Email Archiving Essential for More Than Just Recovery

Aug 19th, 2012 by admin in email marketing tips

While it doesn’t seem very sexy, email archiving can mean the difference between a business staying afloat and sinking under the weight of a lost lawsuit, lost IP or worse. It seems so mundane and so ordinary but email archiving is one of the most important things that an email management professional can do.

Imagine that everything that a business did was open and transparent. There’d be no ability to innovate as just as soon as something was thought of, everyone else could see it and copy it instantly. Walls and doors might as well not exist and brainstorms would be a waste of time as everyone would have access to everything ever conceived. This is not the world we live in but in a sense it is. Why – Because of data leaks from within the corporation exposing sensitive documents to third parties.

Data leaks are caused when an employee sends sensitive company information outside the company. This happens often for the most innocent of reasons such as wanting to continue working on something outside office hours or wanting to get more work done on a project from home. When this happens for less than innocent reasons, companies can stand to lose hundreds of thousands in lost intellectual property (IP) and worse. Data leak is a serious issue happening all the time but how do you prove it?

One of the reasons for having a robust corporate firewall is to ensure viruses are kept out and often users chafe under the restrictions placed on them, disabling popular sites such as Facebook, Gmail and others. Most feel this is to punish them and prevent them from taking a few minutes break checking on friends but there is a more serious reason – to ensure all communications are stored on the email archive system and preserved.

email archivingis important for a number of reasons and many of them legal. While email archives enable continuity of email service in a server down situation, it also ensures all communications about contract negotiations, IP and more is logged and stored in a compliant way. When issues around loss of IP work, inappropriate communications or worse come up, it is the email archive which can save the day and help prove the guilt or innocence of the involved parties.

A good email management system can be implemented on a server other than the mail server, to ensure if that server goes down there is a backup. It can also help ensure that sensitive reports, contracts and more are safely stored and all revisions of a document are preserved in case of dispute. A good email archive can help prevent problems and solve them when they arise at any level. Despite all this, email archiving solutions aren’t sees as the essential item they truly are.

Email archiving is essential for businesses. No longer just a “nice to have”, it can easily make the difference between a business continuing to operate and them going under due to lost IP, lawsuits or worse.

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