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MAKE TEXT MESSAGING EASIER – "Thumbs" Everywhere Breathe a Sigh of Relief

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LiquidShark.com, who offers “Easy Solutions for your personalized email, website, hosting, podcasting, & blogging needs!,” offers a new enhancement to its Web-based email product–short message service (SMS) integration, also called text-messaging service. The new feature lets subscribers to LiquidShark.com’s Web-based email instantly send text messages, as well as standard email.

With the texting feature in LiquidShark.com’s Webmail, moms can instantly send reminder emails to kids and text them at the same time so they don’t forget homework. Sports fans can catch the latest scores and chide their friends who are at the game. All of this from your desktop–which means no clumsy thumbing in messages on your wireless phone anymore.

Here’s how it works: LiquidShark.com customers can access their Web-based email accounts as they always have, but now a drop-down menu gives an option to select email only, text message only or both. A simple cell phone field in the user’s address book drives the feature. In addition, LiquidShark.com includes a function that allows users to keep within the 160 character limit required by cell phone carriers for text messages.

David Butler, President of LiquidShark.com, is just blown away by this new technology his company just introduced. “We just released this instant messaging software and a few days later I start receiving texts from my father. He was so excited that he now could get me no matter where I am in the world.” This technology definately is ideal for families, business, corporations and the everyday person.

For more information about LiquidShark’s email product, visit http://www.liquidshark.com

About LiquidShark.com
LiquidShark, Inc. is the owner of the website http://www.LiquidShark.com. The website provides domain registration, hosting, blog, and website solutions to the public. David Butler serves as president of this corporation and can be reached at davidbutler@liquidshark.com with any questions concerning this release.

www.liquidshark.comĀ© 2007 LiquidShark, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


David Butler
(435) 514-9330

About the Author

David H. Butler has been consulting on internet commerce since the mid-1990′s. He writes for various sources on web promotion, online marketing, hosting, domain registration and linking. The advice and commentary he has distributed is regarded as “expert advice written for the benefit of the readers.” His professional experience includes several high-level executive positions at Sony Corp., Merrill Lynch, and UBS Financial. He current


Two Markets to Target for Real Estate Referrals

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Most agents would love to have a profitable business supported entirely by referrals but building and maintaining contact with a large database of past clients takes ingenuity, some work and the right Web focus.

Think of Your Website as a Tool

Instead of thinking of your Website as some kind of magical collection of html pages that might somehow drop buyers in your lap, think of it as a tool to help you build a massive database of potential referrals.

Do Not Ignore Email

Remember, email is an Internet marketing strategy too and a pretty darned good one. For those of you who can remember back before the Internet direct mail was a very effective marketing strategy for those who used it well. Today, snail mail is pretty expensive and should only be used in specific cases. Instead, think Email. Now, you can email your message to 1000 people or 10,000 people at no cost. The trick is, of course, to collect all those email addresses and then keep in touch with them on a regular basis with a meaningful and helpful message.

Your Real Estate Web Design Tool

Naturally you are going to want to include on your Website all the usual things that buyers and seller have come to expect. However, just about everybody with a Website manages to do that. What you need to do is make sure your Website–this tool–is a powerful collector of Email addresses. In order to entice visitors to give you their name and email address, you have to make very good offers. Your offers can include some of the offers used on most other real estate Web designs, but if that is all that you do, you will not get very far.

Some Interesting Offers

Offering to provide folks with automatic email updates of new listings as they come on the market is not exclusive but it is very important and you should include this offer on your site. If you have a custom IDX this will undoubtedly be build into the search function on your site. But you want to go beyond this. Think about offering updates of recent sales. All homeowners want to know what homes in their neighborhood have sold for. This is true whether they are thinking of selling or not. Another idea might be to restructure the old, stale FREE CMA offer. Think of this in modern, Internet terms if you want to excite the modern, Internet oriented audience. In addition, there is nothing wrong with the tried and true newsletter as long as you keep it modern and relevant and avoid canned content. Would it not be embarrassing if the people you are trying to win over receive the identical newsletter from two or three of your competitors?

Promote Your Website

Once you know your goal, which is to build a monster database and keep in touch relentlessly, the name of the game is to promote your Website any which way you can. Certainly use SEO to get top search engine placement in the free section. Consider paid placement as well but do not forget to send out flyers to all homes in a certain radius of any listing you take or any sale you make. Re-think Refrigerator magnets that remind folks they can find recent sales data on your Website. Stop focusing on how great you are and how experienced you are and instead focus on their needs and interests and how you not only can but are meeting them.

About the Author

Noel Markham, MA
To get your Web design, planning and marketing needs met visit {a href=http://www.sellrealestate.net/FreeWebPlan.asp/>http://www.sellrealestate.net/FreeWebPlan.asp/.


Best practices for Email Marketing

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Best practices for e-mail marketing

Business use of email has increased dramatically the past 2 years, with many workers checking their email constantly throughout the day. A study from the Gartner Group showed that 42% of users check their business e-mail even while on vacation, and 23% check it on weekends. During the workweek, 32% check their e-mail constantly throughout the day, and 53% check their e-mail six or more times a day. This is the good news.

The bad news is estimates that by 2005 the average e-mail recipient will receive 1,600 commercial e-mail messages, as well as 4,000 other e-mails in their inbox. How do marketers cut through the clutter?

Success factors:

Obtain permission

Permission boosts response rates. Give the client the perception that they are in control of the messages they are receiving.

Target your messages

Not only do you generate better response for the initial mailing, it builds credibility with clients so that they will read future e-mail. The main point is to avoid e-mail fatigue.

Deliver value

Whether sending content or promotional info, don’t send fluff. Make sure your copy is well written.

Use personalization

Where possible segment your list and personalize according to your client’s profile, to add personalization beyond simply addressing them by name. For example, if you have five types of clients, use “dynamic personalization” to customize your feature/benefit points to the client (e.g. Law Librarians vs. Legal Secretaries).

Monitor and limit quantity and frequency of mailings

General guide for frequency is one email message a month to stay in the client’s mind, and max once every two weeks. This guideline is only for marketing email, and doesn’t include other customer service or confirmation emails you might be sending. Other factors impact your client’s tolerance, such as the level of relationship they have with you, how many other marketing communications they receive through mail, advertising, etc. If you can’t control other messages, at least be aware of the risk of email fatigue, and keep those messages targeted!

Fitting E-Mail into your Marketing Mix

Speed, ease of response, and cheap production costs make e-mail ideal for:

customer relationship communications (e.g. a newsletter)
testing offers
relationship-building customer service e-mails
product/service updates
It can also really boost response when used in conjunction with your other communication vehicles, such as PR, advertising, postal mail, or telemarketing. Email excels in offering levels of personalization and segmentation that can be cost-prohibitive with print.

Comparison of E-Mail vs. Postal Direct Mail

Strengths of e-mail:

Speed of response – find out how your campaign is doing within hours instead of weeks
Reduced production time
Increased testing capabilities
Personalization opportunities
Potentially more cost-effective than print
Ability to track every single action and tie it back to a single user
Ability to increase campaign reach through forwarded email (tell-a-friend or viral marketing)
Can create dialogue with your customer
Easiest and quickest way to get customers to come to your site to fill in your database (vs. collecting paper forms and business reply cards).

Weaknesses or Differences:

Up to 50-80% of response is generated within 48 hours and up to 90% within a week. Compare to postal campaigns where it can take two months to receive 85% of response, with peak response typically in week three and four. However, some marketers are finding customers hanging on to their emails, especially newsletters, and generating up to 20% of their responses two to four months later.

Like postal mail, a targeted, opt-in list is the key to response, but seems even more important with email. Whereas postal campaigns one can argue the importance of list, offer and creativity is balanced, with email it is still weighted to your list and offer. With the increase of spam, expect your customers and subscribers to demand better creativity to cut through the clutter. Bad creativity can kill response. Read on for details.

Planning your email campaign

Just as important as the actual email and offer itself, you need to plan the following:

Landing Page

Where do you want recipients to go when they get your email? Do you need to design a landing page?

If you are designing a specific campaign, then, yes, you want to create a landing page for them that reinforce the offer and encourage them to close an appointment. Coordinate your landing page with your email, i.e. use the same design, wording, etc. Continue the copy started in your email. Repeat the promotion and your call to action.


Where will replies be sent? Who will respond to them? What questions could be answered in the email instead of making clients ask for information?

Forwarding messages

Is there any information in the email that could not be forwarded to a recipient – e.g. a special offer only for that group of clients? If so, be sure any specifics are covered in the email.

Bouncebacks and Undeliverables

Every email campaign generates undeliverable mail. A soft bounce is when the address is good, but is getting bounced back by the recipient’s mail server because it is too busy or the mailbox is full. If you are using a service provider to send the email campaign, they usually allow for four tries over 48 hours and then consider the email undeliverable.

A hard bounce is when the recipient’s mail server responds that the user is no longer at that address or is unknown at that domain.

A service provider will flag these addresses as undeliverable and not mail them (so you do not incur mailing fees). A download of these addresses should be taken to update the internal database. If the client warrants the cost, a call out or postcard requesting an updated email address can be sent.


Do not miss an opportunity to test an element of your campaign in order to understand how your customers respond to email. Don’t base results only on clickthroughs (unless it’s just an awareness campaign). Base your results on final actions, which are usually sales.

These are just some of the things you can test:

Subject line
Creative: tone, content, copy length, layout
HTML vs. Text
Landing pages – layout, copy
Time of day/week – for B2B generally this has proven to be Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 10am-11am. For consumers you may find a spike in the evenings and if you email Fridays or on weekends.
Test email vs. print, email in conjunction with print.
Email as part of initial sales cycle instead of phone or print. Find out when a customer needs to talk to a human being.

Email formats


Text email must be in ASCII format, and preferably 65 characters per line. This means no bold, no underline, etc. For formatting it’s very restrictive, but with some imagination you can create a layout that’s easy to scan and read.

URLs within a text email must be on their own line for them to work properly as a hotlink. Don’t forget to include the full URL with “http”, e.g.: http://www.abccompany.com/landing_page to make sure all email programs will display your URLs as a clickable hotlink.

What you need to know about HTML

Depending on your audience, 50-90% of subscribers today can read HTML. Consumers are more likely than business customers to be able to read html, due to corporate measures to lower bandwidth requirements and exposure to viruses.

HTML can increase response rates by up to 50%. HTML for Business-to-Business has gone in and out of favour, but is generally now preferred. The only way to know is to either offer your subscribers a choice of formats or test it.

Key issues:

Not everyone can read HTML, so if you are sending HTML you also want to create a text message. Most email marketing software programs can send a multi-part message with a bit of code that ‘sniffs’ what email program they are using and delivers the appropriate version, either text or HTML.

Message size should be kept low, preferably under 35k to ensure quick loading speed. Graphics are actually stored on the marketer’s server, so the delivered message only includes the HTML code. But extensive use of colour, formatting and graphics all add code which increase message size. Some corporations will block messages over a certain size.

In some situations, customers prefer text, even if they can read html. It’s nice to offer the choice if possible.

Creative Elements of a Promotional Email Campaign

The following elements are all part of the design the email for your campaign and should be considered during planning and creative production.

Subject line

Your subject line not only drives or depresses response rates, but can be used to set the tone of your email to solicit a desired action. For example, a simple relationship-building message from an online retailer saying thank you to customers before the holiday buying season had the same content, but 2 subject lines. They each generated similar clickthrough numbers, but look at the difference in conversion rate:

“Thanks, June” – virtually no sales

“June, we’re open if you are” – double the sales

Why? The first created a passive environment where the recipient didn’t need to do anything, whereas the second implied an invitation to visit the store, encouraging “the shopper within” to come and browse.

Sender address

The actual email address from which your campaign is sent. If you are using a third party email marketing service provider (also called an ASP-application service provider) and have not set up a sub domain for them to use, you will see their domain name.

For example, if you are using an agency or service provider, the Sender and From address displays as:

ABC Company [ABCCompany@agency.provider.com]

If your budget permits, set up your own domain to enforce the brand and the trust it generates, eg:

ABC Company [info@abc.com]

“From” display address

In your email program, this is whom the recipient sees the email is from. You can select to display a formal name, eg. ABC Company Inc. Or just the email address. Best to use a name that is trustworthy and relevant to the recipient, such as your company name, which continues your brand enforcement: e.g. ABC Spring Deals. Or test using a real person’s name. Be careful with the From name, so you aren’t confused with spammers.

“Reply” address – similar to your from address above. It’s best to have an internal address to send replies to. For tracking purposes you might want to set up a separate address, but have the response go to your Customer Service department.

Communicating the offer

With print you can spend some time in your letter talking about features and benefits before getting to the pitch. For e-mail promotions you need to have your main feature/benefit points, offer and call-to-action, and URL within the first 10 lines or 2 paragraphs of your email. You want clickable links to appear above the fold – i.e. in the preview pane – of your recipient’s email program. This means you only have a couple seconds with email to grab the reader’s attention.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe information

All emails need to include unsubscribe information. This is standard practice, which customers expect from a reputable company. It reminds them that you respect their privacy and reinforces their feeling of control over the email they receive. As marketers we want that reinforcement to be sure they read our mail!

Customers should be able to unsubscribe easily and on their own, but remember there will always be some who reply to the email instead, so make sure you have someone in place to handle replies.

Long or short copy?

There is debate among email marketers, many claiming short is best, but both have proven effective, depending on the audience and the offer. My own tests have shown that longer copy can generate higher average sales, but also lower response rates.

If longer copy is needed to sell the product, then use it. The more you can complete the selling process in the email, the better your conversion rate. The advantage of email is that you can test your copy before rolling out to your whole list.

Links to your landing page

For promotional email, include one link above the “fold”; 50% of responders click on this first link. Be sure to repeat the link at the end of your message, 25% of responders click on the last link. The rest click on the middle links.

Landing page

You should build a separate landing page whenever possible to guide your user through whatever action you want them to take. There is nothing worse than have a call to action in your email and then providing a link to your website home page.

Why? It’s confusing to the user; they had one message in the email, then on your home page are suddenly confronted with a different message. They will get distracted from what you wanted them to do.

If you are selling one product, have the links in your email take them to a page with only that product. Continue the same design and copy tone from your email to your landing page. Repeat key elements of the offer, but don’t make them wade through the whole spiel again. Think of email to web as one seamless process.

For more information please see http://www.unilabplus.com

About the Author

Director of Unilabplus Ltd, a London-based online business management software house.


What Do You Need To Build An Effective List?

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When it comes to building an effective list, there are really 4 main components you need. First you need access to an email service so you can create a web form that collects names and email address. The most common one in the internet marketing world is Aweber. If you are a complete beginner when it comes to list building and email marketing, then they are the way to go. They make it very easy for you to set up everything you need. You can learn more about aweber and other email services in the email marketing course income instruments.

The second thing you need is something to give away. The most common thing you see given away is a short report. That’s because they are really quick and easy to put together. In fact, you really don’t have to put one together yourself. Just find one with giveaway rights and you can use it to entice visitors to give you their name and email address. However, I am not the biggest fan of this method because most reports with give away rights don’t allow you to change anything. So basically the person who wrote the report will be benefiting because of the links and information they have about themselves in the report.

The third thing you need is a squeeze page. The squeeze page is where you will have your web form and free report for visitors to see. Your squeeze page must have an attention getting headline if you want people to opt in to your list. You have to get them excited about what you have to offer. Otherwise they will just exit out and move on to another site.

The last thing you need is traffic. This probably the most important part once you have everything set up. You see, it doesn’t matter if you have the greatest squeeze page and are offering the best report to ever be written, if no one knows about it its useless. That’s why generating the right kind of traffic is so important.

The email marketing course income instruments actually comes with a software to help you generate traffic to your site. The software, known as stealth income software, works by helping you automatically get your site ranked in the search engines. Of course when you are ranked in the organic searches, you will be a ton of traffic for free. And that’s one of the things that makes the software so powerful. It eliminates some of the tedious work that comes along with traffic generation.

About the Author

For the best Income Instruments Bonus click this link —>> http://income-instruments-bonus.com


How To Setup an Email Campaign For Big Buck

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Email marketing is right really widespread but this does not mean all small business owners know how to run an operational email marketing campaign. However, individuals who are well versed in the field of the area under discussion and give birth to experiencing using widespread strategies effectively are likely to achieve a mammoth gain concluded their competitors who prepare not give birth to these skills. This article spirit provide functional in order on behalf of small business owners who are in suspense to mend their sales before website traffic through operational of it.

If you prepare not give birth to a prodigious deal of in order in the region of email marketing and prepare not fully understand the values involved lone of the greatest ways to coordinate a really operational email campaign is to hire a consulting stiffen with a proven track EP in the field of promoting small business to assist you in the field of your endeavour. Similarly to traditional marketing such at the same time as broadcasting, television and print media, the widespread strategies governing are changing constantly. At the same time as a small business landlord you likely already give birth to sufficient to deal with wearisome to stay up to engagement on small business practices so as to you prepare not give birth to the schedule, energy before finances to and stay up to engagement on the most up-to-date changes in the field of email marketing.

On behalf of this logic it is certainly advisable to hire an expert in the field of this industry who can heap himself packed schedule to keeping up to engagement with the as a rule of its operational strategies and manipulative an its campaign on behalf of our small business to help you accomplish your small business linked goals. However, selecting a consultant from the many options accessible can be present downright overwhelming. In the field of wide-ranging you be supposed to look on behalf of a consultant who has a prodigious deal of experience, a proven track EP, listens to your questions carefully, explains concepts simply and makes your project a priority.

A new widespread strategy on behalf of email marketing is to offer an email correspondence lessons on an area under discussion attentively linked to your website before the products and services you offer. These correspondence courses would be supposed to include a figure of brief segments, provide functional in order, be present of importance to your intended audience and be supposed to and help to promote your small business in the field of a few way. The simplest way to promote your small business devoid of having your correspondence lessons deemed to be present spam is to consumption a soft go method to subtly urge readers to tell somebody to leverage before visit your website on behalf of additional information.

Publishing and distributing dot e-newsletters is a new case in point of an email marketing strategy which can be present highly operational. An e-newsletter is very parallel to a newsletter which is printed and strewn by regular methods such at the same time as mail technique. The bulk of an e-newsletter is supposed to be present quality content in the field of the form of featured articles, brief articles containing functional tips before item for consumption reviews. The e-newsletter can and contains graphical elements. These elements can simply be present graphic designs before they can be present graphics which and dish up at the same time as associations. The associations can train traffic to your website before to other websites. Decisively, your e-newsletters are supposed to contain a few type of soft go sales method. It is of great consequence to not tell somebody to the sales pitch blatant at the same time as this can consequence in the field of the e-newsletter being considered spam. Decisively, the e-newsletter is supposed to contain a call to act urging the readers to either tell somebody to leverage before visit your website.

Anyhow of the method of email marketing you opt to employ, lone of the as a rule of great consequence strategies is to evaluate the effectiveness of your offer on a regular basis. This is essential as an element of your email marketing campaign which is not working to be supposed to present weeded given away. Too elements of your marketing campaign which are enjoying an anticyclone degree of triumph be supposed to present utilized additional often. On behalf of case in point if you notice nearby is a spike in the field of sales before website traffic both schedule you publication an e-newsletter, it might be present advisable to get down to it issuing e-newsletters additional often. This type of evaluation and advice can bear a moderate triumph into a mammoth triumph.

About the Author

Andy Teoh – Internet Marketer



Unsubscribing from lists

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I’m sure you’ve received messages from mailing lists and wanted to
unsubscribe. Perhaps you don’t remember subscribing in the first place, or
maybe you’ve just grown tired of the subject. For whatever reason, you just
want to get off the list, and you want off fast.

On virtually every list, it is common practice to put the unsubscribe
instructions at the bottom of every message (Yahoo groups, also called
egroups, is an exception in that sometimes there are no unsubscribe
instructions at all). You simply do what is described and you will be
removed from the list.

In most cases, a simple blank email to an email address or a clicked link is
all you need to do. Sometimes you need to include the word “remove” or
“unsubscribe” in the subject or body of the message. It just depends upon
the conventions of the list.

Now, this article only applies to mailing lists to which you have subscribed
(opt-in). Before you click on any link or send an email off to parts unknown
that the message is not spam. Never reply or click on any links in spam -
just delete the message unread.

Don’t get mad about receiving mailings from various lists. Most of these now
require double-opt-in, which pretty much means you have to want to be
subscribed. This is very safe for the list owner because not only do the
list members subscribe to the list, but they must also do something else
(usually return a blank email) to verify that they indeed do want to

It’s generally not a good idea to try and reply asking to be removed from
the list. Most lists have specific unsubscribe functions and simply writing
an email saying “please remove me” will not work. Quite often, in fact, a
reply will instead be sent to ALL members of the list, which simply makes
you look foolish.

Also, the list owner is using one of the list services because it automates
everything. Think of the effort that he or she would have to do through of
all requests were handled manually. Thus, it is in everyone’s best interest
to spend a couple of minutes to learn how to unsubscribe so it is done

If you send an email to unsubscribe from a list and it doesn’t work, you may
have subscribed under a different email address. Take a look at the message
from the list to see were it was sent. If it was sent to another email
address (lots of people have more than one) you may have to send a blank
email from that address to unsubscribe.

Egroups – This has merged with Yahoo groups. See that section for more

Listbot – Listbot is no more. It has been shut down.

Onelist – This has merged with Yahoo groups. See that section for more

Smartgroups – To remove yourself from one of these lists, simply send an
email to groupname-unsubscribe@smartgroups.com. Groupname is the name of the
smartgroup. You can also log in and unsubscribe (or change your email
settings) from the web.

Topica – To unsubscribe from a Topica email list, scroll down to the bottom
of the email. Simply click the unsubscribe list. Alternately, you can send
an email to the specified address. It does not matter what the email
contains. Do not reply to the message that you received, as this will simply
go to the person who posted and will NOT unsubscribe you.

Various message boards – The unsubscribe function varies, but is virtually
always explained at the bottom of the message. I’ve found that most message
boards use a clickable link (this is because they are frequently installed
on web sites which do not allow for returned email messages). Sometimes
message boards require you to log in and change your settings to stop
receiving emails.

Yahoo Groups – Unsubscribing from egroups is easy, but the instructions are
often hidden or missing entirely. This seems to be especially true of the
digest form of lists. To unsubscribe, simply take the name of the egroup
(usually in the subject surrounded by square brackets) and create an email
address of that name followed by “-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com”. For
example, to unsubscribe from “[toms-list]” send an email to

About the Author

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets at
http://www.internet-tips.net – Visit our website any time to read
over 1,000 complete FREE articles about how to improve your internet
profits, enjoyment and knowledge.


SEO Services you should expect from a company search engine optimization

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There are many qualities that should be on the lookout for SEO deciding what the company wants to choose to take your business forward in the online market. The main aim of SEO services is to improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website for search engines.

Within the world of SEO the term ‘one size fits all “is definitely not the case. Every business has different needs from a marketing campaign online. Look for a company that offers packages to configure different types of companies. These may be what along the lines of something like the new starter packs, intermediate, advanced and complete. Take the time to find out which set of services to suit your needs better.

Using the example of packet structure previously mentioned in this article gives a brief example of what is likely to wait for the money.

A starter pack New

You may be new to the world of online marketing or maybe you’ve recently started a new company and could see the benefit of testing the online marketplace. Packages such as this example are very useful for getting to grips with SEO. The package is unlikely to cost you much money at all and will soon begin to learn about the potential of search engine optimization. The foundations of an SEO campaign will be in place and ready for you to take the next step.

An Intermediate Package

Maybe you know the basics of SEO and can definitely see the benefits of a package online. An intermediate package is still not a great investment, but as a business you start to see the most notable advantages of paying a little more. This example is an additional seo services company and an increase in online marketing and web presence.

A complete package of SEO

In the category of example indicates that your business will give you a full SEO service for your business. Many companies offer different levels of SEO service at this level. A decent package ensure your company receives a high level of exposure to web traffic and improve conversion rates. You should expect periodic updates and information about your online goals and achievements. This would cost more than the previous examples, but the ROI is multiplied.
As you can see, article submission guide can be quite slow, especially for a business owner. How, then, are you supposed to use this tool to your advantage? The best option is to use a professional writing service offered by the article submission guide as part of their services. This ensures that you have original content, written by professionals you need, and ensure that does not have to waste valuable time submitting articles to directories, one after another. Writing firm that offers article submission guide can save you time and money.

Finally, the best option is to find a firm written offer SEO packages for submission of the article guide. This gives up to 20 items, with 100 submissions per month with the right company. In addition, blog entries can be included in these packages, increasing your savings, value, convenience and growth potential, ensuring that you have the online presence you need for extraordinary success.

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Websites to Submit Articles

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Article submission.
This definition of article submission comes from answers.com. From the very word, article submission sites are websites where you can submit or publish your articles for publication so as to generate traffic. There are numerous article submission websites and it seems that we are seeing more and more sites pop up on the internet. The original intention of these sites was to actually provide people, information about a certain subject.
But when internet started to expand and grow and more and more users started buying from online stores, these sites were used to promote products. By writing an article about a product, you let Google or another search engine know where to go when people look for that product.

The end result that any internet marketer will aim for with his article marketing is to get on the very first page of the search engines. To submit to any article submitting site, it is very important to read the submission guidelines before submitting, Nothing is more frustrating than spending time writing an article and not getting approved, because you did not read the guidelines. Believe me, I have been there, done that.

For a majority of the sites you have to register before you can submit any articles. Usually you can also create a pen name that you are going to use. Most of them let you create several pen names, so that you can use a different name for every kind of subject.
Most sites have a few overlapping guidelines like:
Minimum word count
Keyword density
Proper English
Grammar and spelling.
Content should relate to the title

Different kind of article submitting sites.
There are a multitude of sites. Some of them really care about content and all the other guidelines. These sites usually very rank high in the search engines and are used for this purpose only. Others sites do not have so many guidelines and are mainly used to provide back links to articles and websites.

Like the site for which I am writing this article. It is famous for being strict with their guidelines and it can take up to a week before your article gets approved. But they rank high in Google and you article will get indexed really fast, because the search engines crawl into it all the time for new content. Other sites may approve faster or take lesser time, but might not rank as high or they may take longer time for sites like Google to index it.

It is very important to choose a site where you want to submit your articles. Think of what you want to exactly achieve. A quality article that gets ranked high in the search engines, or create links to your website, blog, or even article. Do some researches before you decide where to submit. There is more than enough information available.

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Affiliate programs New Way of Earning

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E-earning is becoming the latest fascination of the generation ‘y’. Though sounds little exotic, it’s not that tough. Anyone can, if he has a little time to spare form his daily schedule for business can opt for affiliate programs to earn some extra money. Affiliate programs are easily available in the internet, but are to be well selected. A prudent choice in this regard is necessary to avoid websites that cheat on people by not giving them their payments.

Some affiliate programs are free to join and some demand for an annual subscription. There are certain parameters that you need to keep in mind while choosing an affiliate program. The best affiliate programs often possess excellent supporting programs – they supply articles, videos, and sometime they arrange training programs for your help. They also email you when you sale and show stats in real time. You should also check if the site is user friendly because generally avoid sites that are difficult to handle. Timely payments and good commissions are obviously the most important factors you need to check while choosing the site you want to get affiliated to. As much depends on trust, so you need to does a thorough home work to weed out the bad ones.

Now, lets see why should we go for a for affiliate programs. Well there are several reasons to choose this business. Firstly, you don’t need to invest a billion to it. You have to own a site with its own domain. But that’s not a big deal. You are not required to create a product. So you can start up with minimal funds. Most of the sites that offer affiliate programs charge nothing from the prospective members. So you have minimal financial risks. But the good thing about it is that it gives you an enormous scope to earn.

We live in a world that is well connected. It is the era of Information Technology. Today even the very remote areas are connected through internet. So the market is huge. And it ensures large number internet goers. You just need to put the right things to display. And responses will pour in. The last but not the least important thing is that you don’t need to have big degrees to earn your bread through net. You just need to have a good sense of business and marketing and the rest you can learn while working from your partners.

So, if you are retiring from your full time job or interested in commencing a home business, just go for affiliate programs; with its numerous advantages and facilities hopefully it will satisfy all your pecuniary demands and will also help you to grab a market that is not limited by international borders and boundaries.

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Promotion through blogs and social networks

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The main concern of small business websites is to work under a restricted access area and still provide an appropriate balance between innovative design and functionality of all its users. All your earnings will be directly based on input stream, and therefore need to create something that could lead to a steady stream of visitors every day entry. Depending on the requirements, it may seem like a daunting task, but these goals can be easily achieved as long as you use the right tips and techniques.

First, it is necessary to understand your specific product and its customer base component before the planning web site requirements. IT-based web site are very different from the more commercial company, location, such as bath lotion. The main criterion for determining whether the product features and consumer objectives and design on the basis of these key points. This could include product descriptions, images, videos and instructions for handling all of the various sub-categories within the site, which can be very helpful to the client.

Your site is associated with a user-based actions and interactions in many different forms, so you have to do the whole procedure simple and hassle free. If you want your username and password to be given some form, it should be noted that the registration form. Consumers should have access to the site quite easy and fast way. Strong authentication controls must also be installed so that adequate records of user data is not compromised under the malicious and unauthorized access from external third party.

Content web sites are also likely to be affected ratings and revenue, if they are not properly optimized to improve its position in all major search engines. Some of the most common methods of SEO methods can also include keywords in the meta tags on your site so that it is easy for readers to pick up. You can also specify keyword-rich content that is viable to its customers and promote its wide range of social channels to generate increased rankings.

Promotion through blogs and social networks, coupled with the ability to share content via RSS feeds to your site map social cloud. Small and exquisite design touches and frequent updates, and other options that can be done for small business websites to thrive in terms of user traffic.

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