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Use a Pre-designed Template

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Designing an HTML email that renders properly with all email clients can be tricky and extremely time consuming. Trying to follow all the rules for optimal delivery can also be a daunting task. So, why create an email from scratch when it has already been created for you? Using an extremely flexible, thoroughly tested email template can be the fastest and safest way to produce an effective promotional email or marketing newsletter.

When designing websites you only need to test the copy on a small handful of browsers. This is not the case with HTML email messages. There are dozens of different email clients that all display HTML messages differently. Using a template that has been thoroughly tested to render properly in all major email programs eliminates the need for redundant testing.

Pre-designed templates can also follow design rules geared for maximum inbox delivery. Email filters look for certain characteristics common with spam. Messages with an image to text balance, proper use of HTML coding, and a clean organized look will almost always receive favorable delivery.

Of course, pre-built templates may not meet the needs of all email marketers, so if you are creating a message from scratch or you have an established template, here are a couple of key points to follow:

• Keep your HTML code simple. Use a table based layout with inline styles, and always specify margins and spacing, so the email client does not make them up.
• Your HTML portion of the content should have a nice balance of text and images. If your content is only one big image or series of images it is likely to be filtered as spam, or ineffective to recipients who block images. A good rule of thumb is to keep messages at about 60 percent text and 40 percent graphics.
• Always use the “alt” attribute for images. This is useful for people with images turned off.
• You should also include a text version of the message for recipients who view their email on older mobile devices.
• The key is to send only relevant content that offers value to your recipients. Long messages or messages filled with a heavy sales pitch are often ignored or marked as spam.

Content design is a key component to email marketing, so it should not be taken lightly. Just dropping in a flyer and hitting send will rarely yield the best results. Using a pre-designed template offers an easy effective way to build a successful email marketing campaign.

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Louis Chatoff is the Deliverability and Compliance Manager for EZ Publishing, Inc., the creator of the StreamSend Email Marketing service. StreamSend specializes in helping companies and organizations harness the power of permission-based email marketing promotions and email newsletters.


7 Tips for making co registration advertising work for you

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How do you get your newsletter to stand out on a co registration page filled with other newsletter offers?

Well, that’s the question I will answer for you here today.

So without further ado, here you go.

1. Why should they sign up for your newsletter?

You need to answer this question for your potential subscriber. They need a reason to sign up for your newsletter and not the other 5 or 6 offers that might be on the same page.

A good idea here is to look for ways to make your newsletter stand out. Forget about using things like capital letters highlighting etc.

Here you need to make your words count.

2. Copy counts.

Keep your web copy short. Think of your co registration ad as a mini billboard. Use short words, short sentences. Short one syllable words work best.

Keep the 4 line rule in mind as well. That is, try to make your copy under 4 lines.

3. Freebie

Are you offering a free subscription?

Then let them no that.

Please do not assume that your potential subscriber already knows that.

4. Dangle a carrot.

Give them a bonus for signing up to your newsletter.

It can be a free report, a free white paper, a free case study or whatever…

However remember to assign a dollar value to your bonus. It will be perceived much better in the mind of your potential subscriber if they know that they would have had to pay extra for it but now they don’t.

5. Use proven direct response copy rules

Forget about using words like we and our and instead plug in words like you and your.

Another tip is to get rid of the passive voice and instead use the active voice.

You can make sure that you’re using the active voice by simply placing active verbs in with your words. Words like get, subscribe, join..etc.

6. Use Questions to grab attention,

Start your co registration ad off with a question.

Ex. “Want to know how to build your affiliate subscriber list really fast”

Then follow it up with 2-3 lines of copy.

7. Test your ad copy

Make sure you test your copy. One headline will sometimes work a hundred times better than another one. But the only way for you to find out is by testing it.

I hope that you found these tips to be helpful.

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Did you find those tips useful? You can learn a lot more about how co-registration leads can help you build an opt in list fast by clicking here.


Install good SMTP Mail Server Software and see your e-mails flying

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Have you ever given a thought how the mails you send reaches its designated address? Or how e-mails addressed to you come to your inbox? All this is possible due to the SMTP servers that are hosted somewhere. With a good SMTP server, sending and receiving mails becomes faster and easier. Different kinds of SMTP Mail Server Software can also be installed so that the mail delivery and receiving becomes smoother and faster. The traditional SMTP servers are now being replaced by ISP blocks that enable speed in mail deliveries, be it receiving or sending e-mails.
E-mail marketing today has become a common mode of marketing. This type of a marketing effort helps in targeting a large base in a small effort. In this, bulk emails are sent out to various people. The better the functions and efficiency of the SMTP servers, the faster the mails are delivered to their destinations. All servers have a definite capacity and when the capacity is saturated, emails refuse to be sent or become very slow. Thus SMTP servers with a high capacity are required nowadays. Installing a SMTP Mail Server Software also helps in this.
The best SMTP servers will provide excellent services. Some of the features of a good SMTP Mail Server are as follows:
• Differentiated Sending – SMTP servers with a good SMTP Mail Server Software will enhance differentiated email sending and delivery. You will be at the liberty of optimizing and adjusting connections, timeouts, speed and routing options per domain. All these are done in accordance to the policies and preferences of the ISP.

• Live updates – The high deliverability SMTP servers will help you in getting live updates. Domain policies keep on changing from time to time. If you have a reliable SMTP Mail Server Software, you will be able to keep your system updated with such policies. The policies also include things like bounce filter definitions and domain throttling configurations.

• Virtual Routing – Reliable SMTP servers will help in virtual routing. If you have a high-volume email list and large numbers of e-mail marketing emails, you have high chances of being blocked by the server and will be marked spam. So you have the option of separating the regular mails from these high volume mail lists. Spam filters also help in keeping the inbox safe and clean.

• Authentication – Various authentication standards are being adopted by the various ISPs. Efficient SMTP servers will take care that these standards are followed. You can improve your e-mail delivery with standards like SPF, Sender ID and Domain Keys/DKIM.
It is very important to select the right SMTP mail server software for yourself. Such software will provide a lot of authenticity and speed to your mail deliveries. Most of such software has the option of serving innumerable users and domains. Not only that, advance virus filtering and spam prevention is also an inclusive part of such mail server software. Such software are easy to manage and install and will provide better SMTP service to you.

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Are Your Employees As Productive As They Would Have You Believe?

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In this day and age, most companies have computers with Internet access. If you have employees using the Internet for personal use, this can create a big problem for you. You may not want your employees using company equipment for their own use but could be in a situation where you haven’t found a way to effectively manage this policy. Perhaps you’ve already had problems that you want to prevent from recurring.

If you have a policy that allows staff to only surf personally during lunchtimes and/or breaks, you might want to ensure that this is all they are doing and that work periods remain productive. Or, if you have employees that submit overtime hours for pay, you might want to be sure that during that overtime, there is absolutely no personal surfing happening. You also may need to determine what is happening on your network in order to protect company proprietary information and protect against security threats.

Instilling a company wide policy on Internet usage is very important for legal reasons but it can be hard to police if you need to leave the Internet open to searches for company reasons. Some companies have all non-company related programs blocked. Others cannot do this because their employees may need to access some programs or websites due to the nature of the business.

One way to determine exactly what your employees are doing is to install computer surveillance software. There are several options for this. Programs can provide you with all the details you need to keep your company at peak proficiency. If there are employees doing things that they shouldn’t with company resources or during company time, this will tell you. You can find out what websites are visited, how long your employees spend their and what information is sent and received on their computers. You can determine if they’re using time and resources paid by you to chat, play video games or send out information that’s proprietary.

You can run this software discreetly in the background. This information can also be used to determine when to reward very productive employees as well. You can easily do this yourself without technical knowledge and can remove it at will quite easily. Whether you’re suspicious of behavior or just want to find a way to proactively manage what’s happening, this can be an excellent way for you to have a bird’s eye view of your staff’s behavior without the appearance of micro managing them.

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Best Landing Page: How NOT to Design a Page for your Online Business

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As a rule of thumb, designing the best landing page for your business will make you money. For this reason, you should do everything that you can not only to design a good one, but to churn out the most effective page that you can produce. While this may seem like a complicated task, online business owners can easily design their own landing pages and generate more business. Here is a rundown of the most common mistakes that designers often commit in their efforts to make the most effective page for their business.
First, avoid settling for just a single page. If you are planning to use the best landing page for your cause, then you should use different variants for different areas of your business. When it comes to designing pages that will fetch you buckets and buckets of money, there is no one-stop approach that you can use. Since you will be using these parts of your site to capture people’s attention and to convince them to buy your products and services, you need to design these pages in such a way that they will appeal to your potential customers. Design individual landing pages for every single one of your offerings, if possible, in order to make your readers feel more interested with what you are selling.
Next, avoid skipping between selling styles, if possible. The secret to designing the best landing page lies on being consistent with your message and the way that you appeal to your audience. Decide whether you are better off using testimonials or reviews. Avoid using these two styles alongside each other for they will confuse your readers, despite the fact that the main purpose of these two styles is to sell a product. Choose one and make sure that you commit to it.
Finally, do not take your reader’s visual needs for granted. As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. The best landing page will capture the market’s attention by including images and visual cues that will reinforce the best characteristics of the products and services on offer. For this reason, make sure that you include flattering and appealing pictures of your products on your main page, and on the individual landing pages that you will use to sell them. This will give your potential clients an idea of what they are going to get when they do business with you.

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Making the Most of E-Marketing Strategy

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For any business, old or new, marketing is an important aspect. With the number of people turning to the Internet for information as well as access to services and products that can be bought online, e-marketing strategies for every company are a must. An e-marketing strategy works towards promoting a brand on the Internet. There are several ways in which this can be achieved, the basic idea being to promote sales. Some of the fundamentals you need to have in place are an easy-to-navigate site, great graphics and interesting text. This is what will determine whether your viewer chooses to read more or navigate away.

There are some basics to a good e-marketing strategy. The first is implementing the principles of search engine optimization. There are a number of people who key in words into search engines looking for information. Your site and your content needs to be optimized or rather used in such a way to ensure that you are featured at the top of search engine finds. There are several sites that will offer you assistance on the finding the right keyword phrases and terms to use.

Email is an important part of marketing online. You can use this means to send updates in the form of mails, electronic direct mailers (EDMs) as well as newsletters. This method has a proven track record since most people interested in services of any kind, opt to receive such updates. Advertising online has also been found to have a substantial profit value. You can place advertisements on search engine sites or others that promote products/services like yours. You can also develop an Internet affiliation program that will allow you to spread your market net.

Online newsletters are also a great way to disseminate information about your services. All forms of business have their own newsletters that allow customers to keep abreast of all that is going on with them. This is a great way to keep in touch with existing clients as well as pave the way for new ones. While an email campaign is not time bound, a newsletter is and that ensures that there is regular information and updates going about.

Being a part of media rooms online is a simple way of ensuring that a vast majority of people hear about you and what you have to offer. The social media too has become a great way to spread information and personalize information going out to people. The best part about social media is that you will be able to gauge the interest levels of people by the number that actually follow you.

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Welcome to Web marketing assistant, an official profile of Jeremy marcelino, offering easy way for the development and implementation of e-marketing strategy. Organize and monitor the Development of e-marketing Web sites.


Setting targets in email marketing

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It is the dreaded job in email marketing. How on earth do you know what the target should be? If the results comfortably exceed it then you set it too low. Fail to hit it and no matter how well the campaign went it will be seen as a failure. And you know who they will blame.

So what should you choose? More money would be sensible but that probably won’t get past your boss. What about 5% or maybe 10%? But then spreadsheets make the ease of whole numbers rather redundant so why not opt for a figure that might give the appearance that you came by it scientifically: 7.38%? Now that would impress anyone.

In essence, the way you measure the success of a campaign should support your marketing ethos. So more than a previous campaign or better than your competitors. Everything else is window dressing. What it most certainly is not is a way to reassure you.

We are back to the original question: what should the target be?

Look at it from the other end and find out what returns you get. There are six specific figures:

• The number of emails sent

• The number received

• The number opened

• The number of click-throughs

• The number of forms completed or items sold

• The number of new subscribers and those who have ticked the unsubscribe box

It is fair to say that these are the basics of course and that email marketing software will give you an in-depth analysis, but they are more than adequate to enable you to set a worthwhile target, or rather targets.

Let us go briefly through the headings with the obvious exception of the first.

You might think that there is little you can do about bounces: the address either exists or it does not. However, a sudden significant change in the figures should be investigated.

The open rate is the first hurdle. Although it is vital to sort out problems, because there are so few parameters by which the email is judged it is one of the easiest to address.

If they have opened the email and done nothing more there is, obviously, something wrong with the design or the offer.

If they have clicked-through and you have then lost them then the landing page should be looked at with some degree of trepidation. They have shown an interest and then they have shaken their heads. The areas you have to study are limited.

The number of those who have done just what you wanted them to then has to be compared to the various other totals.

Subscribes and unsubscribes to your email lists should always be monitored closely. Any change to the norm should be scrutinised.

We now have numbers, very precise and meaningful ones, but they are wasted if they are not used as the tools they most patently are. You can now set a number of specific targets for subsequent email campaigns, ones that not only can be measured but will indicate what aspects can be worked on and if any changes or initiatives were worthwhile.

All your planning problems are answered in the statistics.

About the Author

Breanna Cameron is a freelance author who has vast knowledge in email marketing and email lists. For more information on email marketing, please visit: http://www.wizemail.co.uk


With Full-Service SEO Package WORTH?

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If you looked at the bet menu nose SEO company that you were probably shocked at least once a full “bundle of services listed right after the more affordable SEO services costs. No wonder, too, Ka tie packages to run up thousands of dollars – clearly more tn you intended to spend. But the fact is, many people do use tie packages, high prices and other visas. Is a full service SEO packages Be war idea for you lot?

What is the package?

As shown by the name of the pats, filled with “SEO packages are tie bids INTERNET Trade Company, which will give you the visa kompleksa SEO Services. This is a” set meal “SEO services, in contrast to the typical TN” ala carte “system to receive services at a time. So why receive packets in the first place?

It has been proven time and again that the use of optimization techniques, along with other duos you much better results as they open tn separately. More methods for you to combine your SEO strategy, better and faster results bus nec REFERENCES each channel near Holiday effectiveness. Visa services seo packages to produce that your site exposure, multiplied by one SEO technique results by using other crowd.

Visas’ packages usually solve your sites optimization at many levels, ranging from the most basic tie. This includes the analysis of the current site, the measurement of pre-competitive and optimize the content that might already exist. Off-site marketing techniques like SEO copywriting and Creating Squidoo lens ook pat is the inclusion of Standard Visa “service package. Regular reports and performance analysis for standard Be the newer package.

If you receive a Full-Service?

If you are serious about using SEO on your site, a full service SEO package is really the idea of ​​war in the bus. Whether your long-com site is newly created, large and comprehensive SEO package will give you a much needed increase its search engine. And remember that your competitors are going to have access to your SEO Services opportunities REFERENCES road approach, as a full “bundle of services to help you keep up the pace from – maybe the net to take the initiative.

Of course, your full of “service provider ook pat package should be seriously considered. Trade Internet company that will provide services should be more able tn all the tasks involved, and it’s very long list. For the full” bundle of services, you’d be better to deal directly issues with the professional SEO company to replace you freelance outfits. The company has several pro SEO professionals working pagal them, so you really better products.

Real masters usually see their own payments for Visa “service packages not only as a cost, but it is a good investment in my site. After all, it’s unlikely that your site is the bus to go anywhere to be SEO and Visa package is simply the most effective way to do this. Coach you get better results in less time, what more could you want?

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The art of writing an email signature

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Most of you suffer from email signature problems. It is very important to have a proper email signature in order to impress your email recipients. If you have a long formatted signature, it may be a rather challenging experience for the receiver of your email to locate your contact details. Not only would this free signature work in hurting your professional reputation, but in case it is full of unnecessary bulk, it may work in distracting the receiver.

There are a number of ways that will help you to format your free email-signature. You can follow these steps to gift yourself an email signature, that is, at the same time, both professional as well as informative.

* Keep your signature as concise as possible. Make sure that all essential information is contained in it. Usually four lines are regarded as standard in any free email-signature.
* Try and fit all your essential information in a few lines. You can make use of colons (::)or pipes(|) in order to separate text.
* Remember that it is best to make use of simple text. So it is better to skip color, special font and graphics in a free signature.
* Make use of an accepted signature delimiter in order to help recognition by email clients.
* It is important to be very careful about HTML formatting.
* You can test your email signature with your email clients, especially in case you are making use of HTML formatting.
* Optimize your logo as well as other graphics, upload files in a server, and make use of absolute URL links.
* You can also make use of a email-signature service for specific formatting requirements or if you would like to incorporate graphics or any other design element in your signature.
* Instead of hyperlinks, make use of written URLs in order to ensure the link goes through the sent message option.
* It is better to avoid the usage of multiple numbers and email ids. Instead, pick out your contact preferences and include 1 or 2 of them.
* You can include only your Skype account information and IM details if you wish to be contacted by people who come across your message.
* Include links to social media profile only if it is appropriate.
* Update it on mobile device if you would like to use it frequently for sending messages.

If you can follow these steps for free email signature, you would be able to win you a large base of clients.

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You can use free email signature to add a bit of personal information along with the email. Click here to know more about email stationery and “>gmail signature.


Article Marketing For List Building – The Right Way

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Article marketing is a great tool that can certainly bring enormous benefits to your business address. This not only allows you to establish your authority in your field and help improve the ranking of your page, but can also be used as a tool for creating the actual list. What I mean is that you can use your articles to reach your potential customers to join its list of email marketing so you can communicate with them later and follow up to what we can get them to buy products and services you sell. To make this process work for your benefit, you must make sure that you’ll do the process right. Here’s how you can do the following:

The first thing to do is get your target market to view your items. This will happen if we talk about something that seems interesting or useful. When you choose your topics, it is best if you stay with problems, problems, interests and concerns of these people. Be sure to write about what is closely related to the theme of your site / blog and the product that you are selling. You don’t want to talk about “false labor” when you’re selling different type of digital cameras. These issues will not serve their purpose. To find the topics that your potential customers are looking for, I recommend you do keyword research and surveys in the forums and blogs that are popular with potential customers.

Earn their trust. The next step is to gain the trust of readers. This is very important to increase your chances of them getting to the resource box later. How it works? You can start giving them to understand where they come, especially if you talk about their problems. This will get them to like you. Then put them in a relaxed mode by writing your articles using colloquial, friendly tone. Continue to convince them that you have a thorough knowledge that can be used. Offer them a solution to their current problems, provide them with service-depth information on areas of interest and provides a more illuminating answer to burning questions. The idea is to give those people reasons to believe that you have what it takes to help them.

Tell them the benefits of enrolling in the list. Once you’ve got these people to read your articles and click on the resource box, send them to your landing page where they will find a bullet list of all the reasons why they should sign with you. Give evidence that you are better or at least one of the best in their field and guarantee that you will never share contact information with others without your permission. It also helps if you offer them something that can be downloaded in short format eBooks and newsletters. Tell them they can expect to receive more than once when you have their email.

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