Feel Free in the Real Sense of the Word with Anonymous Text Messaging

Apr 30th, 2012 by admin in email marketing tips

If you are an avid movie goer, you must have watched umpteen melodramas involving the lead characters in a dilemma to express themselves before each other. It was very much an issue in yesteryears to express oneself freely, as one faced the threat of an aversive counter response. However, thanks to advent of Internet and then prevalence of services to send anonymous text has eliminated the issue for today’s generation forever.

Nowadays, if something is bothering you and you wish to speak your mind but fear repercussions, you can always send anonymous text by email or phone. There are umpteen sites out there that provide the service of sending anonymous text for you for a nominal fee or no cost at all. These sites assure to keep your identity a secret as they send your message across.

You can send your message by email by providing the email address of the person whom you wish to contact. You can send anonymous text over the phone upon providing the other person’s mobile phone number. You can also send USPS post to the physical address of the person you wish to communicate with, without revealing your identity to the other person, thanks to the feature service.

You could not have felt freer to speak your mind — complain openly, bitch eagerly, and confess bitterly – the best part is that you can say it all and yet remain anonymous, as if it was someone else. You can come out in the open against faltering authorities or bad governance without any fear of being penalized. You can also use the feature service for light entertainment, like send anonymous text to play a prank or exchange jokes between strangers through anonymous text.

Nonetheless, the service must not be used irresponsibly, ever. Any attempt to misuse the facility by sending illegal, threatening, obscene or obnoxious messages may invite serious action. Like the service provider may block you from using the facility anymore. The service provider may even give away your true identity to the aggrieved receiver so that he/ she may take necessary action to punish you.

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