Maximum Data Protection With Email Continuity Services

Apr 27th, 2012 by admin in email marketing tips

Outages can cost your company a great deal, especially if your office e-mail is not properly secured by data recovery and protection systems. You don’t need to worry about this any longer simply because email continuity services are now available for you.

It would be extremely tough to find a company right now that does not use e-mail as the main mode of correspondence. From the food business to the newest IT equipmentmanufacturing facilities, e-mail is a widely used method of interaction involving personnel, clients, and customers.

In a typical company, numerous outbound and inbound mail are exchanged each day and any disturbance or outages will cripple any company for hours and even days to weeks. For numerous business owners, this situation is entirely unacceptable. Outages are sometimes inevitable, but losing crucial information due to this might be prevented using an email continuity service that you can get for your own offices.

Outages can set you back for several days and also a few months. Here are a number of problems that both you and your personnel will experience unless you have email continuity installed on your office systems.

1. During a downtime, you’ll miss out on your employees’ mails for you if you have not installed an email continuity service for your system. This has an effect on worker productiveness and means significantly less income for you, particularly if the inbound mail sent to you was time-sensitive and would require you to come to a decision right away.

2. Clients, along with customers, would have a difficult time reaching you or any personnel. Your reliability is very important in the business world and attached to it is your good reputation, therefore it is essential that you safeguard your good reputation by staying reachable at all times. An email continuity system prevents any negative impression once your client’s or customer’s email bounces back to him or her.

Many transactions are actually completed on the web, such as bill payment, booking, and fund transfer. Some of these are performed via e-mail, so obtaining email continuity for data backup would prevent you from losing information from any disruption.

3. Anything can happen in a city or a workplace, from terrorism to disasters to the normal outages that IT equipment and systems are often vulnerable to. If these scenarios happen, it will always be best that your data are stashed and protected by means of systems such as these.

4. During downtimes, personnel may often turn to using web-based e-mail systems that can be possibly unsafe channels for sensitive information to pass through. This practice is very risky, especially for information that can put your company and your information regarding financial transactions in danger.

The best email continuity service can provide clients with automatic activation when a downtime occurs. Additionally it is integrated into the organization’s primary email systems for quicker, easier access. Many providers also do not set restrictions on mailbox size and there is no need to pay for new hardware.

An email continuity system is a powerful way to correspond with your staff and your clients, even during situations that can cause an outage. It is also a secure way to store all your important information and eliminate the risk of losing inbound mail information to unscrupulous people. Information protection during outages is now essential and feasible through these email continuity systems.

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