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You might have come across the term ‘email marketing’ lately and wondered what that is supposed to mean and whether it is something you should seriously look into. So let’s go ahead and start demystifying this term and see what the whole concept of email marketing entails.

Email marketing is simply a form of direct marketing that takes advantage of the Internet and email services to allow businesses and other entities to send information directly to potential customers and clients.
It differs from other marketing mediums due to its high degree of measurability. Indeed today’s leading email marketing software enables you to see exactly who opened your emails and moreover whether your recipients were interested enough and took the extra step of clicking the links in your newsletter.

This degree of measurability usually either frightens marketers or else gets them very excited about the potential of such a system. In essence, with email marketing, you get the naked truth about whether your marketing campaign is working or not, down to each individual to whom your marketing message is being directed to.

SMEs: Is it worth the effort?
Many small businesses are still wary of investing time and money into online marketing, an unfortunate situation that has been improving in recent years thanks to greater awareness and initiatives aimed at helping businesses set up their online presence. A website is a step in the right direction as it enables people to find you online, however with email marketing you are going a step further and actually reaching out to your clients and prospects yourself.

Big Companies: How does it fit within our marketing strategy?
Given that Malta has a thriving tourism sector which invests a lot of money in marketing, we can take a typical hotel operator as an example of how email marketing can benefit bigger companies. In our scenario, the hotel has already invested in a good website which is getting a fair share of traffic from search engines and online advertisements.

The first step would be to include a ‘newsletter sign up’ section on the website, in which people can enter their name and email address. These details would go directly into the hotel’s mailing list. Email addresses can be also collected when tourists check in or out of the hotel. At this point it is also easier to gather other useful details such as the date of birth or anniversary date.
Once the system is in place the hotel’s marketing department can actually start formulating their email newsletters. An ideal start would be sending out monthly emails promoting that month’s best deals and providing information about important events taking place in Malta, thus enticing people to visit. Hotel upgrades such as a recent refurbishment or visits by famous personalities can also be included in this newsletter.

It is also important to take into consideration that, with the right email marketing software, a portion many tasks can be automated, thus for example the hotel can prepare a special weekend break deal for people having their birthday or who will be celebrating an anniversary. These emails can be automatically personalized and sent by using special triggers that are activated, for example, two weeks before a person’s birthday.

I’m Convinced, how do I get going?
There are several options for getting started with email marketing. A quick Google search will give you a list of established players in this field. Email marketing software suppliers tend to offer online systems which enable you to upload your contacts, then edit and send your newsletter through the online system. Most services also give you detailed statistics about email campaigns. Pricing plans tend to consist of either a fixed fee per month or a fee per number of emails sent, although other variations also exist. If you are new to email marketing it is also a good idea to hire a local consultant or company who can help you get started and point you in the right direction. Although foreign service providers offer technical support it is always better to have someone you can talk to locally who will offer you advice on email content and help to design and deploy your newsletters.

Conclusion on email marketing
Email marketing is definitely one of the best marketing methods as regards to Return on Investment. Compare the low cost per email to the huge budgets needed to run TV or print advertising campaigns, plus the fact that you get full statistics on whether your efforts were effective or not, and you can quickly start seeing the advantages of having an email marketing system in place.

Whatever the size of your business, email marketing should definitely occupy an important place in your marketing toolbox. When used properly email marketing will improve the relationship between a business and its customers, bringing old customers back and keeping new customers coming in

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Anthony Kario is an online marketer and entrepreneur. He offers resourceful. fresh and best practice online marketing info and tips to help you get more leads and increased sales. Visit http://www.netmarketingtrends.co.cc/ to get started today.


Zimbra Renders Integrated Email Solutions for Corporates

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Nowadays, email is one of the integral parts of any business concern and an efficient email solution can help the company achieve tremendous success. Among the commonly used corporate emailing services available in the market today, the Zimbra Collaboration Suite is considered the best. This software combines a variety of features, thereby making the day to day business operations more efficient and effective. This software allows you to streamline all the business operations and saves considerable amount of time.

This Yahoo! owned email solution operates on open technology and consists of some of the most sought after features. A few of the features available in the Zimbra Collaboration Suite are POP / SMTP, Ajax based webmail, calendaring, document management, task management, anti spam / anti virus and total security. Such high end features make it one of the best email servers of our times. Other noteworthy elements include instant messaging (IMAP) and an admin panel through which user accounts, storage availability and password authentication can be managed efficiently.

Due to these excellent features being integrated into the system and delivering exceptional performance, Zimbra Collaboration Suite has become the leader in this field. Some of the competitors it has left behind include the Google and Microsoft Exchange emailing services. The popularity of this software is growing day by day and numerous reputed organizations are adopting this all-integrating email solution into their daily operations. It can easily operate on all types of web hosting servers, without compromising the quality of service or any aspects thereof.

Owing to the fact that Zimbra Collaborative Suite is an open software, it operates equally well on Linux, Mac OS and Microsoft based hosting servers. Also, it is based on AJAX, so it can be operated on third party as well as in house servers. Furthermore, this email server has the unique ability of incorporating a variety of applications within itself. So, a user can easily integrate Facebook, Twitter, Saleforce and WebEx as well as other apps using the open APIs present in this email solution.

Now, there are many companies thinking about switching from their traditional emailing server to new software, but do not want to lose the data stored in the existing system. This poses a challenge, as most email solutions are unable to embed the database of a software used prior to its own installation. But, the synchronization feature of Zimbra Collaborative Suite allows the user to transfer the data from systems like Microsoft Exchange to itself, thereby making it the perfect backend email service provider.

Some of the organizations that are using or have begun replacing their previously used emailing servers with the Zimbra Collaborative suite include Stanford University, UCLA, Live Prism, indiatimes, Digium, Mozilla and Skype. Apart from these, O’ Reilly Media, Bechtel, H&R Block, Raytheon, Huntsville Hospital, Premier Hotel & Resorts also rely on this email solution to fulfill the requirements of their daily business operations. The confidence of these renowned organizations in the capabilities of this email service is testament to the immense potential it possesses.

Therefore, it can be agreed that the Zimbra Collaborative Suite is probably one of the best email solutions in the world right now. And, Yahoo! continues to carry out research and development activities, which are attributed for the leading edge this email service provider maintains over others in this field.

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Submitters, Blasters & Safe Lists

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Utilizing Submitters, Blasters & Safelist
For Progressive Results.
By: Rocky Pacley

The majority of experienced marketers know the value of Submitters, Blasters, and Safelist. These mediums deliver on the Internet’s finest traffic, and provide an excellent way to propel your Internet marketing to desirable heights. You will discover the true value of utilizing these mediums in the most productive way. When these products are used the right way you will see how Powerful they can be. You have many programs that offer them free or paid, any way you chose the methods for a positive out come depends on your efforts and practices. You can rest assured that you will approach these aspect of your marketing in a different manner when you find that these methods for ads are productive and there is no way that you should market on line with out them.

You will discover that inside of the Submitters, Blasters, and Safelists; the hidden power of these mediums. They all provide a sense of security when you follow a designated plan, implementing them into a daily Internet marketing tasks. That is the intention of this e-zine to get the best from using the Blaster that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Devoting to your favorite Safelists and driving a campaign to the levels of success that is absolutely possible when the plan is mapped out to do so. Using the Submitters at the right time to keep a constant contact with targets you are aimed to please. These are Guaranteed to produce from a leverage stand point and secure the flow of traffic that is exactly what is part of your intentions for using them. It is also great methods for generating large list and profit.

Be sure to use quality in every aspect of using these mediums, do not forget, putting your efforts in a strategically planned campaigns results in more effective progress and use the most positive approach to these mediums, they are major producers in your Internet marketing Prowess.

There are 3 things that are vital to establishing a genuine process, as you put these methods into action you will discover a Powerful asset to generate traffic leads and a positive image for your marketing efforts on line.

* Study your Submitting habits concentrate on keeping a fresh ad in circulation.

* Focus on a subject of your advertisement keeping your ads to the point and on one topic only.

*It is important to have information that will keep a strong image in place, and generate intrigue enabling a powerfully structured message.

I have discovered a very powerful package that contains every medium I have mentioned.

After taking time to discover the effectiveness of the package, it has been well worth the time to learn these concepts, and to have the luxury of these mediums; the methods used above have proven effective, and if it is that great for me imagine the effect it can have on you when implemented the right way.

Since I have accessed this package, the best thing that I can do is strongly recommend it for you.

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I have experience in some areas of marketing on line and the most valuable lessons that has been learned is, building a stable foundation; through all channels of marketing. Creating positive relationships.


Web Traffic Secrets

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The amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website is known as web traffic, which constitutes a large portion of Internet traffic. The number of visitors and the number of pages visited determine the web traffic. The incoming and outgoing traffic are monitored by the sites that find which parts or pages of the site are popular and feel the trend.

The web traffic is monitored in many ways and the data that are gathered are helpful to structure sites. The web traffic can be increased by including search engines and through search engine optimization.

The amount of traffic seen by a website shows the measure of its popularity and so can be used to see the shortcomings, if any, and concentrate on improving those areas. In this way, it is possible to increase the popularity of a web site and the number of people visiting that particular web site.

However, it is sometimes imperative to safeguard some parts of the website by a password, by which only authorized people can visit particular sections or pages. At times, based on geographical location too, specific traffic may be blocked. Depending upon the number of connections and bandwidth too, the access to a web server can be limited.

There are many ways of increasing web site traffic. Placement of a site in search engines, purchase of advertising like bulk e-mail, Pop- up ads and in-page advertisements are some of them. The increase in web traffic can also be achieved by purchasing non-Internet based advertising.

It is quite important to get proper placement on search engines because if a web page is not listed in the first pages of a search, the chances are less to find it in the subsequent pages, as most people do not have a tendency to go past the first page. The other ways of increasing web traffic are offering e books or articles and classified advertisements, web rings and building link popularity, of which the last mentioned is the easiest.

Popularity can be built by writing e-mails to sites and asking for a link. Or else, written material can be sent to e- zines or free article sites, which accept them for free. But the benefit for the writer is that it may bring traffic to the website.

Generally, web traffic can be increased by registering with the major search engines that follow the hyper links to get to pages inside the web site, index it and store in the database. When too much web traffic occurs, it slows down the access to a web site because more file requests go to the server than it can handle-which may be due to over popularity or an intentional attack on the site, which usually happens to small web sites rather than larger scale web sites.

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List Building 101 – a Daegan Smith Review – From Maximum-Leverage

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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but a lot of businesses today are really starting to build up their online presence. They have been behind in the use of the strategies for internet marketing for one reason or another. Everyone knows that you need to be able to use every resource there is to get ahead of your competitor. You know they are trying it.

While I was doing a Daegan Smith Review I found that One of the well used resources to use to supply your promotional material is the use of an “Opt-in” list. What this is is a list of people that have told you they want to receive advertising emails from you. Its easy to spot on most websites where they are asking you to Opt-in and offer to give you something for free in return for you to enter your email address and/or name. That is getting you to “Opt-in” to their list.

There just isn’t a better way to keep in contact with your customers or potential clients than having them put their name on your list. It doesn’t cost anything to send them information and offers. The Opt-in list makes sure that you’re only distributing to people who have told you that they want to recieve your email and it allows them to Opt-out as easy as they opted in.

The thing you need to do if you choose to accept it is to keep people on your list by sending them relevant information.

Here are some Ideas to think about:

1) Make sure your information is interesting – The reality is that people will Opt-out faster than they opted in if they find you boring. People have a very short attention span unless the information is relevant and interesting. People hate to be bored. Don’t keep sending them the same offer over and over again. That is the ulitmate in boring. If your content is relevant your website will be attractive and more and more people will go there. People share good emails with friends so it is a way for your list to go viral if people start forwarding your content to all their friends etc…

2) People what to know whats in it for them – Benefits – There was somethign good in the initial offer that was beneficial to the person on your list. Don’t forget what got you the list in the first place.. Without the benefits people will get off the list. That is not what you’re looking for. It is very important to be consistent with your list. Your emails need to be consistant so people know what to expect. If you are consistent in providing good value they will continue to be on your list and most importantly they will buy from you when an offer that you present is of special interest to them.

3. Always stay ahead of your list – You need to know just that little bit more than they do. Find out new areas of research in your niche. Become the goto guy or gal.

4. Be better than your competition – Think Creatively. The goal is to keep people on your list. Sometimes its the little things that make a big difference. Give that little bit extra and watch the magic. They can’t resist a little surprise.

So shake it up a bit out there and keep those people on your list.

About the Author

Dwight and Robert are internet entrepreneurs who make their way helping others find what works for them. NETPower Prospecting is their current project to bring the art of Internet Marketing and Daegan Smith to those who need it!


The Secret To Creating High Converting Emails

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Are you shooting from the hip when you send out a commercial email? Do you simply write up a single email and then fire it off to your list and wait to see if you make any sales? If so, you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

The sad fact is that most email marketers today perform their campaigns this way. With the cost of sending emails so cheap, why bother creating an effective, high converting email, when you can send another email out to your list in a couple days?

You don’t need to send more emails to your list to increase profits (and risk an increase in the number of people that unsubscribe). By performing some simple, straightforward testing, you can dramatically increase your conversions.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you have a list of 30,000 subscribers and you want to get the highest conversion possible. You would first start by optimizing the number of people that open the email. This is probably one of the most important steps; after all, how can your sales letter sway people if they don’t even open the email?

Instead of emailing a sales pitch to all 30,000 subscribers, you would send four or five separate emails to 500 people from the list, each with its own subject line. For the sake of this example let’s say you send four separate emails, so that’s 2,000 emails sent.

You would then track the open rate for each type of email. Let’s assume that the four subject lines had the following open rates:

1. 17%

2. 3%

3. 9%

4. 12%

As you can see, there’s quite a big difference between the best and worst subject lines with respect to open rates.

So you now have a subject line that you can use, now what?

You now test different aspects of the email body. There are a number of different things that can be tested including the length of the email, the type of offer, the format of the email, the tone used in the email, and even the time of day the email is sent.

For this example, let’s say you’re testing the difference between using a soft sell and a hard sell. So, you would send out an email with the soft sell to 1,000 subscribers and then send out an email with the hard sell to 1,000 subscribers – both using the best subject line from your first test – and track the number of sales generated from each. It is important to use a separate tracking code in each email so you know where the sales were generated.

Let’s say that the first email with the soft sell generated 6 sales and the second email with the hard sell generated 2 sales. This would give you a 3.5% conversion rate for the first email (17% open rate x 1000 = 170 => 6 sales / 170 = 3.5%) and a 1.17 % conversion rate for the second email (17% open rate x 1000 = 170 => 2 sales / 170 = 1.17%).

Now that you have the highest converting email body and the best subject line, you can send your email to the remaining 26,000 subscribers from your list!

If you’re not convinced this testing is worth it, just plug the amount per sale you would be making into the numbers above. Use the worst subject line along with the lowest converting email body and compare your results to the best subject line along with the highest converting email body. You will be shocked by the difference!

Don’t over-sell your list in an attempt to increase your sales. The next time you run an email campaign, remember to follow these effective testing guidelines and skyrocket your conversions – and your profits.

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Sean Kenaston is an Associate Editor at Ratings Hub – the first and only ad and affiliate link free site that provides 100% user-based reviews of various Internet marketing products and services. It’s the only place on the Internet offering completely unbiased feedback on products used by every type of marketer, from beginner to guru and everyone in between. Visit http://www.ratingshub.no-nonsense-marketing.com


Real Estate Email Marketing Free Assistive Knowledge Base

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As you devour this article, remember that the rest of it contains valuable information related to real estate email marketing and in some way related to Email Marketing API, Email Marketing Firms, Email Marketing Newsletters or Free Email Marketing Tools for your reading pleasure.

Finally, the fact is that although some people complain about direct email promotion, the reality is that direct email promotion is effective. The rate of return between pieces sent out and responses received is considered to be at the high end when it comes to direct email promotion. Naturally, you will want to make very certain that you comply fully with all statutes, regulations and rules pertaining to direct email promotion on the Net.

Affiliates who make colossal amounts of money online are usually experts at promotion and many are constantly searching for tips via email newsletters and from promotion sites that will dramatically impact on their traffic and affiliate revenues.

Email promotion also proves effective in increasing traffic to your site in turn increasing your sales and that is why it is essential that your email promotion campaign should be very well designed and professional looking. If it is not so, it could prove counterproductive to your business.

Many people forget that they can get more information about any subject matter, be it real estate email marketing information or any other on any of the major search engines like Google.com. If you need more information about real estate email marketing, head on to Google.com and be more informed.

Send something worthwhile to your list. If all you do are send product recommendations and promotions your readers will stop reading your message. You have to give them an article, free eBook, or helpful tool to keep them coming back for more. Do this 1-2 time a week and they will be more likely to buy when you do promote to them?

As far as possible, try to write in your own voice. This means writing as how you speak. This will give your email personality and will keep your emails from being too bored. Aside from valuable content, your readers also want to be entertained.

If you cannot offer a reduction, then provide original, helpful information that will give them a reason to read your emails. Give them information or advice about their business that will be useful and convince them that they will benefit from a visit your website. Keep the information concise, and use numbers of bullet-points.

Many folks seeking online for articles related to real estate email marketing also sought for articles about Email Newsletter Service, Email Marketing Metrics, and even Opt in Email Marketing.

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So here is chance to get your free tips on email marketing campaigns and in addition to that get basic information on saving money visit http://advice4unow.com/emailmarketingnews


Social Network Guidelines

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When you are using Twitter and other social networking sites for promoting your online presence be aware that there are some things that will have the opposite net effect that you are going for, here are some of them. Even though I am using Twitter as an example you can bet that the same actions are unified among the followers in the social networking scene.

Do not start following a user and then change over and mark them unfollowed before they have a chance to follow back. Or unfollow them as soon as they follow you.

Do not also start mass-following everyone so that you can artificially inflate your numbers. Then, you use that number as a false success metric for influence. Do not start consistently using your Twitter stream for nothing more than self-promotion and ego.

Also do not Request that your friends Retweet your Tweets on a consistent basis leave it up to them to choose. This is much more bothersome when the request comes via a personal message or PM or email and not on Twitter itself. The bottom line of it all is if your content is good enough to stand on its own, it will be Retweeted. There is no reason to make a personal request and if it does not stand on its own, it usually does not need to be retweeted.

One recipe for disaster is not humanizing your profile properly if it reeks business it probably will not go far unless you are selling gold at $5 a pound. Twitter is mainly about real relationships rather than blatant self promotion. Make sure you add an avatar and a bio at the minimum. Let people know who you are. To take it a step further, make it easy for people to contact you outside Twitter if necessary.

When you are using Twitter and other social networking sites for promoting your online presence be aware that there are some things that will have the opposite net effect that you are going for, here are some of them. Even though I am using Twitter as an example you can bet that the same actions are unified among the followers in the social networking scene.

Do not start following a user and then change over and mark them unfollowed before they have a chance to follow back. Or unfollow them as soon as they follow you.

Do not also start mass-following everyone so that you can artificially inflate your numbers. Then, you use that number as a false success metric for influence. Do not start consistently using your Twitter stream for nothing more than self-promotion and ego.

Also do not Request that your friends Retweet your Tweets on a consistent basis leave it up to them to choose. This is much more bothersome when the request comes via a personal message or PM or email and not on Twitter itself. The bottom line of it all is if your content is good enough to stand on its own, it will be Retweeted. There is no reason to make a personal request and if it does not stand on its own, it usually does not need to be retweeted.

One recipe for disaster is not humanizing your profile properly if it reeks business it probably will not go far unless you are selling gold at $5 a pound. Twitter is mainly about real relationships rather than blatant self promotion. Make sure you add an avatar and a bio at the minimum. Let people know who you are. To take it a step further, make it easy for people to contact you outside Twitter if necessary.

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Dangerous Email Marketing Techniques

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If your promotional emails exhibit any of the three following techniques, your marketing campaign will not achieve its full potential.

Avoid selling the product in the email

The primary goal for your email should be to build up the reader’s expectation about a product; you want to pre-sell the product. Attempt to generate some excitement and curiosity. Once you have the reader’s interest, send them to the sales page for the actual sales pitch.

If you focus on creating a positive attitude towards the product, you should see more qualified people visiting the sales page. They will already have some initial interest in the product so selling to them should be much easier.

Avoid using too much hype in the email

Even if you’re excited about the product, you should try to stay away from including too much hype in your pre-sell. Over hyping a product in an email will cause it to sound artificial, which will lower your clickthrough rate. You want to build up just enough interest in the product to get the reader to follow your link to the sales page.

It’s ok to display genuine enthusiasm, as long as it’s sincere, to prevent your email from being boring, but be sure not to over do it. You don’t want your email to sound artificial in an attempt at making your wording sound more energized.

If the product you’re promoting will befit your readers and you truly believe this, you should be able to convince them without useless hype.

Take the time to properly format your email

I really can’t stress this enough. You may consider this to be obvious, but it’s surprising how often I receive a promotional email that is full of poor grammar and spelling mistakes. These emails quickly find their way into my Deleted folder.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has access to a spell-checker these days, so take the time to use one. You should also proof-read your email several times before sending it out; even get someone else to read it through.

Discover a simple, yet powerful strategy that will ensure you’re getting the highest conversions from your email marketing promotions – Email Marketing Strategy

Learn how you can find the insider scoop on the latest Internet Marketing products before you buy them! – RatingsHub

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GoogleApple War: What does it all mean?

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For those who have been living in a cave, Google recently bought AdMob, the small but highly innovative mobile advertising company for the extremely inflated price of $750 Million. That is the gross national product of the country of Kiribati, a small country made up of a bunch of atolls. While AdMob hadn’t quite made anywhere around that amount of revenue, Google wanted to gobble it up before someone else did and to have a quick way to access the growing revenue stream available on Mobile Applicatications. Part of this strategy was to be able to access the significant population of IPHONE users. However, recently Applecame out with new developer rules that will prevent ADMob and Google Adsense from being displayed on iPhone applications… and thus a significant issue with ADMob’s revenue stream. However, perhaps things aren’t as they seem…
Let’s make this really clear, Apple is looking to break into the advertising and eventually search market. Google, as the all encompassing leader of search clearly dominates the market. However, they recently also decided to get into mobile market with the Google Android system, which while itself doesn’t make that much money for the company, the offshoots such as the product development, application development, google interfacing and even their own google nexus phone has been a significant success. In fact, according to most reputable reports, the open-source android phones are taking over as the dominant force in the market, pushing out Apple. Apple, ain’t happy about their market share being taken. They saw themselves as dominating the mobile space for a long time to come. Don’t forget also that Apple had actually wanted to buy ADMob, but the $750M price tag was way too high – they bought a competitor with just as much revenue and potential, it seems for a significantly lower price tag of $250M.
While some people might say this is a stab at Google for getting into “their business”, there is much more here than meets the eye. Apple has no reason to actually allow Google Adsense onto their applications – because they don’t make a single dollar from those ads. Since Apple is making their own system, they need to ensure that the only way to run advertising on the system is through them. It’s pretty damn simple – Google already has an extensive database of advertisers, and they would easily overshadow any attempt by Apple to compete with them even on their own platform. This wouldn’t fare very well for Apple, if in a year a report came out that not only was Google Android overtaking Apple iPhone, but that the predominate type of advertising on the IPHONE was actually Google.
What is strange about this mobile advertising war is the investment versus the actual possible revenue being made. Everyone is talking about mobile advertising on applications and application development as if it is the “end-all” of advertising and will take over advertising left and right. However, people ten years ago pushed application advertising and ad-supported applications as the method that would take over interactive advertising. Now it’s almost impossible to find any program that actually does this and the predominate type of advertising is in the browser.
I honestly think that this is a very possible future for mobile also. As mobile devices get bigger, as the web integrates with mobile more and more, there will be a growing seamless interaction between the two mediums. In fact, if you think about it, a great portion of the “internet” users are really “mobile” – laptops are a “mobile” device of sorts, and they have become smaller and smaller, while phone screens have become bigger and bigger. At some point in the near future they will meet in the middle and we will have laptop/netbooks that are nothing but combinations of mobile phones, laptops that do everything. Most people that I know who have android phones and iPhones spend quite a bit of their time, browsing the web using it as a “little computer” of sorts and see all the banner and other type of ads made specifically for the websites.
So, does this war really matter? Perhaps for the short term, but within a few years, I can’t see it will really matter except to corner a very small part of the marketshare. Mobile as separate entity, with its own features (mobile billing, mobile applications) will become part of the entire interactive, internet, web-process. No one actually believes that ADMob was worth $750M, but sees it as one chess piece in a greater strategy that both these companies have to dominate the web. This has little to do with “Mobile”.

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