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Managing Your Email Lists

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When managing your email lists it is best to use an auto responder which automates the entire process. This can save you a lot of frustration, time and headache. However if you are working with small lists having 10 or 20 emails, then there’s the option of managing it yourself.

If you are managing lists yourself you should make sure it is done correctly. You should never include your email lists in the ‘to’ subject line of your email. This causes everyone to see your list which you should try to avoid. Including a signature file for your emails is also important and you can have multiple signature files to match different emails. If you create a selective list then you can automatically copy your signature file to your emails.

Due to the vast amount of emails that you may receive spamming could be big problem. As a result you need to filter out those emails that are undesired. You can do this by using folders for separate emails. Filtering provide you with protection from such emails and from spammers. Using filters to separate emails will help you select only the ones you would like to read and discard everything else. Using your email program you can also set words and phrases to be deleted in specific emails.

Sometimes people may give you wrong email addresses without actually realizing if they have multiple email addresses. People may also use numbers in their email addresses or use their spouse’s email address which may cause problems if the other party knows noting about it. In resolving these issues seek to be fair and polite and the matter could get solved easily.

Learning to manage your email lists requires practice. Learning to use your email program effectively will keep your lists organized and your inbox tidy, In the end if manually managing your emails prove too much of a burden then find and use an auto responder to keep your sanity.

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Author is an internet marketer who specializes in article marketing.
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Discover 4 Facts Why Your Opt-In Lists Can Generate 5-Figure Income Streams

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Has your Internet Business given you the success you desire? Also, can you say that your on-line business is successful?

When most On-Line marketers are put on the spot with these questions, they usually try to ignore them. The main reason behind this response is that most of these marketers think that having a website is the ultimate goal.

The secret that all internet marketers must know is that an on-line presence does not in itself guarantee success. The question that all internet marketers ought to ask themselves is how can one expect to sell their products, when no one knows about their on-line presence?

In lay a person’s terms, you cannot sell the goods in your shop, unless your prospective buyers can see those goods.

The best way to go about selling goods on the internet is to build an opt-in list. The simple undisputed fact that all seasoned internet marketers know and one which they tell everyone about is that building a list of hungry and motivated buyers is the most important and effective tool to the internet marketer.

Essentially, an opt-in list is a collection of people’s email addresses, who have consented to receive information being sent from on-line businesses. The term opt-in implies that the email owners have granted you the internet marketer, consent to send them information about your on-line enterprise with the purpose of promoting your business.

The key and most important fact here is that they have granted you their consent, before sending them the information. If you send out unsolicited emails, these will be classed as spam, and sending out such spam breaks the rules of the internet.

Most of the businesses on the internet take the building of opt-in lists as the most important tool that is key to their on-line survival. They need the opt-in list to attract the awareness of their customers, and also to continue these customers’ interest in their products.

Having an opt-in list will ensure that your business will keep an on-going sure contact with its customers that have bought from you before, and give your business an increase in items sold. All this all so, due to the reality that your business has already a solid target consumer base always on the lookout for your products.

If all items in internet marketer’s arsenal were to be considered, the opt-in list would be amongst those of the greatest value. Indeed it is common for on-line business to set out marketing on the internet products belonging to someone else, purely on a commission basis, but the main ingredient being availability of ready buyers in the “opt-in list”.

It is therefore so important to the business that if there was one item that you would need to protect, it would be your opt-in list. You can imagine spending years to build a list of loyal followers, only for this to be lost in an instant disaster. Therefore, internet marketers have to regularly backup their lists on a computer hard disk.

Below are 4 things that everyone starting out to market on the internet must know in order to propel their on-line business

1. Choose a niche or target market
This is one of the most important first steps. You must know the market you are aspiring to sell to, in order for you to focus onto a specific product type. It would be very cumbersome for you to create an opt-in list without having a specific market in mind.

Also, by having a target niche would help you pin point your marketing campaigns with near laser accuracy, knowing that your target market will be interested in what you have to offer.

2. Ensure that your target market is present on-line
Getting a niche market doesn’t necessarily guarantee your list building, or indeed your on-line success. You should remember that the whole idea of building an opt-in list is geared towards the online industry. Therefore it is of utmost importance that your target market can be found on the internet.

The idea is quite simple in that you cannot promote your internet business if your target market does not go on the internet. Therefore it is vitally important that you satisfy yourself first that your market is available on-line.

3. Confirm that you can “monetise” your market.
To “monetise” means to “generate money from”. Creating a laser targeted opt-in list will be useless if that market does not buy products from you. Try to make sure that there is a high likelihood for your chosen market to spend money on-line, from the products you will offer.

This can be proven by the presence and number of paid adverts related to the keywords you have looked for in the search engines. This in itself would prove that if someone is willing to pay for adverts in that niche market, then it is most likely that there is money to be made.

4. Create products that will solve your target market’s problems
You will need to create or join internet forums to get to know your market better. In such internet forums, problems and solutions will be discussed. By using the posts already in such forums, and also by contributing to these discussions, you can establish yourself as an expert in this particular field.

Through the posts submitted by the participants in these forums, you then be able to discover the issues presented by your target market. This will enable you to research and produce brilliant solutions. Having already an opt-in list of people keen to get solutions to their problems, you will be able to sell your products easily.

The Money is in the List
To sum up, the presence of a highly targeted opt-in list greatly influences the success of any internet or online business. An opt-in list will help such businesses to promote their merchandise, while simultaneously creating a hunger for such products, for example through regular electronic newsletters.

The new adage in internet marketing which is “the money is in the list” rings true. That is the main reason why to the Internet Marketer, the Opt-in List is worth its weight in gold.

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Robert Mukiibi is British, married with four children and an Information Manager by both profession and training. He is an Internet Marketer and writes and sells ebooks. In addition to his ebook ventures, he is chair of small charity in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and enjoys singing in his local church as a hobby. He is currently applying finishing touches to his thesis for a Masters Degree in Health Informatics with the University College London.
You can find more valuable information on blogging and other Internet Marketing resources and help at his website, Kick Start Your Online Business, located at http://www.robert-mukiibi.com


Knob Your Emails Better with Real Smart Email

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Writing letters or making telephone calls was the mode of communication for the people during bygone century. Now is the time when internet is in vogue and for communication people write emails every now and then. In other words, electronic mailing, better known as e-mails is the most popular medium of communication. With one click of mouse and you can write mails and forward it to quite a number of people within fraction of seconds.

Are you an avid email user? If you do not use your email account on a regular basis and open it once in a fortnight you must get puzzled to see hundreds of emails being cluttered on your mail box. And if you examine deeply you can see that majority of these emails are the ‘unwanted stuff’! That is to say, the mails are being sent by the company for promoting their brands or for serving other marketing targets. Whatever it is, those junk mails should be filtered and stored in the ‘spam’ box section but often it is seen that ineffective spam filters of email service providers are not good enough to do the mail filtering work.

In that case realsmartemail has a solution for this. Sign up at real smart email service and get a unique email address which you can distribute to anybody you want. Like you can use it for registering in e-commerce sites, various chat sites and send it to all those to whom you do not want to conceal your primary mail email address. In this way you can keep yourself at a safe distance from those irrelevant mailing stuff!

Essentially Real Smart mail service can do the effective sorting of mails for you and release you from tension oh handling unnecessary mails. There are many contacts being added in your address book and they are being given the top priority. You often send mails to those contacts and vice versa and for your convenience the realsmartmail service placed those mails under known category. And the rest, the huge mails from different source and persons are being quarantined under unknown category list. Those mails do not need immediate response and can be read out as per your convenience. Another category is Marketing’ where you will find all the newsletters and email updates of websites that you have subscribed to. You can completely ignore it or just have a glance once and then delete the stuff.

Essentially speaking, the spam filters of Real Smart Email do the wander of blocking all the unwanted mails and make your inbox appear clean and tidy. Unlike ordinary mailing service, realsmartemail llc have introduced exclusive spam filtering process which is unheard of so far. You can block out email addresses from sending emails to you. You can even block entire domains from your email inbox. Moreover when you feel like unblocking them, a simple change in setting will be sufficient for you to get the desirable result. Rush and log on to realsmartemail.com and get pleasure of spam free mails thanks to real smart mail filtering process.

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Realsmartemail has come up with superb solutions for your emails in USA. Sign up now at Realsmartemail and enjoy clean and clear spam free mail box at your fingertips.


4 Vital Points To Note When Building Your Opt-in List

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Internet Marketing have been surging forward year to year as more internet based business are established. You therefore need to developed necessary skills and marketing to cope with your competition in the ever changing world of the internet.

The surge in internet marketing tips and techniques varies and one of the most important is the opt-in email list. This techniques can spread words about your site and it’s cost effective.

Opt-in list requires the permission of the customer before you are allowed to send and promote any marketing materials, either newsletter or otherwise. The more targeted your list is the more chance of you selling a product and maybe a making sales once they like what you have to offer.

List building does not really take hard work or a lot of time, but need a bit of patience and some strategies in doing it. If you have a good list the opportunity to increase profits are higher and can do wonders for your internet venture.

There are tons of articles and e-books to teach you how to build a list on the internet are available, but can be confusing due to the many ways to build a list. No matter how each group uses what way to build a list according to their preference, there are some crucial and vital points to note.

Here are 4 of them -

1 – Put a good web form in your site preferably at the top of the page. Your homepage should be enticing enough to create a good impression for your visitor to subscribe to a mini course or a e-book, etc. as they opt-in. if they find something they dislike they will just click off.

Just write a simple short statement about how you can update them on the site and get them to input name and email to capture them on an auto-responder, which is a must.

2 – As mentioned on point 1, your homepage must be impressive with well written articles and some graphics to attract readers attention, but do not overload your site with too much graphics may slow the download as some do not have fast computers. Simplicity and good knowledge is good enough.

3 – Provide good service and products. A return customer may recommend others to your site and is likely to bring you more business and opt-in.

4 – Keep your list clean. Do not spam. Never lose the trust of your customers have entrusted you as many will unsubscribed. Do not give out your email list or they will get spam and blame you. Remember a good reputation will get you more traffic and subscribers and their loyalty.

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Internet Marketing Strategies That Work for Orange County Businesses

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The explosion of Internet has changed the way how people communicate, do research and market businesses. The internet is a big place where anyone can air out their view points and business owners can present their product, that being a point, how can a small business, for example in Orange County, flourish in the internet marketing world? How can one tell an internet marketing Orange County business does actually work?

It all actually relies on the specific business you are doing the marketing for. Each business has specific needs, some strategies may effectively work, and some may not even apply. However, the key is thorough research on identifying what those needs are and how they can be successfully met.

Localization is one-step to achieving targeted marketing. The SEO businesses may hire will do whatever it takes to get the website in the top ranks for particular keywords, however, how specific the keywords are in reaching the local area is the question. Listing a website to different local directory sites may be helpful; this works the very same way as Yellow Pages, only online. Taking advantage of local maps is one effective way to start on localization.

Other businesses use social media as one way to reach out to certain groups of people who are interested in the line of business they are trying to promote. Creating a page in Facebook or profile in Twitter can do wonders if there is constant engagement with followers. This is an innovative and subtle way for SEO may want to tap into. The key is giving out more to get more. Give out quality content that people may be interested in reading and click through.

Video Marketing is yet another creative way to convert people to visit business websites. YouTube has helped many businesses since it dawned. Videos are great ways for an advertisement campaign, or a press release. Fifteen-minute videos are now hosted online, they are free, effective and accessible anytime, anywhere.

These are just some of the new strategies in internet marketing business owners can use. However, to truly make profit out of these efforts, seeking advice from an Orange County SEO consultant will help define what the company really needs and get the work done on making the plan succeed.

internet marketing seo consultant, seo consultant seo
The explosion of Internet has changed the way how people communicate, do research and market businesses. The internet is a big place where anyone can air out their view points and business owners can present their product, that being a point, how can a small business, for example in flourish in the internet marketing world? How can one tell an internet marketing business does actually work?

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The explosion of Internet has changed the way how people communicate, do research and market businesses.


Should Email List Building Be Prioritized Over Making Sales?

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As an online business coach I get a lot of questions about building an e-mail list. One of the most consistent questions I get is whether or not you should build your e-mail list first or focus on making sales. There really isn’t any straightforward answer to this question but there are a few ways of looking at it.

Depending on the type of business you have made in most cases be best to focus on building an e-mail list first. If there are a lot of options out there or people that they can choose from, you should build an e-mail list first. The reasoning behind this is the fact that when people have options they rarely make a snap decision right away. If you think about it if you had the option of buying 10 different versions of a certain software online would probably take you a little while before you decided which one was best for you. In this case I would definitely suggest building your e-mail list first because you can warm people up to your product or service over time. By doing this you can increase your credibility and also build relationships with people on your list. What you’ll also due at the same time, is build a huge asset for your business that you can promote to over and over again. If you were to focus on making sales instead of building your e-mail list 99.9% of the people that come to your website will leave without ever coming back again. But there are certain instances when going for the sale first is better.

If you own a web hosting company for example, you may want to focus on just making a sale first. The trick is not to try to get your customer to commit to a long-term business relationship, but take all the risk out of the transaction. You can do this by offering free trials where the customer doesn’t even have to enter their credit card information to try out your service. This way, your customer will get to try out your product or service before making a long-term commitment. Offering free trials to your customers is one of the most powerful ways to build a business online because it allows your customer to try before they buy. Obviously this form of selling only works if you have a good product so the first step is developing a good product and having good customer service.

In most cases building your e-mail lists is very important and even more beneficial than trying to sell your product or service first, but in some cases, like the one listed above, you may want to choose the route of offering a free trial to entice people to purchase your product down the road.

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Email Marketing through One Email a Day

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One Email a Day, one of the best email providers in New Jersey, US delivers excellent solution to your mailbox @ $14.95 a month through which you can receive only one email per day with all your marketing emails, store correspondence, newsletters and lots more. Here you get the opportunity to change the way you get emails – any time you want, sort out any email as unwanted or spam and also have the authority to blacklist an entire domain according to your wish.

One Email a Day makes use of a computer application that provides the ability to send bulk email to target audiences. The aim of One Email a Day is to send newsletters or promotional materials to opt-in lists of subscribers, though it also sends unsolicited email. Oneemailaday typically includes a database that stores contact information, campaign statistics and message history of its privileged clients. The interface of One Day Mail provides features necessary to run an email campaign, like message sending, contact entry, contact importing, and reporting.

Email marketing through OneEmailaday LLC speeds up the process of direct marketing by sending personalized email messages to a client.

Most email marketing through One Email a Day includes a scheduler which can send emails automatically. This allows marketers to adhere to a marketing plan without much intervention.

By virtue of One Email a Day, any business or organization can communicate with people, keep teaching them and keep trying to turn them into customers. And it’s free, which is attractive to any business trying to reduce costs. So businessmen can use one day mail to make their communications appear more professional.

Businessmen can access tools of One Day Mail to get reports on tracking delivery, click rate and field visited by recipient.

One Day Mail has features that assist its consumers in the process of organizing contacts, creating campaigns and scheduling communication. In addition, One Day Email usually provides features like an “unsubscribe check” that assist in complying with the CAN-SPAM law.

Email marketing through One Email a day can also provide tracking functions like how many people have opened an email, how many emails bounced back, how many people visited the hyperlinks provided in the marketing message and how many people made actual purchase on the basis of the email.

Thus we find that One Email a day has the ability to create and send personalized email using data from a customer database, capability to import customer lists, split campaign testing and segmented lists, automatic unsubscribe and bounce-back handling, ability to authenticate to SMTP and POP servers or send directly with an internal server, HTML and plain text editor for creating messages, reporting features like bounce-back, opens and link click reports and ability to track the person who has opened the email with the help of a web bug.

Therefore it is evident that Oneemailaday is smartly categorized which never discloses your email and leaves your real mailbox clean. It is entirely spam controlled and here you can change email address whenever you want without loosing contacts.

Sign up today for Oneemailaday and get the best email service in USA. Log on to oneemailaday.com for any query related to your email and its dedicated customer service team will provide you instant feedback.

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One Email A Day LLC offers an email experience that is beyond the ability of reputed email service providers. Visit the website of One Email A Day to know more about its features and services.


Overlooked Pages Still Draw Traffic

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There is little doubt that if you have had a blog for a long time, you have hundreds and perhaps even thousands of blog posts. Over time, your blog readers change. You get new readers, you lose readers. You are most likely writing about similar topics, but your style of writing has changed and/or your opinions about a topic have changed. However, instead of deleting your old blog posts, use them to draw new traffic to your blog. Here are some ideas about how to use old blog posts to draw new traffic:

A) You’ve learned more

Blogging is a learning process. The time when you wrote about a topic does not really matter, for the fact that once and for all, you really have learned more about a topic than when writing about it the first time. Haul up your old posts from the archive instead of removing them and make it serve as a foundation to create a new post. An example of this would be if you did a software review for a new package you just started using then after using it for a few months you found some features that were additional bonuses (or on the other side features you just hate). Take advantage of that old post and start your post off by saying “on (xdate) we talked about (xproduct) and we said (direct quote and link to the old post). One of the features we discussed as you can see by reading the post….” etc.

This does two things:

1. It gives you the chance to write about the same topic with no pressure at all and

2. It allows you to share those older posts with a new set of readers.

B) Nothing stays the same

The rules for blogging change from time to time. Just think over of what the FTC ruling about bloggers on some blogs can do. You can refer back to prior blog posts where you may have endorsed a product or service and point out why it is in compliance with new rules, regulations or where information has changed.

C) Great ego check

It’s really a plus if your readers know that you are keen to accept the fact that you don’t know everything. It isn’t really wrong to admit that you are learning something new even if many readers really look up to someone who is an expert on their chosen topic. Actually, this should have the opposite effect of letting your readers know that you are also learning like them and this can additionally boost the credibility of your blog.

* Summary

Bloggers like any other committed business person continue lifelong growth and learning. A blogger need not be embarrassed of old blog posts and let alone, leave them hiding in the archives of your blog. Instead, drag them out, dust them off and make your new knowledge a shining example of your growth.

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What’s the question?

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Those engaged in email marketing must accept that, despite the costs being considerably lower than for other forms of direct marketing, savings must be made to remain competitive. Just being efficient is not enough. You have to be more efficient that your competitors.

In any search for areas where significant savings can be made, managing your email inbox has to be one of the more obvious. Simple and cheap solutions can reap considerable reward.

It is simple management theory to say that by limiting the number of queries that you receive you lower costs. Fewer emails means a smaller infrastructure to deal with them. So what can you do?

If your email list is small because you sell items of high value then the personal touch might be considered an essential. For the rest of us engaged in email marketing it is a luxury we cannot afford. Our essential is year-on-year savings.

The first thing to do is examine your emails. You need to identify those which cost you the most in time and also the most common. This will show you what needs addressing first.

If one type of query comes time and again it tends to suggest that the source of the problem lies with you. Consider modifying your systems in a way that will limit the number of queries. Perhaps the instructions with the item are poorly worded or even incorrect. Give copies to your staff and ask them if they find them clear. Remember no instructions ever confused its readers by being aimed too low.

However, you will be aware that if you upset a customer by patronising them they might withdraw from your email list so you have to consider their self image. Try two levels of instructions, one for those with previous experience and an appendix for those ‘new to our system’.

If there are a whole range of subjects then another route might be more efficient. The obvious answer is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. However, as there appears to be a reluctance to use the facility it can be helpful to push your customers towards it as often as reasonable.

Anyone engaged in email marketing will know about click throughs. So establish hotlinks at all stages of the procedure. The difficulty can be in stopping those on your email list from going for email immediately. But there are little tricks you can do.

One thing is to tell your customers that the FAQ page will, quite likely, speed up their enquiry. Make it clear that it is there for their benefit. It has to be accepted though that most will ignore the prompt.

There are two thoughts as to whether an email address should be easy to find, perhaps included on a contacts page. Some suggest, and with good reason, that as retention of those on your email lists makes economic sense, the frustration that builds up in clicking on link after link might be too costly. But there are others who, after some years in email marketing, might suggest that it is a risk worth taking.

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Breanna Cameron is a freelance author who has vast knowledge in email marketing and email lists. For more information on email marketing, please visit: http://www.wizemail.co.uk


PCI Compliance

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PCI Compliance: What is it and why should I care?

I must have heard this question a hundred times from merchants, and it can be hard to understand what it is, and why it matters.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) has actually been in effect for several years now. Simply stated it means that merchants are doing everything possible to protect card holder information from being stolen. In recent years it has become even more important with the large breaches of data that put thousands of cardholders at risk of fraud.

Protecting data can be a daunting task for a small merchant, but common sense goes a long way in complying with the regulations. First, make sure that the receipts being printed only show part of the card number, and not the expiration date. It sounds simple, but I still see businesses that have the full card number on the receipt. Second, don’t write down card information and leave it unsecured. I know that some businesses rely on phone orders, and you need to keep the written authorization on file. If that’s the case, make sure that only the necessary people have access, and that the files are kept locked at all times. You would be surprised at how many people don’t do that. Third, if you’re processing using a terminal that works over IP you need to have a scan done quarterly. The scan ensures that there aren’t ways for cyber criminals to access your information or plant viruses that would transmit data to them. If you’re using a certified compliance vendor it’s very easy to schedule the scans, and they’ll help you trouble shoot any security threats.

So how do you certify your compliance? It’s a very simple process really. You answer a self assessment questionnaire, and pass your scan if necessary. Most people think that it’s hundreds of questions that are very technical, and that’s not the case at all. In most cases it’s approximately 20 questions that are true/false. For most merchants it only takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Why should you care about being certified? There are a few reasons. If you are certified, and there is a security breech this helps protect you from very large fines from the various card issuers. Even a small breech for an uncertified merchant can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which would most likely put them out of business. It is the merchant that’s responsible for the cost of forensic audits, re-issuing compromised cards, and fines. Secondly, some processors are charging merchants $20.00 a month for not being a certified compliant. $240.00 a year for not filling out the form seems like a lot of money to me! Last, but not least, in states like Nevada a merchant that is certified compliant is protected from further fines from the state if there is no gross negligence on the merchants part. If non-compliant and breeched the state will levy it’s own penalties in addition to the fines by the card associations. Many states are following suit and creating laws that mirror Nevada’s.

So now that you know it’s not quite as bad as you imagined, and that it is important in more ways than one, contact your processor. Chances are that there’s a program in place already to help you through the certification process. And now that you know it’s not going to take most of the day, you really have no reason not to do it. You have nothing to loose by doing it, and the protection it offers is well worth the time it will take!

For this and other information about PCI Compliance and electronic commerce please visit http://www.mymark.com/blog/jimanderson. Jim Anderson is the CEO of Electronic Commerce International, an ISO based in Las Vegas, NV. Please visit him at http://www.mymark.com/jimanderson to learn more about Jim and Electronic Commerce International.

To listen to this blog as a podcast please visit Jim at http://jimanderson.podbean.com/2010/11/11/pci-compliance/

About the Author

Jim Anderson is CEO of Electronic Commerce International. ECI is built on the principle that honesty and integrity are the most important values in a business relationship. Founded in 2002, Electronic Commerce International is a registered ISO with Visa and MasterCard. We have contracted with First Data, the largest processor in the world, as our back end processor.