bechtel, H&R Block, Raytheon, Huntsville Hospital, Premier Hotel & Resorts also rely on this email solution to fulfill the requirements of their daily business operations. The confidence of these renowned organizations in the capabilities of this email service is testament to the immense potential it possesses.

Therefore, it can be agreed that the Zimbra Collaborative Suite is probably one of the best email solutions in the world right now. And, Yahoo! continues to carry out research and development activities, which are attributed for the leading edge this email service provider maintains over others in this field.

About the Author

Indrani Ghose has an experience of 4 years in content development and is presently working with i2k2 Networks Pvt Ltd. i2k2 is the leading dedicated server, web hosting, email solutions and email server hosting provider.