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Boost Your Website with a Professional SEO Company

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One of the great things about the Internet is that it provides a cost effective way for you to set up a new business. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great website to sell your goods and services through. If you are thinking about setting up your own online business then you will need the services of a professional SEO company.

Why do you need SEO?

Business on the Internet is extremely competitive these days. There are millions of websites all vying for the attention of consumers. You will need to employ the latest tactics and methods in order to stay ahead of the crowd and drive traffic to your site. A good SEO company will be one of the most important support services you have to make sure your website is performing well.

Recent research has shown that top search engines (such as Google) field over 90 million searches from Internet users every day. This means that as many as 80% of all online users are going through search engines to find the information that they need. It is also a fact that most consumers will select the company they need from just the first and second pages of the search engine results. This means that it is vital to your business to achieve top rankings results, otherwise your customers could be going to your competitors.

SEO is all about making sure your website is as search engine friendly as possible. A good SEO company will be able to help you achieve good search engine ranking results so that you can attract customers to your website.

Choose Your SEO Company

Each online business will have its own targets. You need to be able to choose an SEO company that can help you to reach your goals. SEO is a complex field and requires a good working knowledge of both the technical aspects of the Internet and modern marketing practices. Even if you are an experience web user you will probably not have the SEO experience needed to make sure your website can stay ahead of the crowd. This is why you need to choose a professional SEO company to take care of this side of your business for you. They will be able to provide experienced SEO specialists to implement successful strategies for your website. Here are two important tips to help you choose the right SEO Company:

- Direct Contact – you need to be able to talk to your SEO provider in person. This would normally be through telephone or video conferencing. Make sure you choose a company that can provide personal and direct contact options. This will allow you to discuss your business requirements and targets for your website thoroughly. It is very difficult to communicate your needs through email or LiveChat services alone.

- Diverse Strategies – make sure your SEO Company can offer a diverse selection of strategies for your website. This should cover a broad range of different tactics that will work together to optimise your SEO. Top services will offer packages that include newsletters, articles, press releases, keyword research, content management, blogging and more.

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A professional SEO company will be able to work closely with you to improve your SEO results. This can have a powerful effect on your website and help to boost traffic and sales.


nigerian banker spamdunked

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Its 2009 Stupid

Recently it was Line7 sinking and Pumpkin Patch uprooting in North America. No doubt the weeks ahead will further add to the litany that is the Recession 2009.

Even the old saying ‘If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got’ has become a misnomer in the current climate. Now it’s more like ‘if you keep doing in business what you’ve always done, you’ll get nothing.’

An interesting example of one company recognising and responding to the need for change is a relative newcomer with a pithy name, Spamdunk. The Wellington based business is focused on the sales of off-site anti-spam services to the world and is experiencing rapid growth in the tight IT sector.

“The global recession forced us to look very hard at what we were doing” says Nick Lissette, General Manager of SpamDunk. “Cutting prices isn’t enough, everyone, including us is doing that. SpamDunk looked at how we could better package and deliver our product. By making buying our service as simple as possible we reduce customers hidden purchasing costs as well as slashing their bill – we call it FMCG IT. We apply the same principles to IT sales to those used in supermarket product sales”.

The concept is an interesting one. By simplifying IT services and making the buying decision fast and simple, the customer can reduce internal costs and time spent on evaluating, implementing and running IT services.

“We are removing the jargon, complication and IT ‘dark arts’ without compromising the effectiveness and robustness of our service ” says Nick ” And in doing so customers tell us we have made the proposition easy to understand and implement. In several recent cases our pricing and packaging has helped customers avoid the tender process would have cost the customer time to implement and manage.”

SpamDunk adopts an off-site email filtering model for blocking Spam. This has helped SpamDunk capitalise on the growing number of businesses who are outsourcing technologies to reduce costs and relieve stress on internal IT staff. SpamDunk are not the first company in the world to offer anti-spam to the market as Software as a Service (SaaS) but believe their focus on simplicity, quality and price with a healthy dose of creative spark and personality is what the market wants.

This difference is readily demonstrated by their website (www.spamdunk.co.nz) which features segments by Russian Brides, ‘Viagra Alike’ salesmen and the rapidly becoming infamous (due to a highly collectable T-shirt run) Dr Geoffrey Obed, the Nigerian banker with and offer you just might take!

The result of Spamdunk’s unique marketing is the acquisition of a high profile customer base which includes New Zealand’s largest tertiary institutions, Government departments and members of New Zealand’s top 100 CIO list.

FMCG means volume and volume pricing. As Nick Lissette points out, today all bets are off when it comes to the traditionally sacrosanct IT budgets. Every department in any business is being told to sharpen up and Spamdunk have positioned themselves to both assist and benefit in 2009.

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Editing Free Template Designs

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Email template designs are visually appealing for your emails, but making one from scratch could become a pretty laborious job specially if you have other things to do. One method for going around the “laborious, start from scratch” problem of making your own templates is by using free templates available online as springboards for your own email template design.

But before talking more about this matter it’s important to remember that it’s only allowed to edit the codes of the template when you got it for free. Otherwise, you may face copyright infringement problems if you do edit templates that are being sold online.

Before you even start thinking about editing codes on the template, it’s important to have a visual plan on the template that you’re building. A planned output will help you pick the free template that’s closest to your design. This in turn will help by minimizing the time it takes to edit the whole template which is the whole point of why you choose to build it this way, right?

After brainstorming and downloading the template, it’s time to comprehend the codes of the template that you’ve downloaded. Different web programmers have different styles or techniques on how they design their codes so understanding the codes first before editing anything makes you even more efficient and less likely to commit errors along the way.

After you’ve finished editing the codes, it’s important to check its compatibility with different browsers. This is a necessary safety precaution even if the very essential codes we’re just copied from a template made by a professional who’s work has already been checked for browser compatibility.

So that’s it, having an email template design doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to build it from scratch. All you need are the necessary and basic skills to edit an existing email template.

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How to Download From the – USENET ?

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The USENET often instills a bit of fear into a new user but it really is not as daunting as it first seems. You should approach the USENET as a hybrid between email and a forum discussion group. It has been around for many years now and is actually older then the internet itself. Today, the USENET has evolved into a popular method of discussing topics and for exchanging binary files online.

One of the primary pieces of knowledge you will need if you are interacting with the USENET is how to download files. It is not quite as simple as point and click like the internet allows, as you do need some technical knowledge. The reason for this is the USENET was not actually designed with file transfer in mind. Do not be nervous about the fact that it is not a simple point and click to enable download, it takes just a few minutes to learn how to download from the USENET and when you do pick up this knowledge you are then able to download files faster and more securely than before.

Your first step is to learn about the files that you will be downloading, these being NZB files. These are specific to the USENET and will contain the information or media you want to download. Firstly, you would search for the file you are looking for. As an example, we can search for ‘independence Day’ on binsearch.info.

We type in the name and the search parameters in the boxes and search. We get plenty of results back that include the movie. To download, we simply tick the box and select create NZB at the top. This will then save the file onto your computer. You also need to get a USENET client, as a NZB file is useless without one. The client will allow you to open the file once you have it. You also need a USENET account as this will allow you to download the file. Once you are all set up, then you are ready to go. You can search for everything and anything on the USENET and will no doubt come back with hundreds of results.

To make the process as easy as possible, you should opt for a paying premium service. It really is worth learning and paying the small amount of money to get access to the USENET for all the use that you will get out of it. Once you have downloaded a couple of times, you will be able to fly through the process and will soon wonder how you ever managed without USENET file downloads!

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Stop Directly Marketing Affiliate Links, Start To Use Email Opt In Marketing To Build Your Own List

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One of the big mistakes I see most affiliate and network marketers make is directly promoting their affiliate program or opportunity with email opt in marketing, they never promote themselves. They are busy building someone’s list. Now I don’t know if this has happened to you but I’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. Yeah I spent months building a large email mailing list in a program and was quite happy too but then the business closed shop. Ouch?! Not sure about you but I won’t do that again. Now everything I do promotes me first. That way if someone pulls the plug or I decide to move on I still have the relationships I have built.

Now this is what I will advice any network marketer or affiliate marketer to do – any email opt in marketing that you do must work towards building your own list. I want to instill in you the great necessity of putting your own list building efforts at the forefront of every business action you complete online from now onwards. To be honest with you, there is nothing you will do that is of more benefit to you than building your own list.

Of course email opt in marketing and list building come with their own challenges. It is not only to find people and send them to your opt in form. One of the greatest challenges any online marketer faces is getting visitors to their website. Forget how well written the web copy is or how enticing the squeeze page is. How to get visitors there is an affiliate marketer’s nightmare. Why do you think there are so many advertising mediums in different shapes and forms? Well enough about that, our concern is how do you build your email opt in list and stop building someone else’s.

This is what you need to have in place, your own autoresponder (at the very least) and your own site. An autoresponder is the backbone of email opt in marketing. When you have this two in place you need to send people to your opt in page to get them to opt in to your email list. Now realize I have not said anything about the affiliate program you’re promoting yet. There is nothing you will do that is of more benefit to you than building your own list.

Next, after having the above in place (I recommend to have both an autoresponder and an opt in page) send every visitor you can to your opt in page. Don’t promote your affiliate link until you have email opt in subscribers. Don’t sign off your post at a forum with your affiliate link, use your own opt in page link. Don’t buy advertisement to directly promote your affiliate link…Have I said enough yet? Use the power of email opt in marketing to promote your affiliate link. In other words only promote your link through a set of emails you send to your subscribers using your autoresponder.

One last important thing, well not last, I want stress is this: everything you do must work towards building your own list. A list is your real estate. You need to have that mindset as you grow your business. Your number one objective, no matter what program you are in, whether you are doing network marketing or affiliate marketing, build your own list first. With your list, email opt in marketing is a beauty, because you can build a relationship with your subscribers unlike if you had just sent them to your affiliate program.

So there you have it, I could share with you some more especially how you exactly build your list or what you say to your subscribers however due to limitation of time and space I can’t. But don’t despair, go to my resource box and click on my link to learn more.

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A layman’s guide to email marketing software

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Email marketing software is a computer application which gives people the ability to send bulk emails.

The software is intended to be used by businesses wanting to communicate with current and potential customers through newsletters and promotional material. The software should be used to contact subscribers that have chosen to opt-in to a company’s email marketing, but the software can also be used to send unsolicited emails.

The main reason for the software is it includes a database which is able to store contact details, provide campaign statistics and give companies using the software a message history so they can see what has been sent. The price of the software ranges from free to hundreds of pounds, but depending on whether or not a company is employed, you may have to pay a monthly fee.

The features of most email marketing softwares are similar in that they assist the user in the organising of contacts, creating campaigns and the scheduling of communication. As an extra, some softwares provide an “unsubscribe check” feature in compliance with anti-spam laws.

Other softwares that can be provided include tracking functions which allows the user to see details such as how many people have opened an email, how many emails have bounced back, how many links in the marketing email have been visited and even how many direct sales have come as a result of the message being sent.

There are obvious advantages to investing in email marketing software, these include speeding up the process of marketing through personalised email messages. Most internet users check their email daily if not more so which means marketing by email will ensure your message will be seen.

Some pieces of software provide email templates, so the program can even be used to make a businesses communications appear more professional.

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Get Cracking on your Email Campaign Tracking

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Statistics is not a dirty word. We all remember taking that boring class in college – no offense; maybe some of you actually enjoyed it. Funny, how things change. Now that very word takes on new meaning – it is the key to our survival in our email campaigns. We need to maintain our edge in this stress filled, highly competitive world we call internet marketing. Knowing what works and what doesn’t, determines it all.

If you are like me, you may not enjoy dealing with numbers, stats, and results. But such is life. If you don’t track your e-campaigns, or your mass direct mail marketing, your future efforts may just go down the toilet.

Without obtaining specific results, measuring campaign to campaign, how can we ever hope to be succeed? We need to make the necessary changes needed to move on a continuous and positive path.

Faith and prayer may soothe the soul, but only knowledge and statistics increase our bottom line.

There is no better tool than email campaign software when wanting a first-hand and professional tool to measure our stats and progress. There are no easy alternatives, and no shortcuts. You need the best technical tools available in order to be a successful marketer. This is our expertise, offering our clients the best options and teaching them how to optimize their results.

We are always on the move to help our clients improve and grow.

For some strange reason, people think that by sending out hundreds of newsletters someone will eventually join or click through within the newsletter. Unfortunately, that is not true. You newsletter may not even reach the inbox and even if it does, may end up in the trash bin. There goes all your hard work – doesn’t make any sense and definitely is an unproductive approach. Don’t you want to know who opened up your email, and if any of the links or call to action were clicked on?

Why would you want to repeat a failure? Can you afford to play Russian roulette with your business and livelihood? I don’t think so. I certainly can’t. Tracking your email marketing campaigns results in campaigns made stronger, resulting in better focus and visibility.

Tracking lets you see:

* who opened your email campaigns

* what was the percentage of opened mail?

* what links did they click within your newsletter or email campaign?

* how many people opted to subscribe/unsubscribe?

* if you are attracting new subscribers?

* subscriber comments

Active Trail believes that an informed client becomes a successful one. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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Joyce Kuras – SEO email marketing content writer –
Active Trail Software


How to Fabricate a Income Oriented List?

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List building is vital in building a sustainable internet marketing business, one which will carry on reaping rewards for many years. However, it’s an area of online marketing which many fail to implement and those that do, get it horribly wrong. The trick is to learn correct list building techniques from the get go and many will fumble around in the dark for months, even years trying to get it right. There are many good learning environments on the web such as Portal Feeder 2.0, which include list building as a vital component of their training program and students are taught the correct techniques from the very beginning.
How many budding online entrepreneurs have given up after lots of trial and error and many thousands of dollars later simply because they were left to figure it all out by themselves? Eventually, many declare enough is enough and throw up the white flag. Who can blame them? Whenever you hear “the money is in the list” there is no doubt that it is. But there is no money in a list if it’s an unresponsive and untargeted one. Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes you need to avoid before commencing your list building activities. Untargeted Lists this is one of the biggest mistakes many will make. Creating a general list is fine if you like to send them interesting tidbits every now and again with nothing to sell but for money making purposes, this is not ideal.
A targeted audience in a definite niche will be more likely to buy from you again and again than just a general list with no interest in what you have to offer. Even more important, your specific niche needs to contain products which are of a repeat nature, not one off items. These are products of a consumable nature such as health items. Vitamins and supplements are ideal; everyday use products such as coffee and products which people use as a solution to a problem. If you’re targeting the internet marketing crowd then e-Books fit the bill nicely. In fact, e-Books are excellent list quality products in just about any market provided they will provide some type of solution to the consumer.
Quality Content Once your list starts to take shape, don’t pepper them with offers on a consistent basis. If you do this, you’ll find many hitting the unsubscribe button in a hurry. Instead, build a relationship with them. Offer quality content via your emails. Start a newsletter which offers helpful tips and solutions. Over deliver in terms of service and when it’s time for you to make an offer, you’ll find they’ll be more responsive to it simply because of the credibility you’ve built with them. As a rule, 3-4 offers a year is an ideal number. Any more and you will be stretching friendships. Some may ask how you can make a decent income with just 3-4 offers a year. Once you have one list developed, building a second one becomes so much easier. Think of the income potential from a dozen such lists.

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Marketing a small business

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The post-recession period presents a great opportunity for the expansion and growth of small businesses. However it is unlikely that business leads will come knocking on your door without a degree of marketing activity. Budget is a factor that constrains us all, but utilising a series of cost effective marketing techniques can really pay dividends.

Email marketing is one of the most successful and easily measurable ways to attract prospects, whilst being more sustainable than using mail shots. One of the most effective online marketing strategies, email marketing allows you to reach large audiences with tailored, targeted messages. With the help of an email marketing agency, you can even track when people have received the email and clicked through to your website, buying a product – ie a return on investment.

With your website the gateway into your business, a user-friendly, eye-catching and informative site is paramount. Enlist the services of a web designer to help you make any necessary changes to your site, and ensure that these are SEO friendly, ie: won’t affect your search engine ranking position. Don’t be afraid to visit lots of prospective web designers and make sure that they have had experience in designing websites for your industry sector.

Visiting local business networking events is another good way to make contacts across your field, as well as attracting new prospects. Attend conferences, breakfast events and anything in your area that you feel relevant to your business. Getting your name out there as an authority in your industry is a vital part of increasing your revenue and who knows, you could even find new partners to grow your business with.

Another useful way to get your name ”out there” is to brand all your products, stationary, signage and website. Maintaining a solid brand identity throughout your business will help you become well recognised in the community and beyond. If you don’t already have a company logo and strapline, a branding expert should be able to help, taking into account your type of business and your future plans.

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How to Select the Right Autoresponder

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Choosing the right auto responder is very important because you can produce some very good results with minimal effort just from subscribing to this one service.

Why Is This Important?

It is the primary machine of your business or it is the engine that keeps your business running. Without an auto responder, there is no way for you to be in touch with your subscribers, your prospects and your customers.You always need to stay in contact with your prospects and customers.

Subscribers sometimes become really annoyed if they do not receive their emails because of poor delivery. I also know some that would jump for joy! Some auto responders have poor delivery. With these poorer
auto responders, the mail you send out can get caught by anti spam filters, probably blacklisted or their ip addresses have been blacklisted by the spam cops. You want an auto responder that has a good relationship with all the ip providers and can actually deliver your email to the in-box of your subscribers.

You need to be able to access your database of subscribers in order to be safe with a backup copy. You never know when or if a company suddenly goes bankrupt or the company server actually malfunctions and loses all of the data. You want to make sure that you have an auto responder service where you can actually download or upload your data to your computer. What are the important features you are searching for when you are looking to choose an auto responder?

You are looking for affordability. You need something that is within your budget. You do not want to overspend. Next thing you require is an auto responder company with tracking capability. You want to be able to find out the open rates or how often your email subscribers open their emails and you want to be able to measure the click-thru rate. Click-thru rate is how many subscribers click on the link in the email and visit the recommended site. You really need to be able to track these rates.

You also want scalability. As your list grows, is your auto responder capable of handling the extreme growth in the list if it should ensue. This is something that you really should know before choosing an auto responder. Another feature you must ensure is available is exporting because you never know what is going to happen to the server you are with. The service can go down. The server can malfunction. What ever the reason you must make sure that you are capable of exporting the database of subscribers.

My main choice is Aweber. It is known for the best email delivery. On its website it states that it can deliver
95%+ of its emails. The WWW knows that aweber provides the best response. My other choice is GoldbarOne which is an all in one business or marketing solution. It is not really an auto responder. It has the capability to increase your list size by 20 to 50 times. This is due to all the viral tools and the resources the GoldbarOne servers contain. If you can afford both of them then subscribe to both. If you cannot afford both of them then stick with Aweber.

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