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Those engaged in email marketing must accept that, despite the costs being considerably lower than for other forms of direct marketing, savings must be made to remain competitive. Just being efficient is not enough. You have to be more efficient that your competitors.

In any search for areas where significant savings can be made, managing your email inbox has to be one of the more obvious. Simple and cheap solutions can reap considerable reward.

It is simple management theory to say that by limiting the number of queries that you receive you lower costs. Fewer emails means a smaller infrastructure to deal with them. So what can you do?

If your email list is small because you sell items of high value then the personal touch might be considered an essential. For the rest of us engaged in email marketing it is a luxury we cannot afford. Our essential is year-on-year savings.

The first thing to do is examine your emails. You need to identify those which cost you the most in time and also the most common. This will show you what needs addressing first.

If one type of query comes time and again it tends to suggest that the source of the problem lies with you. Consider modifying your systems in a way that will limit the number of queries. Perhaps the instructions with the item are poorly worded or even incorrect. Give copies to your staff and ask them if they find them clear. Remember no instructions ever confused its readers by being aimed too low.

However, you will be aware that if you upset a customer by patronising them they might withdraw from your email list so you have to consider their self image. Try two levels of instructions, one for those with previous experience and an appendix for those ‘new to our system’.

If there are a whole range of subjects then another route might be more efficient. The obvious answer is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. However, as there appears to be a reluctance to use the facility it can be helpful to push your customers towards it as often as reasonable.

Anyone engaged in email marketing will know about click throughs. So establish hotlinks at all stages of the procedure. The difficulty can be in stopping those on your email list from going for email immediately. But there are little tricks you can do.

One thing is to tell your customers that the FAQ page will, quite likely, speed up their enquiry. Make it clear that it is there for their benefit. It has to be accepted though that most will ignore the prompt.

There are two thoughts as to whether an email address should be easy to find, perhaps included on a contacts page. Some suggest, and with good reason, that as retention of those on your email lists makes economic sense, the frustration that builds up in clicking on link after link might be too costly. But there are others who, after some years in email marketing, might suggest that it is a risk worth taking.

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PCI Compliance

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PCI Compliance: What is it and why should I care?

I must have heard this question a hundred times from merchants, and it can be hard to understand what it is, and why it matters.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) has actually been in effect for several years now. Simply stated it means that merchants are doing everything possible to protect card holder information from being stolen. In recent years it has become even more important with the large breaches of data that put thousands of cardholders at risk of fraud.

Protecting data can be a daunting task for a small merchant, but common sense goes a long way in complying with the regulations. First, make sure that the receipts being printed only show part of the card number, and not the expiration date. It sounds simple, but I still see businesses that have the full card number on the receipt. Second, don’t write down card information and leave it unsecured. I know that some businesses rely on phone orders, and you need to keep the written authorization on file. If that’s the case, make sure that only the necessary people have access, and that the files are kept locked at all times. You would be surprised at how many people don’t do that. Third, if you’re processing using a terminal that works over IP you need to have a scan done quarterly. The scan ensures that there aren’t ways for cyber criminals to access your information or plant viruses that would transmit data to them. If you’re using a certified compliance vendor it’s very easy to schedule the scans, and they’ll help you trouble shoot any security threats.

So how do you certify your compliance? It’s a very simple process really. You answer a self assessment questionnaire, and pass your scan if necessary. Most people think that it’s hundreds of questions that are very technical, and that’s not the case at all. In most cases it’s approximately 20 questions that are true/false. For most merchants it only takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Why should you care about being certified? There are a few reasons. If you are certified, and there is a security breech this helps protect you from very large fines from the various card issuers. Even a small breech for an uncertified merchant can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which would most likely put them out of business. It is the merchant that’s responsible for the cost of forensic audits, re-issuing compromised cards, and fines. Secondly, some processors are charging merchants $20.00 a month for not being a certified compliant. $240.00 a year for not filling out the form seems like a lot of money to me! Last, but not least, in states like Nevada a merchant that is certified compliant is protected from further fines from the state if there is no gross negligence on the merchants part. If non-compliant and breeched the state will levy it’s own penalties in addition to the fines by the card associations. Many states are following suit and creating laws that mirror Nevada’s.

So now that you know it’s not quite as bad as you imagined, and that it is important in more ways than one, contact your processor. Chances are that there’s a program in place already to help you through the certification process. And now that you know it’s not going to take most of the day, you really have no reason not to do it. You have nothing to loose by doing it, and the protection it offers is well worth the time it will take!

For this and other information about PCI Compliance and electronic commerce please visit http://www.mymark.com/blog/jimanderson. Jim Anderson is the CEO of Electronic Commerce International, an ISO based in Las Vegas, NV. Please visit him at http://www.mymark.com/jimanderson to learn more about Jim and Electronic Commerce International.

To listen to this blog as a podcast please visit Jim at http://jimanderson.podbean.com/2010/11/11/pci-compliance/

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Designing an Html newsletter

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Email marketing has been tried-and-tested and successfully employed by many. However, some still seem to get caught by a few stumbling blocks. Not to worry; designing an email newsletter does take some thinking regarding design and layout. When designing an html newsletter there are a few things to note in order to successfully get readers to click-through and read what you have to say.

- Keep your articles short and your writing simple.

- Avoid multi-column layouts as they are hard to render, so they slow down email programs and are also hard to follow.

- Only include related links, and try not to overdo it. People receive such a lot of useless articles; you really don’t want to be adding to it. To establish yourself professionally, only send quality, highly targeted content.

- Avoid big images, stick to fewer graphics and hyperlinks, and also keep the layout simple. Again, because of the time it takes to load.

- Have a table of contents and summaries. Focusing on relevance is important.

- Employ bulleted lists and lay your newsletter out hierarchically.

- Keep your brand image, writing style and colors in mind so that readers can easily distinguish your newsletters from the bulk of others that they may be receiving. This also assists in a stronger brand identity.

- Make unsubscribing easy to avoid annoyance and a negative brand image.

- Do not assume that images will be viewed. Have text of the image content as well.

- Test how your newsletter renders in different email providers before sending.

If designing is not your forte and html is foreign to you, or if you simply don’t have the time, then you might want to consider an email marketing solution that offers free email templates, or even does all the work for you with custom-made templates.

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Email Marketing – Achieve Higher Open Rates With Coupons

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Email Marketing is process to broadcast newsletter to subscribers’ user. Email marketing process is now getting more popular because it takes less men-power, easy to tracking and can be accessible from any location.
With increasing competition, there is required to change marketing process that may follow marketing facts like less expensive, reliable, demographic and more conversion based. Unlike other marketing strategy, SMS marketing, fax broadcasting, banner advertisement, email marketing covers worldwide region compare to SMS marketing, easy to deliver without permission unlike fax broadcasting and less expensive than banner advertisement.
But for successful campaign, there are many things need to remember like content, look and feel, updated database and campaign platform. But with these basic needs for successful campaign, there is required to have some features like coupons, discount marketing.
According to Email Marketing Services, there is majority of 80% email marketing with coupons have higher open rate then non-coupons emails. For past market survey, around 70 % people holds coupons from newspaper. Now as internet is growing, this could lead to expand better coupons based medium.
Under coupons based email marketing, there is 24 % average for coupons redeemable in store which is more than with 7 % then coupons with redeemable online. With other email marketing survey, there is two-third of American households use coupons with intention of saving money and for new products or services usage.
This is clear that for better conversion rate of email marketing, newsletter with coupons are better because of high open rate. Because of human nature related to saving, there would be best to choose email marketing content with coupons.
Beside email marketing, coupons can be used in other way of marketing like SMS marketing, fax broadcasting, banner advertisement which give reason to click or read about products because of coupons rather than non-coupons.

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Read tips to find dating services nyc

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With so many huge online dating sites sprouting up in UK and the USA, there should be several optimistic benefits for using online dating websites. When the internet was primary launched, only a handful of persons had the knowledge for developing websites and for the average person, hiring a website developer was really costly. As a result, websites were mainly owned by the people who had control of this knowledge or by people who had enough money to spend in web development which in-turn resulted in most New York dating, New Jersey dating and dating services nyc sites charging fees to right to use information and service. How to protect your money?
Take Care of yourself by selecting appropriate New York dating, New Jersey dating and dating services nyc sites. Search and select a superior online dating service. How? start by asking about with friends, neighbours, classmates and others you may know who have try online dating, and notice which places they suggest. also, then study online dating “services” and keep a notebook of their URLs or links, rates, rules, dangers/invasions of privacy you’ve encountered and policy, total contact information for any other helpful information with right data and points of interest. Then contrast each New York dating, New Jersey dating and dating services nyc site. In this case, Google can be your best friend, but don’t always belief the results. Try only those places where you feel secure. Avoid the others. It is always a good thought with any online dating site, to give it a confirmation over before you begin paying for any cost involved. Most dating sites online have either free versions or trial provides so you can make sure the site is for your exact wants and desires before you spend any money.
Online Dating is the best way to discover individuals. Some Free Online Dating Websites are where single are link from the world and search their extraordinary ones. You can find your partner from the world no matter the distance among you both. And you can find the single without bearing anything. All the women and men with the Free Online Dating Website are single and available for a bond. A question comes up, does this bold discreet dating actually work, and it seems very possible since so many adult dating matching personals are tailoring to their free mature dating service features. Discreet dating is a carefree method to meet millions of paired couples who want to embrace a bit of pleasure in their life. Since there are people out there such as a billion or so, Online New York dating, New Jersey dating and dating services nyc is attracting a wild new service for adult dating matching personals.

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Some additional tips for building extra profit from your mailing list

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Building a mailing list can take quite a bit of time but in realistic terms, it’s probably one of the best ways to monetise your existing traffic. One of the greatest advantages to using a mailing list is the fact that when someone subscribes to your list they are signing-up with a definitive interest in the services you provide and they want to acquire more information from you. This type of marketing obviously differs from Search Engine Optimisation, where you can acquire great amounts of traffic but lack the conversion potential that you can conceivably build through a targeted opt-in or email list. This article will go into more detail on how to make the most from your email marketing campaigns.

It’s important when building a list to make sure that the people you are sending e-mails to feel as though they are in control of the process and can stop you from sending emails to them whenever they choose. As such, it’s important to make sure that in every e-mail you send on you include an option to unsubscribe – it’s also important to make sure that the user double opts-in to your list before being added to your database. This will ensure that you have a list that is both targeted and will create annoyance or irritation amongst your visitors.

Some studies suggest that there are optimal times to perform e-mail marketing, and people will be far more receptive to your mailings, according to a study performed by online research analysts, if you send them out on a Tuesday or Wednesday. On Monday people are still recovering from the week they left behind and on Thursday or Friday they are very primed and looking forward to starting the weekend – get the best responses from your email marketing campaigns by sending out e-mails when they will be best received by your audience.

Read more about AWeber only at AWeber Review, the best source of information on the world’s most popular e-mail marketing tool

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Power-Charged Personal Networking

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If you’re strapped for marketing cash, it’s time to go back to basics. The most effective marketing method is personal networking. Amazingly, few people really understand the power of networking or know how to harness that power to build their businesses.

Personal networking isn’t scary and the techniques for success aren’t hard to learn. It’s not about collecting business cards or pushing yourself on other people. Success requires a few basics. First, go with an open mind and a willingness to be flexible. Second, focus on the value you can provide and the problems you can solve. Third, be ready to give in order to allow others to get to know you. (That means be willing to make a referral or suggest a resource without expecting an immediate payback.) Fourth, cultivate a genuine attitude of friendliness. People can smell a fake. And finally, get yourself psyched. No one wants to network with someone who is watching the clock.

Always size up the event in advance. Get a detailed program as soon as it’s available. Look at who the speakers are. Is there anyone you need to meet from a networking or deal-making perspective? If so, who else is going who could make introductions? Do you have a friend among the organizers?

Next, look at the session titles. What sessions will be most useful for your business? Which sessions look like a waste of time? Realize that your best opportunity to meet a presenter may be after a session. It could be worth it to attend a so-so session to meet a hot-shot presenter.

Now look at the vendor list. Which companies do you need to do business with? This is where you find your short-list of companies from whom you need to purchase resources and with whom you want to create collaboration.

Then figure out, when the best networking opportunities occur. These are meals, cocktail parties, mixers, brunches, coffee hours, etc. Try to “coincidentally” be talking to someone you want to know better right before one of these prime networking events and suggest that you sit together. At receptions or buffets, eat or sip a beverage but don’t fill up both hands or you can’t greet people properly.

When are the “dead” times? These are the times when you aren’t planning to attend a session or break-out. This is the perfect time to schedule coffee with someone you need to talk to, or to spend quality time in the vendor room when the crowd is gone.

Plan to get up early and stay late. Always wear your name tag and make sure it is turned right-side out. Take more business cards than you think you’ll need. Take your laptop-you’ll need it even if you don’t plan to work remotely.

Hang out where people gather. Be in the coffee shop, at the bar, in the lounge. Greet others with the organization’s name tag and invite them to join you. But don’t hang out with your friends. Don’t skip out to shop, fish or vacation. Likewise, very few people are confident enough to do deals in the pool or the sauna. You and your contact will feel more like discussing business with your clothes on.

Review the organization’s online membership directly months before you attend. Contact high-possibility people with a personal email introduction. Follow up with a phone call. Arrange to meet at the event during “dead” time.

If your organization offers an online profile, make sure yours is updated with current contact information, a good photo and a benefits-oriented message of what you do to solve clients’ problems.

Check out the people you meet online via LinkedIn and Facebook. Make sure your profiles are updated and professional because they’ll be checking you out, too! Invite your new friends to follow you on Twitter (add the Twitter address to your business card), or have a link on your card for a free bonus item on your web site to drive opt-ins. If you made an especially good connection, and the feeling seemed mutual, connect with that person afterwards on LinkedIn. Reserve that for your best prospects. Invite everyone to follow you on Facebook.

Make notes on the business cards you collect so that you can refer to the conversations you had at the event in your follow-up email. Then send personal follow-up emails within a few days of returning from the event. Include a link for a free white paper, free e-book or other bonus item to get opt-in permission. Don’t automatically add everyone you met to your newsletter list without getting opt-in permission. You can get their opt-in by offering a ‘thank you’ bonus in your email like a free e-book or audio download and tracking the emails that accepted your offer.

Most importantly, follow up on the deals you started. Show your initiative by keeping things moving!

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Internet Marketing: three Profitable Steps Promote Your Site And Increase Traffic

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Website promotion is a vital area in internet marketing that you should learn to master immediately. Your website is your HQ on the web, and as such, should be made prominent at the soonest possible time. The more people who would know about your website, the more visitors you would have.

Increased web site traffic would mean more potential sales and an expanded customer base. Here are ten useful ways to increase the volume of traffic of your site:

1. Get Your Own Domain Name.

People will never forget catchy domain names. Getting your own domain name will provide familiarity and recall. Be sure to choose a short and easy to remember domain name that is appropriate to your business.

2. Upload New, Original and Useful Content.

Blatant ads such as banners and pop-ups only irritate visitors. Give them information they can’t find anywhere else, and give it to them for free. Always think benefits when posting a new article or feature. Thinking of ways to get your visitor what they want will establish respect and more importantly trust.

3. Submit Your Site to Search Engines.

Search engines bring more than 75% of traffic to most web sites. Search engine submissions means serious work. This involves search engine positioning and meta tag placements. It doesn’t end there because you need to test this with a number of search engine tools. This process involves constant monitoring of website competitors, and continuous
editing of pages.

4. Pay For Top Spots.

The best way to get website traffic without trying too hard would be through paid advertisements. These advertisements would be posted on prime locations or banners of websites. Popular websites like leading newspapers and search engines would provide immediate recognition and visibility to their customers. Of course this entails some substantial
advertising budget, but it is a good recourse for those who could afford it.

5. Form an Online Community.

An online community can be a message board, email groups, discussion list, and even a chat forum. Actively participate in these on-line groups by posting answers to other people’s questions and post appropriate information. Be visible and include your signature at the end of your postings. Maximize these special interest groups because people in online
communities get involved easily and are ready to communicate with others.

6. Start Your Own Mailing List.

It is the best way to keep in touch with your prospects and your customers. This is the best way to build the credibility needed to close a sale to your target market.

7. Start an E-Zine for Your Website.

An E-zine is an extension of your site, but this will highlight new information and features of your site. People will be reminded of your website as they read each issue. If they find they issue interesting or worth sharing, they can easily and instantly pass this on to the people within their network.

8. Submit Articles.

Write your own article and submit it to e-zines, websites and magazines that accept article submissions. Be sure to include your business and contact information and website address in the resource box.

9. Exchange Ads.

Create ads that will promote your business and website. Submit this to e-zines or other websites in exchange for free ad space in your own electronic publication. Your presence to other site or publications is very important in getting the increased traffic that you want. This is usually
facilitated with either simple links or flashy banners.

10. Update Your Website.

Your website should always be up and running. It is to your advantage if you maintain your website with new articles and updated features. Maintain a clean layout and check for broken links, images and pages. If they always find what they want and need, they will surely be coming back each time. Additionally, search engine spiders love a site with
changing content!

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How You Can Passively Enhance Your Customer Relationships

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We all know that building a relationship with customers is a very important part of constructing a profitable business. A number of bigger companies bend over backwards to be certain the clientele are happy, as they know making a client feel at home with you will mean they’ll purchase more. Having your buyers buy into you & really feel a deep connection with you should mean they’ll probably pick you over your competitor they don’t have a relationship with anytime it comes to them wanting the product your business supplies.

Forming relationships with people often means plenty of work and dragging hours for businesses though, & isn’t always carried out successfully by smaller businesses. One thing that small companies sometimes overlook is the automatic responder, a software program designed to contact your customer each time some action is made by them.

There are a lot of ways to utilize a autoresponder, however the technique I’m going to be revealing in this article continues to be notably valuable for a few of my businesses. To start with you’ll have to start up your own mailing list. You’ll also want to pre-write numerous announcements that you will then send to every one of your customers over a given amount of time. These information shouldn’t be time specific because different customers will be receiving them at varying times. Preferably they must be emails that contain handy information about what you are promoting, high-quality advice to do with your products or industry, and the occasional freebies. In short, all things that your customers would wish to hear about. Once finished you put these emails in your automatic responder and program another one to be sent to anyone which joins your mailing list each week. This means when ever somebody signs up to your email list they’ll end up being sent a different message from your company each week automatically without you personally having to be there to lift a muscle. You have to present an excellent level of quality in these messages your viewers will begin to believe in you & keep you in the front of their mind.

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Tips to send the perfect email marketing

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Sending out the perfect bulk email is not really possible but it is important to do everything you can to ensure that your message gets through and has the best impact possible. Making sure your email marketing software allows you to customise the subject line and from line is key to making sure more people read your message.

The From line

Assuming that you have followed anti-spam advice then the recipient will see your email presented on his inbox and will read the From line. This is arguably the most important factor in whether the email is opened or immediately deleted. Most people, and I include myself in this and probably you as well, need reasons to open an email so just making it look unlike spam is not sufficient.

Protection systems often perform a ‘reverse look up’ to identify the sender and those with a bad reputation or which are unidentifiable are frowned upon.

As you will be sending your email marketing only to those who have opted in to receive them, they will be expecting them so it is good practice to show in the From line just who you are.

The Subject line

This should be seen as a free marketing tool. You have just 45 characters to capture the recipient’s interest and stop their finger from hitting the delete key.

Words and phrases likely to score highly on a spam filter will probably give a low opening rate as well. So using the word FREE, with or without one or more of the most abused punctuation marks in the English language, “!”s, are to be avoided.

It is excellent practice to personalise the Subject line, directing the email to a specific person and including their title. This indicates to the recipient that they are aware of the source and, of course, is one thing that spammers cannot do.

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